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Ice Dance – Free Dance

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Ice Dance – Free Dance

The Free dance in Ice dancing, unlike the short dance, does not have any required patters, It is four minutes in length and must include two short lifts and one long lift, or four shirt lifts in three different types, one transitional dance lift, two different step sequences (one midline or diagonal and one circular), one dance spin or combination, and one set of twizzles. Unlike the other disciplines, Ice Dance music can have lyrics (though this will change in the next Olympic cycle)

Tanja KOLBE/Stefano CARUSO (GER)
–    Music: Narissa Arrives [from Enchanted soundtrack] by Alan Menken/Storybook Ending [from Enchanted soundtrack] by Alan Menken/Adalasia [from Enchanted soundtrack] by Alan Menken
–    I love this music but not sure the costume works
–    Nice twizzles, a bit slow though
–    First pair spin is good, could use a tad more speed
–    Nice straight-line lift, in perfect time with the music
–    Missed some form issue on that straight-line step
–    I don’t remember these lyrics from Enchanted?
–    Nice circular lift, him in a spread eagle
–    Charlott entry into that split rotational lift
–    Slightly out of step on that twizzles
–    Could use more speed through that circular step sequence
–    Another split rotational lift
–    Not a fan of the ending… it just stops before the final note and its annoying
–    Score: 76.13 (1.00 deduction), total 130.56

Alexandra PAUL/Mitchell ISLAM (CAN)
–    Music: Dance For Me Wallis [from W.E. soundtrack] by Abel Korzeniowski/Satin Birds [from W.E. soundtrack] by Abel Korzeniowski/I Will Follow You [from W.E. soundtrack] by Abel Korzeniowski/Going Somewhere [from A Single Man soundtrack] by Abel Korzeniowski
–    Skating with good speed throughout this step sequence
–    Just a hair off on their first twizzles
–    Well done on those twizzles
–    Beautiful shoulder lift
–    Serpentine footwork sequence could use a bit more speed but otherwise clean
–    Wow, him on one foot, her on his thigh
–    Lovely pair spin, great flexibility
–    Split rotational lift
–    A haircutter rotational lift, she could get that closer
–    Not sure how I feel about this music. I love this couple but not sure about this music
–    Score: Free:  82.79, total: 138.70

–    Music: James Bond Theme/Skyfall by Adele [from Skyfall – James Bond soundtrack]
–    First set of twizzles were good, though not quite perfect
–    Good speed
–    Circular step patter has nice deep patterns
–    Really fast rotational lift
–    Lovely pair lift (though traveling quite a bit)
–    I love that lift, him in a hydroplane position, her off the ice, leaning on him
–    Out of unison on that step sequence
–    Nice lift, him on leg, she balancing between his thighs
–    Split rotational lift
–    Shoulder rotational lift
–    Score: Free: 82.60, total: 139.00

–    Music: Norma by Vincenzo Bellini
–    Loss of unison on their first set twizzles
–    Nice speed through this circular step sequence
–    Good rotational lift
–    Lovely straight-line lift but awkward entrance
–    Him on one foot, but it was hard…not sure what kind of levels they’ll get for it
–    Good pair spin to end that section
–    Haircutter rotational lift
–    Missed the final lift, looks like she slipped
–    Score: Free: 82.65, Total 140.66

Danielle OBRIEN/Gregory MERRIMAN (AUS)
–    Music: Thunder And Blazes performed by Sounds Of The Circus South Shore Concert Band/Goofus performed by Sounds Of The Circus South Shore Concert Band/Complainte De La Butte by Rufus Wainwright/The Southener performed by The Merle Evans Circus Band
–    UM… so not sure about these costumes
–    Out of unison, he fell out of the first set
–    Nice but a tiny bit cautious on that circular lift
–    Lovely rotational lift!
–    Nice unison on this circular step sequence, could use a tad more speed
–    That was great marking to the music
–    Good pair spin
–    Very inventive lift! Lifted by her skates over his shoulder and cartwheel down
–    A bit far apart on that set of twizzles
–    Out of unison on that last set of twizzles
–    Haircutter rotational lift, great position for her
–    Need a bit more speed at the end but good program
–    Score: Free: 75.85, total: 128.53

–    Music: Remember The Time [from Immortal – Michael Jackson Show by Cirque Du Soleil]/Smooth Criminal [from Immortal – Michael Jackson Show by Cirque Du Soleil]/You Are Not Alone [from Immortal – Michael Jackson Show by Cirque Du Soleil] /Billy Jean [from Immortal – Michael Jackson Show by Cirque Du Soleil]/Mega Mix [from Immortal – Michael Jackson Show by Cirque Du Soleil]
–    Interesting costumes
–    Nice straight-line life (swing through) into a rotational lift
–    Slow in this circular step sequence compared to the music
–    Twizzles were okay
–    Good control on that circular lift
–    Nice rotational lift, with a lot of up and down movement
–    Crowd really enjoying this Michael Jackson
–    Score: Free: 91.78, Total: 151.11

Pernelle CARRON/Lloyd JONES (FRA)
–    Music: Swan Lake by Petr I Tchaikovski, arrangement by BeatCircuit
–    Very nice pair spin! Love the touching boots in the first position
–    I don’t agree with his costume here
–    On the shoulder lift, him on one foot
–    Step sequence completed
–    I do understand this is a more techno version but still
–    Out of sync on the first set and third set
–    A tad slow in the step sequence
–    Slow rotational lift
–    Circular lift, one leg over the shoulder
–    Awkward entry into that lift and then lost it completely
–    Not a fan of this program
–    Score: Free:  84.62, Total: 142.87

–    Music: Pina [soundtrack]
–    Nice straight-line lift, her on his leg, he in a lunge
–    LOL this footwork sequence is part of Jeremy Abbott’s skating music!
–    Nice speed in the circular footwork
–    Nice rotational lift on his shoulders rotating both directions
–    amazing stretch in the pair spin
–    Nice circular lift, her on the back of his leg, him on one leg
–    Good straight-line lift
–    Can’t say I was a fan of this program either
–    Score: Free: 90.48 (season’s best), Total: 148.63

–    Music: Surviving Picasso [soundtrack] by Richard Robbins
–    Woah, great lift, she on his boots, both leaning in opposite directions
–    Nice speed through this circular step sequence
–    Good twizzles, just a tiny bit of loss of unison
–    Haircutter rotational lift, clean
–    Good straight-line lift. She in a handstand on his thighs, he in a lunge
–    Good pair spin
–    Lovely circular lift, her upside down, him in a squat spread eagle
–    Again, they have good speed in their step sequences
–    Nice to see a good spread eagle
–    Final lift is a straight-line on his thighs
–    I like them but again, I cannot say I like this music
–    Score: free: 88.39 (Season’s best) Total: 146.97

–    Music: Un Giorno Per Noi [from Romeo And Juliet] performed by Josh Groban/Dance Of The Knights [from Romeo And Juliet] by Sergei Prokofiev
–    Ohh I like her dress!
–    Super low haircutter rotational lift!
–    Plus any couple who uses Josh Groban music gets major bonus points in my book
–    Lovely speed into this straight-line lift into a second rotational lift
–    Serpentine step sequence foots right with the music
–    She fell out of the twizzle at the step sequence
–    Good twizzles!
–    Good centering on their pair spin
–    Great speed in their circular footwork
–    Nice straight-line lift, him in a lunge, her on his boot
–    Lovely ending!
–    Score:  Free: 86.64 (season’s best), total: 144.78

–    Music: Carrigan And Dips by James Horner/Mrs ES Dancecard by Elliot Goldenthal/I’m Happy by Gorillaz
–    Sorry not a fan of using the same costumes in both the short and free dances
–    Out of sync on those twizzles
–    Good pair spin
–    Interesting circular lift, her in a plank position on his knees
–    Great musical timing in this circular step sequence
–    A little close to the boards on the ending of that step sequence
–    Nice lift, her in a tilt, him in a squat spread eagle, holding her boot
–    Very slow rotational lift
–    I really dislike this program
–    Score: Free: 89.86 (1.00 deduction), Total: 150.77

–    Music: Michael Jackson Medley
–    Straight-line lift, her in a charlott
–    Good overall speed
–    Good twizzles
–    Nice twizzles in this slow section. I’m glad they changed this
–    Circular lift into haircutter rotational lift… I think their circular lift was a little awkward
–    Need to pick of the speed… it’s dragging
–    Maia needs to stretch her leg in that split rotational lift
–    It was okay but it wasn’t as good as I’ve seen them
–    Score:  Free: 90.70 (1.00 deduction), Total: 155.17

–    Music: Overture From Barber Of Seville by G. Rossini
–    Out of sync on first set of twizzles but got it back
–    Straight-line lift into a haircutter rotational lift
–    Split rotational lift, clean
–    Good speed and centering in their pair spin
–    Circular lift, felt really short
–    Good speed through this second step sequence
–    Picked up speed as the music did
–    Interesting position on their final rotational lift…
–    Score: 101.92, Total: 169.50

Madison CHOCK/Evan BATES (USA)
–    Music: Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schoenberg
–    Intricate straight-line lift into a haircutter rotational lift
–    Twizzles looked okay
–    Pair spin very nicely centered
–    Love that circular lift
–    Circular step sequence is clean, a bit slow
–    Very intricate rotational lift
–    I like Nate’s and Felicia’s (Pairs) Les Miserables program a lot better. To me this doesn’t hit the highs that that program. The lifts should be on the accents on the music and the highs and they just aren’t there.
–    Nice final lift, her on his thighs
–    Score: Free: 99.18 (Season’s Best), Total: 164.64

Kaitlyn WEAVER/Andrew POJE (CAN)
–    Music: A Levare by Gideon Kramer and Astor Piazzolla/Yo Soy Maria by Gideon Kramer and Astor Piazzolla/Milonga De La Anunciacion by Gideon Kramer and Astor Piazzolla
–    Really really nice step sequence, in great timing to the music
–    Nice pair spin
–    Great tango flavor!
–    Wow, what strength, pick her up with one arm into a rotational lift
–    Wow interesting entry into that straight-line lift!
–    Great speed in their serpentine footwork
–    Good grief! Another show of strength on that hydroplane lift
–    Good twizzles!
–    Lovely picture on that haircutter rotational lift
–    I love this free dance!
–    Score: 103.18, Total: 169.11

–    Music: Caroussel [from Cirque Du Soleil] by Benoit Jutras/Droit De Cite by Raphael Beaun and Max Steiner/Jeux Interdits by Fernando Sor/Le Petit Prince Et Sa Rose by Maxime Rodriguez
–    I know it’s Cirque but just no…these costumes don’t work for me
–    Good twizzles
–    Great handstand lift on his shoulders
–    Nice step sequence
–    Interesting positions in their circular lift
–    Nice footwork sequence to go with the music
–    Good show of strength in that circular lift
–    Traveling a bit in that pair spin
–    Love that they speed up when the music does
–    Straight-line rotational lift
–    While I’m not a fan of that program, that was a good program
–    Score: 104.44 (1.00 deduction), total 177.22

–    Music: Petit Adagio by Alexander Glazunov/Waltz In Concerto No. 2 by Alexander Glazunov/Allegro Moderato by Alexander Skriabin
–    Nice straight-line lift, him on one foot, her on his thigh
–    Good step sequence
–    Gorgeous lift, him in a squat spread eagle
–    Good twizzles
–    I enjoy this program much more than I did their short program.
–    Nice pair spin
–    Cartwheel into shoulder lift into rotational lift
–    Another good rotational lift
–    I’m not a fan of her position sometimes when they’re in hold… it’s too far over his shoulder
–    Great position on that circular footwork
–    I do hate the ending though… it’s too simple for them
–    Score: Free: 114.66 (Season’s Best), total: 190.99

–    Music: Swan Lake by Petr I. Tchaikovski
–    Now this is the correct way to do Swan Lake
–    Great speed across the ice
–    LOVE that straight-line lift! UG perfection there
–    Nice lift with him down on one knee
–    Home crowd clapping along
–    Great rotational lift, slightly awkward getting into it
–    Great centered pair spin
–    Out of sync on first twizzles, back in on the second and third
–    Great straigthtline lift
–    Amazing!
–    Score: 110.44 (Season’s best), Total: 183.48

–    Music: Man With a Harmonica by Ennio Morricone [remix by Appollo 44]/Tosca by Giacomo Puccini [new arrangement]
–    Interesting rotational lift
–    Out of sync on their first twizzles
–    Very good pair spins…
–    This program however is not engaging the crowd like the previous couple… not sure, it’s kind of drab to me, like their costumes
–    Straight-line lift, him in a squat position
–    Circular lift, her on a shoulder stand on his thigh
–    Good speed
–    Wow! Holding her by her neck in that rotational lift
–    Score: Free: 102.95 (Season’s Best) Total: 172.92

Meryl DAVIS/Charlie WHITE (USA)
–    Music: Scheherazade by Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov
–    What! No! Go back to the teal dress!!! UG
–    LOVE the swing through into a back circular lift
–    Good speed in this circular step sequence
–    Arm stand straight-line lift into their split rotational lift
–    Good pair spin, could use a tiny bit more speed
–    Good twizzles
–    Could use just a hair more speed in this serpentine step sequence
–    Circular rotational  lift was good
–    Nice last lift!
–    Score:  Free:  116.63 (New world record, season’s best), 195.52

–    There were really only a couple of good skates… I don’t know maybe it’s because it’s the end of the season or what but I felt most of the couples were just… blah
–    And I disagree with the British announcer that you don’t get lost in Davis and White performance. I get lost in their story… I think that’s my issue with Moir/viture’s program this season… its’ random pieces of music, not a story

GOLD: Davis/White (USA)
SILVER: Virture/Moir (CAN)

Shib sibs are 9th, Chock/Bates are 8th


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