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Ladie’s Free Program

Olympics – Sochi 2014 – Ladies’ – Free Program

Senior ladies have a 4 minute program that requires a double or triple axel (most ladies do a double, only Mao Asada does a triple), a jump combination, a flying spin, a layback or sideways spin, a step sequence, and a combination spin. Jumps done in the second half of the program get a 10% bonus

So Youn PARK (KOR)
–    Music: Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini by Andrew Lloyd Webber  (not sure if this is correct)
–    Missed this routine cause my alarm didn’t’ go off 
–    Triple Lutz (fall)
–    Triple toe
–    Triple flip (step out)
–    Triple loop
–    Popped her Lutz into a single
–    Triple Sal/Double toe
–    Score: 93.83, Total; 142.97

Brooklee HAN (AUS)        
–    Music: Secret [soundtrack] by Jay Chou
–    I’m glad she made the free skate!
–    Nice triple loop/double toe loop
–    Steps into a triple Lutz but fell
–    Very nice triple toe loop/double toe loop
–    Very nice spin, good speed and centered!
–    Could use more stretch and point to that spiral
–    Eked out her triple sal!
–    Good layback spin combination
–    Two footed a triple toe loop
–    Good double axel!
–    Good speed in her step sequence
–    Could hold that spiral longer
–    Two footed, eked out triple sal/double toe loop/double toe loop
–    I wish she’d hold these spirals longer…
–    Good camel into a spin combination. She has really good spins!
–    Score: Free: 94.52, Total: 143.84

Gabrielle DALEMAN (CAN)            
–    Music: Polovetsian Dances [from Prince Igor] by Alexander Borodin/Notturno by Alexander Borodin
–    I love this piece of music
–    Good speed
–    First jump is a triple Lutz (hand down)/double (just stopped in the landing)
–    Double axel/popped single
–    Nice triple flip/double toe loop/double toe loop (arms over head)
–    Traveling a bit in her layback combination and loosing speed
–    Very nice triple Lutz
–    A little step out on her double axel
–    Nice triple sal (?)
–    Very simple step sequence
–    Eked out that triple loop and stepped out
–    Needs to get her free leg higher than her hip in that spiral/charlott
–    Good sit spin combination
–    Score: Free: 95.83, total: 148.44

Elizaveta UKOLOVA (CZE)
–    Music: Swing Kids [soundtrack] by James Horner/Autumn Leaves by Kosma
–    I like her dress!
–    Very slow into the triple loop/double toe loop
–    Triple Lutz/double toe loop/double loop. Again her jumps are slow! I don’t know how she gets them around!
–    Triple sal (two footed)
–    Was going into another jump and fell. Looks like either she hit a rut or just lost control of her edge
–    Okay step sequence…
–    Two footed triple toe loop.
–    Good catch foot spiral
–    Little bobble after the split jump
–    Under-rotated and fell on her second triple Lutz
–    Double axel/double
–    Very nice sit spin combination but a bit of traveling
–    Flying sit spin
–    Finished over time?
–    Score: free: 84.55, Free: 136.42
–    Music: West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein
–    Not this shade of pink for WSS!
–    Good speed
–    Nice triple loop
–    Eked out triple sal/double toe loop/double loop
–    Okay triple toe loop
–    Wonky triple loop/double
–    Good sit spin combination, though could use more speed at the end
–    Lost her flying camel
–    Step sequence fits with the music
–    Okay double axel, was leaning a bit on the landing
–    Stepped out of the triple sal/double toe
–    Needs to hold that spiral longer
–    Score: Free: 85.98, Total: 134.54
Nicole RAJICOVA (SVK)    
–    Music: Tango Amore by Edvin Marton
–    First jump is her triple Lutz but fell
–    Two footed triple sal/double toe loop
–    Steps into her triple toe loop (hand down) /double toe loop
–    Very nice spin combination
–    Double toe
–    Not really a fan of her dress
–    Hand down on her triple sal
–    Step sequence is still a bit slow
–    Single axel
–    Needs more split in her split jump
–    Nice stretch spiral
–    Shaky landing on that double axel
–    Score: Free: 75.20, Total: 125.00
Kaetlyn OSMOND (CAN)        
–    Music: Mission Cleopatra [soundtrack] by Philippe Chany/Numerobis Theme [from Mission Cleopatra soundtrack] by Philippe Chany/Asterix And Obelix [from Mission Cleopatra soundtrack] by Philippe Chany/Cleopatra And Caesar by Claude-Michel Schoenberg and David Nixon
–    First jump is triple flip/double toe
–    Nice double axel/triple toe loop
–    I love this dress on Kaetlyn
–    Little forward on that triple Lutz
–    Very nice camel/catch foot spin
–    Gorgeous triple sal
–    Ina Bauer into her doubled flip (instead of a triple)
–    Fell on her triple toe
–    Gorgeous layback position!
–    Good double axel/double toe loop/double toe loop
–    This step sequence is too slow for me
–    I love Kaetlyn’s spins. They’ve got good positions and are centered
–    Score: Free: 112.80 (Season’s best), Total:168.98
–    Music: Giselle/Don Quixote by Adolphe Adam
–    Not sure this dress works for Giselle…
–    Nice triple Lutz/double toe loop
–    Second triple Lutz is attempted and fell
–    Two footed her triple sal
–    Interesting step sequence… not quite sure what to make of it!
–    Double axel/double toe loop
–    Double sal/double toe
–    Needs more speed in that camel spin
–    Nice triple toe
–    Questionable landing on that double axel
–    Needs more speed
–    Traveling a bit on that final spin
–    Score: Free: 92.45, Total: 147.15
Haejin KIM (KOR)    
–    Music: Black Swan [soundtrack] by Clint Mansell and Peter I Tchaikovski
–    Eked out that triple Lutz/double toe loop
–    Triple flip/double toe
–    Very nice triple toe loop
–    Good camel/catch foot spin
–    Good speed into her triple loop (possibly two feed)
–    Oh no! Caught an edge and fell
–    Good triple flip (will have to check the landing)
–    Double axel/double toe/double loop
–    Simple step sequence
–    Final spin needs more speed
–    Score: Free: 95.11, Total: 149.48
–    Music: Papa Can You Hear Me [from Yentl soundtrack]
–    Triple toe/ triple toe
–    Fallout on that triple Lutz
–    Double loop
–    Step sequence really slow
–    Good spin combination
–    Nice triple flip/double toe
–    Two footed triple flip
–    Good double axel
–    Two footed that triple sal/double loop
–    Camel into catch foot spin, very nice
–    Great spiral! Nice to see it being held longer
–    Missed the rest of her program cause my internet disconnected
–    Score: Free: 115.38 Total: 170.98
Kexin ZHANG (CHN)    
–    Music: Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel/La Cumparsita by Gerardo Matos Rodriquez/Hable Con Ella by Alberto Iglesias/A Los Amigos b A Pontier
–    Nice triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Into a very tight triple Lutz (possible downgrade)
–    Very close to the boards on that triple loop
–    Very nice flying camel spin
–    Good double axel/triple toe loop
–    Nice speed into this triple flip
–    Tight triple sal/double toe loop
–    Step sequence is a bit slow
–    A little shaky on the spiral but held
–    Two footed on that double axel
–    Score: Free: 98.41, Total: 154.21
Mao ASADA (JPN)    
–    Music: Piano Concerto No. 2 in C-Minor by Sergei Rachmaninov
–    I love this dress EXCEPT for the half glove thingys
–    Landed a triple axel! (possible two feet)
–    Second jump his her triple flip/triple loop
–    Nice triple Lutz (edge call?)
–    Good spin combination. Mao always has great spins
–    Flying camel, traveling a bit, could use a bit more speed
–    Great spread eagle
–    Easy double axel/triple toe loop
–    Nice triple sal!
–    Triple flip/double loop/double loop, really close to the boards!
–    Nicely done triple loop!
–    Lovely illusions into a spin combination
–    Step sequence is great
–    Great spiral!
–    What a way to go. Thank you Mao Asada!
–    Score: Free: 142.71 (Season’s best), Total: 198.22
Zijun LI (CHN)        
–    Music: Coppelia by Leo Delibes
–    Finally a dress that matches
–    First jump is her triple flip/triple toe loop
–    Double axel/triple toe
–    Good triple Lutz, could use a bit more speed
–    Camel spin very slow but picked up speed through it
–    Nice triple sal/double toe loop
–    Very nice triple flip but possible two footed
–    Good triple loop!
–    Hate her positing in the Ina Bauer though
–    I love Coppelia but nothing about this program other than the music says it. No character portrayal
–    Score: Free:110.75, total: 168.30

Mae Berenice MEITE (FRA)    
–    Music: Europa by Jean-Pierre Danel/We Will Rock You by KCPK/La Grange by Jean-Pierre Danel
–    She reminds me soooo much of Surya Bonaly of france
–    Nice double axel
–    Triple sal/triple toe loop
–    Great triple Lutz!
–    Nice triple flip
–    Leaning too much in that triple loop and fell
–    Got the crowd clapping with her music
–    Could use more speed in her step sequence
–    Traveling just a bit in that spin combination
–    Not sure how I feel about the cut of music… It’s a little bizarre
–    Nice triple loop/double toe/double toe
–    Good double axel/double toe loop, fighting for the landing on the double
–    Slow final spin (someone’s messing with my feed and I can’t see!!)
–    Score:  Free:  115.90 (Season’s best), Total: 174.53
Akiko SUZUKI (JPN)        
–    Music: The Phantom Of The Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber
–    First jump is her triple Lutz/double toe /double loop in great time to the music
–    Nice double axel/double toe loop
–    Good speed
–    Really close to the boards on the second triple Lutz
–    Camel/catch foot spin needs more speed
–    Good step sequence, flows with the music
–    Leaning and fell on her triple flip
–    Fall out on that triple loop
–    Nice triple sal/double toe loop
–    Good, triple sal
–    Traveling a bit in the spin combination
–    Good spin combination!
–    Score: Free: 125.35, Total:  186.32
Valentina MARCHEI (ITA)
–    Music: Nyah [from Mission Impossible soundtrack] by Hans Zimmer
–    LOVE this free program
–    double axel/triple toe loop
–    Two footed triple Lutz
–    Nice triple flip
–    Spins are lovely centered
–    Good step sequence
–    Nice triple sal
–    Catch foot into her two footed triple Lutz/double toe loop
–    Nice spiral
–    Double sal/single toe/ double toe
–    Score: Free: 116.31 (Season’s best), Total: 173.33
Polina EDMUNDS (USA)        
–    Music: Solveig’s Song [from Peer Gynt] by Edvard Grieg/Morning [from Peer Gynt] by Edvard Grieg
–    First jump is her triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Triple flip/1/2 loop/triple sal… REALLY close to the boards
–    Nice double axel
–    Fall on her triple flip
–    Two footed on her triple Lutz
–    Good spiral
–    Okay Ina Bauer into her triple loop/double toe loop
–    Nice double axel
–    I’m still not a fan of hers but that was better
–    Score: Free: 122.21 (Season’s Best), Total: 183.25
Nathalie WEINZIERL (GER)    
–    Music: Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin
–    Very nice triple Lutz
–    Single axel/double toe/double toe
–    Fall on her triple Lutz
–    Good spin combination, layback into Biellmann
–    Double tie
–    Good speed into this double loop
–    I like how centered she is in her spins
–    Hand down on her triple sal
–    Step sequence is really slow
–    Fought for that triple sal/double toe loop
–    Catch foot spiral , nice to see
–    Gorgeous Ina Bauer
–    Score: Free: 89.73, total: 147.36
–    Music: Schindler’s List [soundtrack] by John Williams
–    Good speed into her triple Lutz/triple toe (leaning just a bit)
–    Good double axel/triple toe loop/double toe loop
–    That spin was gorgeous, nice and centered
–    Nice triple flip! (that’s what she fell on yesterday)
–    Good double axel
–    Fall out on that triple loop (too close to the barrier for the prep)
–    Fall on the triple sal
–    Nice triple Lutz/double toe
–    Amazing stretch on the Biellmann
–    Gorgeous Ina Bauer
–    Love her spiral
–    Final spin is just magical
–    She’s only fifteen and I can’t wait to see what comes for her
–    Score: Free: 135.34, Total: 200.57
Carolina KOSTNER (ITA)        
–    Music: Bolero by Maurice Ravel
–    I can’t hear this music without remember Ravel’s story (it’s fascinating if you don’t know it!)
–    First jump is her triple Lutz, a little close to the boards on the exit
–    I really hate this dress though
–    Double axel/triple toe
–    Nicely triple flip
–    Lovely stretch in that camel to sit spin
–    Flying camel, not the best position
–    Part of the reason I don’t like this dress, the front, and it’s too short
–    Eked out that triple loop
–    Leaning on that triple toe loop/double toe loop
–    Nice triple sal
–    Triple sal/double/double
–    Step sequence really works with this music
–    Good spiral
–    Final spin combination, traveling quite a bit though
–    Score: Free: 142.61 (Season’s best), Total: 216.73
–    Music: Introduction And Rondo Capriccioso In A Minor Op 28 For Violin and Orchestra by Camille Saint-Saens
–    Ok sweetie, stop with the gloves. Not for your Olympics!
–    First jump is her triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Second , her triple flip
–    Not a fan of this dress… it washes her out
–    Nice triple loop
–    Interesting positions on these spins…
–    Good speed into her double axel/triple toe loop. Very huge!
–    Triple flip/double toe/double loop… a little wonky landing on the last one
–    Nice triple sale
–    Two footed double axel
–    Not a huge fan of her foot sequence but has the crowd behind her
–    Good stretch in her spirals
–    Final spin is very nice and centered
–    Score: Free:  149.95 (Season’s Best), Total: 224.59
Gracie GOLD (USA)    
–    Music: Sleeping Beauty by Petr I Tchaikovski
–    I love Gracie’s dress EXCEPT for the neck choker
–    Good speed into her triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Nice double axel/triple toe
–    Good triple loop
–    Good centering on this spin combination
–    Not a fan of her step sequence… something is off about it to me
–    Great Ina Bauer into her triple but fell
–    Nice stretch into her triple Lutz
–    Good triple sal/double toe/double toe
–    Lori Nichol is a genius choreographer
–    Wish she’d hold those spirals longer
–    Nice double axel
–    That spiral is nice
–    Good layback into catch foot into Biellmann
–    Score: Free: 136.90, Total: 20.5.53
Ashley WAGNER (USA)        
–    Music: Samson And Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens
–    Not sure how I feel about this new dress…. I liked the other maybe a tad bit more
–    First jump her triple flip/double toe loop (two footed)
–    Nice double axel
–    triple sal maybe two footed
–    nice sit spin
–    Ashy has the best layback of the USA ladies
–    Could use a tad bit more speed at the end of that layback spin
–    Spread eagle into her triple loop/double axel
–    Triple Lutz (two footed?)
–    Nice triple loop!
–    Needs a tad more speed in her step sequence
–    Nice triple flip/double toe/double toe (two footed on the triple flip)
–    Lovely charlott into a spread eagle
–    Good camel spin into spin combination
–    Score: Free: 127.99 (Season’s Best), Total: 193.20
Yuna KIM (KOR)    
–    Music:    Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla
–    Interesting she skates to a song with Goodbye in the title
–    First jump is the triple Lutz/triple toe loop. Lovely!
–    Nicely done triple flip
–    Nice triple sal/double toe
–    I will never been a fan of hers but her skating quality is excellent
–    Decent step sequence
–    Nice triple Lutz, slightly funky landing
–    Ina Bauer into her double axel/double toe loop/double loop
–    Nice triple sal
–    Could use more speed in that spin combination
–    Her free leg in that spiral should be more above and behind her, not off to the side
–    Good double axel
–    Score: Free: 144.19 total: 219.11

–    I think after Salt Lake City in 2002, these Olympics will go done as the Olympics with the most problems/impropriety
–    Sorry but Adelina does not deserve better PCS than Ashley OR Carolina
–    Carolina should be ahead of Adelina
–    Not sure if I agree with it… But huge deal for Russia to win its first Olympic Gold medal in Ladies

Gold: Adelina SOTNIKOVA (RUS)
Silver: Yu Na Kim (KOR)
Bronze:  Carolina Kostner (ITA)

Ashley finished 7th
Gracie finished 4th
Polina finished 9th


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