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Ice Dance – Short Dance

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Ice Dance – Short Dance

The short dance in ice dance is two minutes and fifty seconds in length (plus or minus 10 seconds).  In the Short Dance, there are four required elements. These are a short lift that cannot exceed six seconds, a step sequence that is either circular or a midline sequence, a set of twizzles, and two sections of the Finnstep.  The Finnstep is arguably the hardest pattern in Ice dancing. This pattern is very similar (and actually requires) to quickstep.  

Cathy REED/Chris REED (JPN)
–    Music: Quickstep: Puttin’ On The Ritz by Irving Berlin/Foxtrot: Harlem Nocturne/Quickstep: Puttin’ On The Ritz by Irving Berlin
–    first set of twizzles are cleanly and much better than the team event
–    first section of the Finnstep is good, good speed, maybe could be a bit closer
–    midline sequence complete, I really like their spacing
–    rotational life was a haircutter, possibly over time
–    Score: 52.29
Pernelle CARRON/Lloyd JONES (FRA)
–    Music: Foxtrot: De-Lovely by Cole Porter/Quickstep: Anything Goes by Cole Porter
–    Ohh John Barrowman! Good Choice
–    Their do their circular step sequence first which is interesting
–    Twizzles were clean
–    Oh out of sync of their second set of twizzles
–    Finnstep is completed, good speed and spaced
–    Liked it! I didn’t see a rotational lift, only a straight lift?
–    Score: 58.25 (Season’s best)

–    Music: Quickstep: Let The Good Time Roll/Swing: Swing Baby
–    Twizzles are too far apart and his leg positions were off
–    Rotational lift had an interesting entry and her into a haircutter position
–    Midline step sequence was clean, though a little boring
–    It’s interesting they put their Finnstep at the end of their program!
–    Score:  58.01

Tanja KOLBE/Stefano CARUSO (GER)
–    Music: Foxtrot: New York, New York performed by Liza Minelli and Luciano Pavarotti/Quickstep: Borsalino performed by Tokyo Hosei Orchestra/Foxtrot: New York, New York performed by Liza Minelli and Luciano Pavarotti
–    Nice use of the music
–    Twizzles were good, could be a smidge closer
–    Finnstep was done, they could use a tiny bit more speed
–    Straight-line step sequence was a bit slow
–    Rotational lift was her in a split lift
–    Overall, pretty good
–    Score: 54.43 (season’s best)

–    Music: Charleston: Money, Money, Money [from Cabaret]/Quickstep: Cabaret by Liza Minelli/Foxtrot: Big Spender [from Fosse]
–    Twizzles were clean, they spin very fast!
–    Twizzle in their Finnstep was a little out of sync
–    Straight-line lift, was clean with some interesting positions
–    Slightly bobble by him on their straight-line step sequence
–    Score: 58.14

–    Music: Quickstep: That Man by Caro Emerald/Foxtrot: Speaking Of Happiness by Gloria Lynne/Charleston: Pigalle by Patricia Kaes
–    Really like her dress
–    Finnstep was clean, could use just a hair more speed
–    Out of sync on their first twizzles but got it back
–    Straight-line step sequence has nice speed but losing it fast
–    In a split rotational lift, her free leg could be a bit more stretch
–    Score: 41.90

–    Music: Quickstep: Sing Sing Sing/Foxtrot: The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg by Michel Legrand/Quickstep: Sing Sing Sing
–    Not sure these outfits go with the music… too drab of a color
–    Off on their twizzles
–    Finnstep completed well
–    Straight-line sequence good. Not a fan of their arm positions through most of it
–    No lift?
–    Score: 48.96

Danielle OBRIEN/Gregory MERRIMAN (AUS)
–    Music: Quickstep: Cotton Club Stomp 1 by John Barry/Foxtrot: The Mooche by John Barry/Charleston: Cotton Club Stomp 2 by Duke Ellington
–    Again not a fan of these costumes either… really drab. Brown is not really a good color to use with such lively music
–    Finnstep was clean
–    Twizzles were clean
–    Straight-line was good, it was slow but the music was slow so it matched
–    Haircutter rotational lift that was really fast!
–    Score: 52.68 (season’s best)

–    Music: Quickstep: Stepping Out With My Baby by Frank Devol/Foxtrot/Quickstep
–    Finnstep done, slightly off in timing
–    Straight-line footwork complete, clean
–    Interesting circular lift, him in a hydroplane, her laying on his free leg
–    Rotational lift was clean, her in a haircutter
–    Score: 49.84

–    Music: Quickstep: My Melanchony Baby/Foxtrot: Broadwalk Empire [soundtrack]/Charleston
–    Finnstep was nice and clean
–    Twizzles are in sync but a little far apart
–    Nice to see another couple do a circular step sequence
–    It’s also nice to hear a different song (the Boardwalk piece)
–    Nice straight-line lift, her in a modified handstand position
–    Score:58.58 (Season’s Best)

–    Music: Foxtrot: A Fine Romance by Marilyn Monroe/Quickstep: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friends by Marilyn Monroe
–    Out of sync on their twizzles
–    Would like see them a tiny bit closer during this Finnstep
–    They weren’t quite in sync during straight-line footwork
–    Interesting rotational lift! She in a Detroiter position!
–    Score: 56.40

Alexandra PAUL/Mitchell ISLAM (CAN)
–    Music: Quickstep: Crazy For You – Overture by George Gershwin/Foxtrot: Crazy For You – Overture by George Gershwin/Quickstep: Crazy For You – Overture by George Gershwin
–    Ohh off on their second twizzle
–    Nice straight-line footwork to the foxtrot section
–    There’s something about her wrists… can’t quite put my finger on it
–    Finnstep was completed
–    Split rotational lift… her split could be a little more up
–    Score: 55.91

–    Music: Foxtrot: Pink Panther by Henry Mancini/Quickstep: Sing Sing Sing by Louis Prima
–    Straight-line footwork was a tiny bit slow compared to the music
–    Twizzles were okay, possibly out of sync
–    Not a fan of the switch from a soundtrack to their quickstep. It’s awkward
–    Finnstep  was completed
–    That lift was… not great. It was completed but not great
–    Score: 58.15

–    Music: Foxtrot by Michael Buble/Quickstep by Michael Buble/Foxtrot by Michael Buble
–    I love Maia but the back of her dress drives me nuts because it looks like it’s coming apart
–    Twizzles were nice and clean!
–    Finnstep was nice and clean
–    Love their speed in their footwork sequence
–    Nice rotational lift, one handed into split… worrying it’s a bit long!
–    Score: 64.47

Madison CHOCK/Evan BATES (USA)
–    Music: Quickstep: Hollywood by Puppini Sisters/Foxtrot: There’s No Business Like Show Business by Annie Get Your Gun/Charleston
–    Good Finnstep
–    I’m honestly not a fan of them.. I don’t know if it’s just the construction of the program or what but it’s boring. It’s almost like they’re just completing the motions
–    Good twizzles
–    Step sequence clean
–    Press lift into rotational
–    Score:  65.46

–    Music: Quickstep: 42nd Street/Foxtrot: Lullaby Of Broadway/Quickstep: 42nd Street
–    Twizzles were good, possibly out of sync on the last one
–    Finnstep was clean, bouncy
–    Love their doing circular step sequences
–    Oh just a slight bobble on Luca’s part during the last part of it
–    Not sure on that rotational lift what her position was, split? Haircutter? They’ll probably get downgraded for it
–    Score: 67.58 (don’t agree with that…)

–    Music: Foxtrot: Le Jazz Hot performed by Glee Cast/Quickstep: Le Jazz Hot performed by Glee Cast
–    Not a fan of their costumes
–    Love that they jump into their twizzles but they’re off on the first one
–    Nice straight-line sequence
–    A little close to the boards on that section of the Finnstep
–    Jump into their rotational lift was good!
–    Score: 60.91 (Season’s best)

–    Music: Foxtrot: Dream A Little Dream by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong/Quickstep: Muskrat Ramble by Louis Armstrong/Foxtrot: Heaven by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong
–    UG I hate mirrored step sequences!
–    Glad they’re back into side by side step sequences
–    Out of sync just slightly on their twizzles, then back in
–    Finnstep was really good
–    Rotational was so fast!
–    Score: 76.33

–    Music: Quickstep: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend by Jule Styne/Slow Foxtrot: I Will Wait For You by Michel Legrand/Quickstep: Swing, Swing, Swing My Baby
–    Ok that starting hold? NO
–    Very fast Finnstep, crowd clapping along
–    Twizzles just a big dragging
–    Cartwheel into a straight-line lift with several positions…
–    A bit slow compared to the music
–    Score: 69.97

–    Music: Quickstep: Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen by Sholom Secunda/Slow Foxtrot: Sixteen Tons/Quickstep: Sing, Sing, Sing
–    Finnstep clean
–    LOVE that they use sixteen tons.. often forgotten son
–    He spins a lot faster in the twizzles that she does
–    Lovely rotational lift was clean!
–    Score: 73.04 (Season’s best) Well deserved!

–    Music: Foxtrot: I Won’t Dance by Fred Astaire/Quickstep: Swing Set by Jurassic Five/Swing: I Won’t Dance by Fred Astaire
–    A little slow in their twizzles
–    Good Finnstep
–    Nice circular step sequence
–    Very interesting rotational lift… I’m pretty sure they got done in time (they got dinged in the team event)
–    Score: 59.33 (and again they got deducted for the lift – extended lift)

–    Music: Slow Foxtrot: Roxi /Quickstep: Sing Sing Sing by Louis Prima/Charleston: Mein Herr by John Kander
–    Twizzles clean
–    Straight-line step sequence good
–    Finnstep is good but it doesn’t feel that light to be, feels heavyier than other couples
–    Need more speed here if they’re going to keep up
–    Nice rotational lift, interesting positions
–    Scores: 72.78 (season’s best)

Kaitlyn WEAVER/Andrew POJE (CAN)
–    Music: Quickstep: 42nd Street – Finale by Harry Warren
–    LOVE Kaitlyn’s dress
–    Twizzles were good, second set was slightly off, Andrew’s leg position needs to pull up
–    Nice and deep in their straight-line step sequence
–    Nice to see a circular lift!
–    Score: 65.93 (1.00 deduction… I think the lift was overtime)… not sure I agree with that score

Meryl DAVIS/Charlie WHITE (USA)
–    Music: Foxtrot: My Fair Lady by Frederic Loewe/Quickstep: My Fair Lady by Frederic Loewe/Foxtrot: My Fair Lady by Frederic Loewe
–    I seriously hate this dress… Meryl has done sooo much better!
–    A tad slow in their straight-line footwork
–    Twizzles were clean!
–    Lovely finnstepp
–    Split rotational lift was clean and fast
–    Score: 78.99

–    I’m not going to lie and say I know about ice dancing judging. I don’t. However I think it’s a lot more subjective than the other disciplines… There were some couples whom I thought did a lot better but they’re lower in the standings…

1: Meryl DAVIS/Charlie WHITE (USA)
2: Virture/Moir (CAN)
3: Ilinykh/Katsalapov (RUS)
4: Perchalat/Bourzat (FRA)
5: Ekaterina BOBROVA/Dmitri SOLOVIEV (RUS)


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