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Ladie’s Short program

Olympics – Sochi 2014 – Figure skating – Woman – Short Program

The ladies title is one of the most watched contests in Olympic history and this year will be no different. The women’s short program is two minutes and fifty seconds in length (max). In this short program, the women must do one triple jump that is preceded by connecting steps, a double or triple axel (only Mao Asada will most likely do a triple), a jump combination either a triple-triple or triple-double, a flying spin, a combination spin, a layback or sideways leaning spin, and finally one step sequence. The Top 24 make it to tomorrow’s free skate.

Elena GLEBOVA     (EST)    
–    Music: Love in Three Acts
–    First jump is her triple toe/ double toe
–    Very nice triple sal
–    Popped her axel
–    Very slow skating
–    Good speed in her sit spin combination
–    Could use more speed in her step sequence
–    Final spin a bit low and traveling just a bit
–    Score: 46.19

So Youn PARK (KOR)    
–    Music: The Swan by Camille Saint-Saens
–    First jump is a popped triple sal
–    Very nice triple Lutz/double toe
–    Very pretty double axel
–    Lost speed in the sit spin combination
–    While I’m glad this isn’t swan lake, but I wish people would use other parts of The Animals suite because there are some great pieces in there
–    Very nice spin combination
–    She is a very pretty skater
–    Score: 49.14

Gabrielle DALEMAN (CAN)    
–    Music: Cancion Triste by Jesse Cook/Angelica performed by Rodrigo and Gabriela
–    Lots of speed into her triple Lutz, with hands down, triple toe loop (UR?)
–    Great triple flip but not a lot of height
–    Very good spin combination
–    Nice to see speed into her camel spin combination
–    Gorgeous double axel
–    Step sequence fitting with the tango theme
–    Needs a bit more split on that split jump
–    Final spin combination, has great speed, very centered
–    That was great! She’s going to be one to watch!
–    Score:  52.61 (Season’s Best)

Natalia POPOVA (UKR)        
–    Music: Concierto De Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo, performed by Edvin Marton
–    Basic connection steps into her triple flip/single toe loop
–    Second jump is her triple toe loop with connecting steps
–    Could just a bit more stretch in that camel spin combination
–    Good double axel, possibly two footed
–    Good speed and stretch in that spin combination
–    Step sequence is good but it’s off time to the music and so it’s jarring
–    Final spin is her layback into Biellmann
–    Score: 47.42

–    Music: Imagined Oceans by Karl Jenkins
–    Very nice triple flip/triple toe loop
–    Good speed into her triple toe loop, leaning forward on the landing
–    Leaning spin, needs better positions that those
–    Good speed in her double axel, cleanly landed
–    Good combination spin, camel to sit, to a frame
–    Not a fan her step sequence…
–    Final sin, her sit spin combination, losing speed
–    Score: 48.34
Kerstin FRANK (AUT)    
–    Music: Bohemian Rhapsody performed by Maksim Mrvica
–    Wow give her credit, she serves in the Army!
–    I would like her dress but the nude fabric in the back is the wrong shade and it looks funky
–    Nice triple Lutz/double toe loop
–    Good layback position, though could be a bit higher
–    Step sequence could use a bit more speed, especially with this music
–    Good speed into her triple sal but two hands down
–    Nice camel spin combination
–    Nice spiral into her double axel
–    Final spin combination has good speed, camel, sit, to stretch to sit to scratch
–    Score: 48.00

Kexin ZHANG (CHN)    
–    Music: Paint It Black by Rolling Stones/Sympathy For The Devil by Rolling Stones
–    First is her triple toe/triple toe loop
–    Very nice triple Lutz
–    A little slow in her camel spin combination but great positions
–    Landed double axel but needs more height
–    Step sequence is very basic
–    Very nice spin combination!
–    Score: 55.80 (Season’s best)

Kaetlyn OSMOND (CAN)    
–    Music: Big Spender/Rich Man’s Frug [from Sweet Charity]
–    LOVE her choreography
–    Whoops, only a triple toe / double toe
–    Nice triple flip, though leaning just slightly
–    GORGEOUS layback into Biellmann
–    Spread eagle into her double axel but hands down
–    Great step sequence
–    Needs a bit more speed at the end however
–    Nice sit spin combination
–    Final spin combinations, nice to see illusions, though slowed way down at the end
–    Score: 56.15

Brooklee HAN (AUS)    
–    Music: Prayer For Taylor by Michael Smith/Titanic Symphony by Richard Clayderman
–    Is also a US citizen
–    Good speed into her triple toe loop but fell out
–    Lovely spiral
–    Triple loop/double toe loop. Triple loop was two footed
–    Very nice positions in this camel spin combination
–    Stretch into her nice double axel. Very light
–    Traveling quite a bit on her layback combination
–    Pretty basic step sequence
–    Good speed throughout her step sequence though
–    Final spin combination, a bit of traveling, but overall pretty good
–    Score:  49.32 (WILL qualify! First for an Australian!)

Isadora WILLIAMS (BRA)    
–    Music: Dark Eyes performed by Devotchka
–    Just a huge congrats for Isadora to be here. First a Brazilian! Raised in the US (and born her so also a US citizen) but mother is Brazilian
–    Gymanstics fans will recognize this music
–    First jump is a double Lutz
–    Hand down on her triple sal
–    Needs more speed in this spin combination
–    Spread eagle into her double axel, possibly two footed
–    Layback spin, positions need to be improved
–    I love the front of her dress, not so much the back
–    Needs more speed in her step sequence
–    Score: 40.37
Haejin KIM (KOR)    
–    Music: The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg [soundtrack] by Michel Legrand
–    Good speed into her triple Lutz but stepped out
–    Needs more speed in that camel spin combination
–    Not a fan of her positions in this layback spin combination bar her Biellmann
–    Good speed into her triple flip/double toe loop
–    Spiral into her double axel but possibly two footed
–    Interesting step sequence
–    Good final spin
–    Score: 54.37

Polina EDMUNDS (USA)        
–    Music: Pink Cherries Cha Cha Cha/Besame Mucho/Another Cha Cha
–    So not a fan of this program
–    Triple Lutz/triple toe loop, done cleanly
–    Horrible ina Bauer
–    Good triple flip
–    Interesting positions in her camel spin combination
–    Slow step sequence, needs more speed
–    Nice to see a twizzle
–    Good layback into Biellmann
–    Lot of flappy arms, not a fan
–    NO height on that double axel
–    Sorry but I hate that program… to me it’s just blah and lacks any maturity. Yes I know she’s 15 but I don’t find it senior level worthy
–    Score: 61.04 (season’s best)
Nicole RAJICOVA (SVK)        
–    Music: Papa Can You Hear Me by Michel Legrand
–    Also a US citizen (born in the US)
–    First jump is her triple Lutz/double toe loop
–    Two footed triple sal
–    Good spin and centering on that layback combination
–    A little slow in her step sequence but it fits with the music
–    Very nice double axel
–    Final spin combination has great speed, good centering
–    Score: 49.80 (Qualified to the final)

Elizaveta UKOLOVA (CZE)    
–    Music: A Comme Amour by Paul de Senneville, performed by Richard Clayderman
–    First jump is a very nice triple loop. Slow going into though but landed cleanly
–    Slow triple Lutz, double toe loop (arms up over head). She needs more speed into these jumps
–    Camel spin combination, needs more speed
–    Camel to sit, to aframe, to catch foot, to stretch spin combination. Again could use more speed
–    Step sequence was clean
–    Catch foot spiral into her double axel
–    Sit spin combination traveling…
–    Score: 51.87 (Season’s Best)
Anne Line GJERSEM (NOR)    
–    Music: Maria And The Violin’s String by Ashram
–    Father is from Norway, mother from the Philippines!
–    Not a fan of the back of her dress. It looks like it’s coming un-done
–    Only a triple sal/double toe loop. Funky landing on the triple sal
–    Good triple loop
–    Camel spin combination done
–    Spin combination done well, great centering!
–    Nice double axel, very light
–    Nice spiral, wish it was held longer
–    Score: 48.56 (season’s best)
–    Music: Tango Selection
–    Huge triple Lutz/double toe loop
–    Nice speed into the triple sal
–    I’m not a fan of the back on this dress either…
–    Nice double axel
–    Sit spin combination needs more speed
–    Interesting footwork sequence, slightly bobble at the end
–    Horrible layback position and losing speed
–    Traveling quite a bit in her final spin combination and has not a lot of speed
–    Score: 51.70
Yuna KIM (KOR)
–    Music: Send In The Clowns
–    I Hate this piece of music 😀
–    Good speed into her huge triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Lots of speed into her triple flip, very cleanly landed
–    Good camel spin combination
–    Good spread eagle into her double axel
–    Not a fan of her layback position but great speed and centering in that spin
–    I think the ISU needs to bring back a spiral sequence
–    Complicated step sequence
–    LOVELY camel into sit spin combination
–    GREAT skate! I’m not a huge fan of hers but that was a clean skate!
–    Score: 74.92

–    Music: Fever performed by Ted Heath and His Music
–    Good speed into triple toe loop/triple toe loop
–    Good triple Lutz
–    Layback into Biellmann
–    Great double axel
–    Nice sit spin combination
–    Needs a bit more speed in her step sequence
–    Final spin is a camel into a combination. Needs more stretch of her free leg on her camel
–    Score: 57.63 (season’s best) not sure if I agree with her being ahead of Katelyn Osmond
Viktoria HELGESSON (SWE)    
–    Music: Mystery Waltz by Laeroport de Biarritz/Waltz [from Eyes Wide Shut soundtrack] by Dmitri Shostakovich
–    Good speed into her attempted triple toe loop but fell
–    Into her triple loop, leaning just slightly
–    Traveling a bit in layback to scratch spin
–    Hate the gloves 
–    Hand down on her double axel
–    Good sit spin, could use a bit more speed
–    Spin combination need more speed
–    Not a fan of her step sequence
–    Score: 47.84
Kanako MURAKAMI (JPN)    
–    Music: Violin Muse by Ikuko Kawai
–    Great speed into her first element
–    Nice triple toe loop/triple toe loop
–    Good flying camel into catch foot
–    Spin combination has great speed
–    Step sequence into a popped flip (single)
–    Nice double axel
–    Good speed in her step sequence but could use a bit more speed
–    Not a fan of skaters skating super close to the boards…
–    Decent layback position into Biellmann
–    Score: 55.60
Valentina MARCHEI (ITA)    
–    Music: Torna A Surriento by Ernesto de Curtis
–    LOVE this song
–    Not sure I would have chosen that dress though…
–    First is her triple sal/double toe loop
–    Two footed triple Lutz
–    Very centered sit spin combination
–    Good double axel
–    Good positions on her layback
–    I love how all her spins are soo centered
–    Good speed through her step sequence
–    Not the best position that stretch spin
–    Score: 57.02
Gracie GOLD (USA)    
–    Music: Three melodies by George Gershwin
–    I’m so glad she switched coaches… still not a huge fan of hers
–    Triple Lutz leaning forward/triple toe loop
–    Good position in that layback to Biellmann
–    Nice camel combination
–    Needs more stretch in that spiral… it needs to be up and behind her, not out to the side
–    Nice triple loop
–    Two footed the double axel
–    Not a fan of step sequence… not enough foot moving to arm flapping
–    Good spin combination though, very centered with good speed
–    Score: 68.63

Zijun LI (CHN)    
–    Music: Tango by J. Plaza
–    Nice triple flip/triple toe
–    Two footed triple Lutz
–    A little slow in this camel spin combination
–    Not sure bright pink is tango
–    Ina Bauer into her double axel (not the best position on her Ina Bauer)
–    Slow step sequence
–    Not the best position on her layback
–    Score: 57.55

Akiko SUZUKI (JPN)    
–    Music: Hymne A L’Amour by Marguerite Monnot
–    UG love this song so much
–    First jump is a triple toe but stepped out of it
–    Triple Lutz/double toe
–    Lovely spin, a bit slow at the end
–    Gorgeous double axel
–    Great speed through her step sequence
–    Score: 60.97
–    Music: You Don’t Give Up On Love by Mark Minkov
–    I’m growing more fond of this program each time I see it
–    Triple Lutz/triple toe loop. Cleanly landed but needs more height
–    Nice double axel but no height
–    Lovely haircutter into Biellmann
–    Very intricate step sequence
–    Love the stretch into spiral
–    Hard fall in that triple flip  just too close to the boards
–    Not the best layback position but good speed
–    Great speed on her final stretch spin, which always gets the crowd
–    Score:  65.23 (1.00 deduction for fall)
Carolina KOSTNER (ITA)        
–    Music: Ave Maria by Franz Schubert
–    High triple flip/triple toe loop
–    Nice triple loop
–    Double axel landed but leaning forward
–    Very pretty program
–    Score: 74.12 (season’s best)

Ashley WAGNER (USA)        
–    Music: Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd
–    So nervous!
–    Good speed into her first jump
–    Triple flip/triple toe loop (possibly two footed)
–    Great centered sit spin combination
–    Great stretch in her camel into a sit spin, up into scratch spin
–    Good speed into this spread eagle into her triple loop!
–    Stretch into her clean double axel!
–    Good step sequence, really selling the program
–    Great layback position!
–    Losing a bit a speed in the end of her Biellmann!
–    Score: 65.21

Mae Berenice MEITE (FRA)
–    Music: The Question Of U by Prince
–    Triple toe loop/triple toe loop
–    Triple loop landed but hand down
–    Two footed double axel
–    Good centering on her sit spin
–    Great step sequence
–    Score:  58.63
Adelina SOTNIKOVA (RUS)    
–    Music: Habanera [from Carmen Suite] by Georges Bizet
–    Gloves are ALWAYS a no
–    Not sure orange works for habanera
–    Good speed going into her opening jump
–    Triple toe loop/triple toe loop. She was leaning a bit on the first one but landed
–    Nice spiral
–    Good speed into this triple flip, nice!
–    Great stretch in her camel into illusions
–    Catch foot into her double axel
–    Great speed in her step sequence!
–    I’m not a fan of this arrangement of Habanera though
–    Flying camel spin into catch foot into a sideways Biellmann!
–    Score: 74.64
–    Music: Nocturne in E-Flat Major Op. 9, No. 2 Andante by Frederic Chopin
–    Fell on the triple axel. I wish she wouldn’t do them into the corner/too close to the boards! Then she might have hope of landing them
–    Two footed triple flip
–    Great centering in the first spin combination
–    Second jump is a double loop (no jump combination)
–    Not the program Mao wanted… 
–    Score: 55.51

–    Poor Julia… having the whole country’s weight on her small shoulders is hard… I hope this makes her fight for the long  program
–    I’m still not a fan of Yu Na Kim’s. Like Dick Button said (for once I agree with him), her skating is flat
–    Also not a fan of Polina (don’t think she should be here in the first place but that’s a whole other post)… Maybe in time but right now it’s just a bunch of arm flapping and not much to it.
–    Gracie is definitely getting better and I think today’s fight for the jobs showed it. Switching to Frank was one of the best things she could have done for her career. However, I want her to connect to the music… She doesn’t connect to the music but I’m hoping Frank will help with that (he did with all of his other skaters)
–    Putting Ashley behind Julia is wrong in my opinion. Yes she had a downgrade but Julia had a FALL! I wish, the ISU would change how much a fall counted for like the FIG does. Frankly Ashley should be ahead of Julia.
–    Apparently Johnny Weir commented on the NBC broadcast that clockwise (which Ashley is, Julia is counterclockwise) are sometimes more heavily scrutinized and penalized by the technical panel
–    I frankly think Adelina should have been ahead of Yu Na…

1: Yu Na Kim (KOR)
2: Adelina SOTNIKOVA (RUS)
3: Carolina Kostner (ITA)
4: Gracie gold (USA)
5: Julia Lipnitskaya (RUS)

Ashley is in 6th Polina is in 7th


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