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Men’s Long Program

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Men – Long Program

The Men’s program is the longest if the figure skating events at four and a half minutes. Men are required to a double or triple axel, a step sequence, a triple or quad jump, at least one jump combination, a flying spin, and a camel or step sequence. Any man who does jumps after the halfway point gets a bonus of 10%.

–    Music: Nostradamus by Maksim Mrvica
–    Step out on the opening triple axel/ double toe
–    Good speed into his quad but fell
–    Second double axel is good
–    Good triple loop
–    Could use more stretch in his camel position
–    Triple flip/triple toe
–    Double Lutz, running out of gass
–    Second spin combination is slow
–    Triple flip
–    Triple sal/single toe
–    Traveling quite a bit on the final spin combination
–    Score: 177.06 (total) 114.62 in free

–    Music: Westside Story by Leonard Bernstein
–    Wow that shirt is bright… doesn’t really go with WSS
–    Two footed triple axel/double toe
–    Eked out that triple Lutz/double toe
–    Second triple axel, two footed
–    Turned out his triple flip/double toe/double loop
–    Seems really slow compared to the music
–    Really not a fan of this costume
–    two footed his triple lutz
–    hand down on his triple loop
–    double axel
–    triple sal
–    Second step sequence is just slow
–    Score: 182.19
Michael Christian MARTINEZ (PHIL)
–    Music: Malaguena by Ernesto Lecuona
–    First triple axel/double toe was clean!
–    Nice triple Lutz/double toe loop
–    Nice stretch into his double flip
–    Interesting footwork sequence
–    Fell on the triple loop
–    Spread eagle!
–    Gaining speed for his second triple axel. Rough landing but landed
–    Eked out his triple Lutz, fought for the landing
–    Double axel/half loop/double sal
–    Cantilever into his double axel
–    Decent speed in this serpentine footwork
–    Score:  119.44 free skate  184.25 overall
Zoltan KELEMEN (ROU)    
–    Music: Breathe by Audio Machine/Life by Audio Machine
–    First jump is his triple axel /triple toe loop Landed very cleanly
–    Fell on his triple Lutz, very slow in it
–    Eked out double flip
–    Step out on this second triple axel
–    Camel spin combination is a little slow
–    Straight-line step sequence is really slow
–    Fell on his triple loop
–    Fell again his triple Lutz
–    Very forward on his triple lutz
–    Serpentine step sequence also really slow, crowd trying to help him on
–    Nice double axel/double toe
–    Score:  free: 98.35, total: 158.76

–    Music: Once Upon A Time In America [soundtrack]
–    First jump is his triple sal
–    Second is a triple flip/double toe loop/double toe loop
–    Footwork into his triple axel, step out and fought for that landing
–    Camel spin is really slow
–    Step sequence fits with the music which is nice
–    Good speed into his triple axel, stepped out turned it into a half loop into a double axel. This jump combination won’t count because of the Zayak rule (can’t repeat a combination)
–    Fought for the landing for the triple flip
–    Hand down on the triple loop
–    Triple toe/double axel
–    Very clean double axel
–    Straight-line footwork sequence has good speed and fits very nicely with the music
–    Final spin has really good speed, positions could be a bit better
–    Score:  free skate: 110.22 total: 174.40

–    Music: Carmen by Georges Bizet
–    Can we ban skaters from using Carman for a while? So sick of hearing it and I love Carmen!
–    Good speed into his triple axel but fell
–    Double axel, triple toe toe… lost GOE marks there
–    Interesting positions in his first spin combination. I like his look on the ice
–    Nice footwork pattern
–    Fell on this triple loop
–    Good sit spin position
–    Singled his planed triple lutz
–    Single axel
–    Double toe
–    He’s running out of gas
–    Double sal
–    Needs more speed in this final spin combination
–    Final step sequence is good but needs more speed, especially to this well know piece of music
–    Score: Free: 78.44, total: 139.99

Misha GE (UZB)
–    Music: World Dance Collection: Neo Tango [Tango by Gotan Project]/Rhumba d’Amour/Libella/Swing by Parov Stelar/Tutti Frutti [Rock ‘n Roll]
–    Gymnastics fans will know the first part of this music as Alicia Sacromone’s floor music
–    Dance fans will know it from the movie Shall We Dance (The Richard Gere version)
–    First jump is his triple axel, fought for the landing
–    Nice triple Lutz
–    Good triple flip
–    Nice triple loop!
–    Nice stretch in his camel, a little slow at the end
–    Love this rumba section
–    Triple Lutz/double toe/double loop
–    Triple flip/double toe loop
–    Nice double axel
–    Nice sal/triple toe
–    A little slow in the footwork sequence
–    Will get deducted for using lyrics (though next year it won’t)
–    Score: Free: 135.19, total: 203.26

–    Music: Rhapsody In Blue by George Gershwin
–    No one can ever skate this music better than Tim Geobel
–    Step out of the triple axel/double toe loop
–    Leaning in that triple axel but step out on the landing
–    Nice triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Slow in circular step sequence
–    Nice flying camel
–    Nice speed into his triple sal/double loop/double toe loop (hands over head)
–    Nice triple Lutz, but two footed
–    Nice triple flip
–    Good triple loop
–    Traveling in this sit spin combination but got it back
–    Lovely spread eagle
–    Double axel
–    Good center on his combination spin
–    Score: Free: 141.52 Total: 214.04

–    Music: Exogenesis Symphony Number 3 [Redemption] by Muse
–    First jump is a triple toe loop to open
–    Gorgeous triple axel/triple toe loop
–    Great speed into a triple flip/double to (possible two footed on the flip)
–    Circular step sequence is just superb
–    Gorgeous double axel
–    NICE triple axel
–    Two footed triple sal
–    Triple Lutz/double toe/double toe in the same place as last night’s fall
–    Very nice triple right in front of the judges
–    Great scratch spin, very centered
–    Great spin combination
–    Score: 160.12, total: 232.70

Florent AMODIO (FRA)
–    Music: Under The Moon by Sebastien Damiani and Faf Larage/Happy by C2C/La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong/Quand Je Vois Tes Yeux by Dany Brillant
–    Huge triple sal, two footed
–    Doubled a planned triple sal
–    Two footed that triple axel
–    Good speed into his triple axel but hand down
–    Step out of the double axel
–    Nice triple lutz
–    Good speed into triple flip
–    Good speed into his step sequence
–    Not a fan of this costume
–    Very very tired at the end
–    Score: free : 12306 total:  198.64

–    Music: Oblivion by Astor Piazzolla/Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla/Libertango by Astor Piazolla/La Cumparsita by Matos Rodriguez
–    Opening with the quad toe loop but fell
–    Footwork into a two footed quad
–    Possibly two footed his triple axel
–    Second triple flip
–    Nice speed in his first spin combination
–    Nice triple axel/triple toe
–    Nice loop
–    Double axel
–    Double axel/half loop/triple sal
–    Great sit spin combination, very centered
–    It’s so hard to Piazolla…
–    Good spin combination, centered with speed, just a bit of travel at the end
–    Score: Free: 151.90, total: 232.99

–    Music: Excelsius [soundtrack] by Larry Groupe
–    UG this costume drives me nuts… looks soo cheap
–    Two footed quad sal
–    Quad toe/triple toe/double loop
–    Two footed triple axel/double toe loop
–    Not a fan of him… his skating skills and component scores are just not there and all it is jump skate, jump skate and it’s boring
–    Huge quad toe loop
–    Two footed double axel
–    Triple flip
–    No height on that triple Lutz
–    Triple sal/triple toe loop
–    Final spin was centered
–    Score: Free: 153.47, total: 222.23

Denis TEN (KAZ)
–    Music: The Young Lady And The Hooligan by Dmitri Shostakovich
–    Nice quad toe loop
–    Nice axel/toe loop combination
–    Nice triple axel!
–    Good speed in this circular footwork
–    Good stretch in this camel spin but slightly travel
–    Triple flipe/half loop/triple sal
–    Footwork into his triple Lutz/double toe… really close to the boards on the ending there
–    Easy triple loop
–    This is the Denis that won silver at worlds last year!
–    Hand down on the triple flip
–    Step out on the double axel
–    Spin combination a little slow
–    Straight line step sequence has nice speed
–    Good spin combination
–    Score:  free: 171.04 (season’s best), Total: 255.10

–    Music: Concierto De Aranjuez by Joaquin Rodrigo
–    Fougth for the quad toe /double toe
–    Quad toe , slight two foot
–    Hand down on the triple axel
–    Triple loop
–    Step sequence a tad slow
–    Nice double Lutz
–    Nice double axel
–    Fought the landing on the triple flip
–    Nice triple sal/double toe/double toe
–    Okay performance. Not his best
–    Score: free: 145.93, total: 231.77

Alexander MAJOROV (SWE)
–    Music: Life Begins Again by Afro Celt Sound System
–    Great speed into his quad toe loop, stepped out
–    Triple Lutz/double toe
–    Eked out that triple loop, Really fought for the landing
–    Simple step sequence
–    Huge triple Lutz/double toe/double toe
–    Popped his axel
–    Triple flip/double toe loop, was tight
–    Traveling a lot on this spin combination
–    Nice triple sal
–    Double axel
–    Step sequence with a twizzle! Nice to see a man do a twizzle
–    Love the hydroplane move in the final part of the step sequence
–    Good sit spin
–    Score: 141.05 for the free, season’s best; total: 224.86

Michal BREZINA     (CZE)
–    Music: Sherlock Holmes [soundtrack] by Hans Zimmer
–    Huge quad sal/double, possible two footed on the quad
–    Popped his axel into a single
–    Two footed the qual sal
–    Nice center in this sit spin!
–    Very interesting step sequence.
–    All of Hans Zimmer’s pieces sound the same…
–    Huge triple axel/double toe/double toe
–    Nice triple flip but was leaning horrible in the toe loop and fell
–    Nice recovery with that triple loop
–    Good triple Lutz
–    Not really a fan of the second step sequence
–    Double sal
–    Slow in the spin combination
–    Good speed however in the sit spin combination
–    Score:  Free:  151.67, Total: 233.62

–    Music: The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss/Gourmet Valse Tartare [from ‘Hannibal’] by Klaus Badel
–    Flew in that triple axel but two footed
–    Quad sal /triple toe
–    Two footed flip/double toe
–    Not really liking the construction of this program. The Music highlights with Blue Danube weren’t there
–    Okay spin combination, a little slow
–    I also am not a fan of sticking blue Danube with a piece from Hannibal
–    Popped his loop
–    Nice triple Lutz/double toe loop/double loop
–    Leaning in that flip but landed it
–    Hand down on the triple Lutz
–    Spread eagle into his very lovely triple sal
–    Step sequence is very bland
–    Final spin combination does have more speed
–    Score: 160.54 Seasons best; Total: 246.20

–    Music: Firebird by Igor Stravinski
–    Huge quad toe but fell
–    Quad toe / double toe loop
–    Triple axel / triple toe loop clean
–    Very lyrical step sequence
–    Huge second triple axel, fought for that landing
–    Triple loop was light
–    Triple Lutz was landed
–    Triple flip/double toe/double loop
–    Not a fan of his construction of this program
–    Triple sal landed…
–    It was much better in the team competition
–    Final spin combination was very centered with good speed
–    Score: Free: 169.94 Total: 253.42

–    Music: Peter Gunn [soundtrack] by Henri Mancini/Harlem Nocturne by Earle Hagen
–    Quad toe, possible two footed
–    I miss his Charlie Chaplin routine 
–    Nice quad sal, double toe loop
–    Fought for that landing on that triple axel
–    Amazingly centered spin
–    A little slow in his first step sequence
–    Triple sal instead of a quad
–    Double Lutz/double toe loop (arm up over head)
–    Nice triple loop
–    Triple flip/half loop/double sal
–    Great spin combination, just a tiny bit of travel
–    Nice speed in his straight-line footwork
–    Nice triple sal
–    Traveling quite a bit in that final spin combination
–    Score: 166.94 (free), total: 253.92

–    Music: Yesterday by The Beatles/Come Together by The Beatles/Friends And Lovers by George Martin/In My Life by The Beatles/Presto [The Long And Winding Road] by The Beatles
–    Good speed into his quad toe loop but two footed
–    Triple Lutz
–    Nice triple axel.
–    Circular footwork is so complicated!
–    Good speed into camel/sit spin combination
–    Great speed into triple axel (two footed)/triple
–    Triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Nice triple loop!
–    Light triple flip
–    Leaning in that triple sal but landed it
–    Great speed in spin combination
–    Great final spin combination
–    Score: Free: 164.27 total: 250.67

Yuzuru HANYU (JPN)
–    Music: Romeo And Juliet by Nino Rota
–    Fell on his quad sal
–    Quad toe loop was clean
–    Hands down on his triple
–    Traveling a tiny bit in his first spin combination
–    Very nice triple axel/triple toe
–    Eked out that triple axel/double toe
–    Nice triple loop
–    Triple Lutz/half loop/triple sal
–    Very nice triple Lutz
–    I love that he does a long Ina Bauer. You don’t see guys doing it and it’s gorgeous
–    Great sit spin combination
–    Traveling a bit in that final spin combination
–    Score: Free: 178.64, Total: 280.09

Patrick CHAN (CAN)
–    Music: Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi/Concerto Grosso by Arcangelo Corelli
–    Lots of man cleavage going on…
–    Gorgeous quad toe/triple toe loop
–    Great speed into his quad toe but hands down
–    Step out on his triple axel, hand down
–    Step sequence is great and really shows his skating skills
–    Very nice sit spin
–    Triple lutz/half loop/double sal
–    Very nice triple Lutz
–    Two footed triple loop
–    Two footed triple flip/double toe
–    Very centered camel spin
–    Step out of that double axel
–    Final spin combination is also very nice, centered, good speed
–    Score: Free:  178.10, Total: 275.62

–    Music: Who Wants To Live Forever performed by David Garrett/Smells Like Teen Spirit performed by David Garret
–    Great for him to be in this final flight!
–    Opening with his quad toe loop but fell
–    Great triple axel/toe loop
–    Nicely done on that triple Lutz
–    Not sure if his costume goes with his music but it’s nice
–    Great step sequence
–    Lovely spread eagle
–    Step out on his triple axel
–    Nice footwork into that triple Lutz/double toe/double toe
–    Two footed that triple sal
–    Two footed that loop, really fighting
–    Good spin combination
–    Very pretty double axel
–    Camel/change foot spin combination
–    Score:  Free:  153.83 (season’s best), Total: 239.87

–    Music: Reel Around The Sun by Bill Whelan
–    I’m so nervous!
–    First jump a gorgeous stretch into his double axel
–    Triple axel /triple toe two footed both of them
–    Lovely camel combination. So centered!
–    Step out on that second triple axel
–    Lovely layback in this spin combination
–    LOVE step sequence! Could be a little faster
–    Lovely Lutz/half loop/triple sal (two footed)
–    Triple flip/double toe loop
–    Hydroplane into his triple axel
–    Stretch into his Tano Lutz
–    Serpentine footwork very nice!
–    Eked out that triple loop (UR?)
–    Good speed in his spin combination
–    I think the level 1s for his step sequences is bullshit. His footwork is much better than half of the skaters
–    Score:  Free: 152.37 Total: 238.37

–    Ten winning a bronze medal is just insane. Great for him and it was good program….
–    Not really a surprise for Gold and silver but having two falls really shouldn’t win you a medal
–    Youngest skater in 66 years to win gold
– Had Jeremy not had the time deduction he would have been in fourth overall… had the cleanest skate tonight



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