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Men’s short Program

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Men – Short program

The men’s short program is a maximum of two minutes and fifty seconds in length. There should be a double or triple Axel (most of the top men will do a triple), A triple or quad jump which must be preceded by connecting steps, a jump combination which has to have either a double jump and triple jump, two triples, a quad and a double, or a quad and a triple. The men also must have a flying spin, a combination spin with a change of foot, and two changes of position. They also must have a camel spin or sit spin with only one change of foot and finally a step sequence! It’s a lot to fit into the 2:50 marks! Look for the top men to do at least one quad and a triple axel.

Thirty Skaters will skate, only 24 will skate in the long progrram

–    Music: Fascination by Fermo Dante Marchetti performed by Richard Hayman
–    Very lyrical so far
–    First element is a triple axel, fell
–    Good speed into his triple Lutz , but leaning
–    Good sit spin combination
–    Very nice second spin combination
–    Third jump is a triple toe/triple toe, falling on the second toe
–    Simple but elegant step sequence
–    Needs to be much lower on that first sit spin position
–    Score: 55.04

–    Music: Tosca [new arrangement] by Giacomo Puccini
–    Stepped out of the triple axel
–    Two footed triple lutz, triple toe
–    Good speed into his flying camel and throughout that spin
–    Nice choreography into that triple loop
–    Step sequence a little slow
–    Score: 62.65
Misha GE (UZB)    
–    Music:  Still Got Blues, Still Got Rock by Gary Moore
–    Good speed into his triple axel. Had some nice choreographer to cover up a wonky landing
–    Good triple flip, triple toe… slightly two footed the second
–    Nice triple Lutz
–    Good step sequence
–    Great choreography
–    Good position in that sit spin, just a little slow
–    Traveling quite a bit on that final spin combination
–    Score: 68.07 (Season’s best)

–    Music: Caravan by Duke Ellington
–    First jump is a gorgeous triple axel
–    Nice speed into his triple lutz / triple toe
–    Nice stretch in his flying camel into a hair cutter
–    Choreography into a triple loop
–    Nice step sequence
–    Good positions in his spin combination
–    Final spin had excellent speed then slowed down with the music. Very nice
–    Score: 72.52
Michael Christian MARTINEZ (PHI)
–    Music: Romeo And Juliet by Nino Rota
–    Good triple axel, very nice speed coming out
–    Lovely charlotte
–    Nice Lutz/triple toe, but stepped out
–    Nice camel spin, with great variations
–    Nice triple loop, just light
–    Step sequence is good right with the music
–    Gorgeous Ina Bauer!! Love to see more men do it
–    Death drop spin combination
–    Nice cantilever spread eagle into his spin combination, lovely Biellmann spin
–    Score: 64.81 (Do not agree with this… should be a little higher)

–    Music: Jazz Medley by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
–    Not of a fan of the suspenders crossed in front… if you’re going to do them, don’t cross them
–    Very nice triple flip, triple toe but under rotated the second
–    Nice triple axel!
–    Clean triple loop
–    Slow camel spin with variations
–    Ok I guess that’s why he crossed them to play with them easier. Interesting
–    Nice speed in his footwork but not overly complicated
–    Traveling a bit in his spin combination
–    Sit spin and variations had nice speed!
–    Score: 64.18

–    Music:  Tango De Roxanne [from Moulin Rouge soundtrack] arranged by Edvin Marton
–    Holy shit!! Plushenko has withdrawn!
–    Music: Notre Dame De Paris by Richard Cocciante
–    Hand down on the triple axel
–    Triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Triple flip, two footed
–    Okay step sequence, nice speed
–    Lovely final position in his spin combination
–    Score: 61.55

Brendan KERRY (AUS)
–    Music: Nothing Else Matters by Metallica performed by David Garrett
–    Nice speed into his double Lutz, triple toe loop… step out on the landing
–    Step out, hand down on the triple axel
–    I hope to see more things from this kid… I think he’s very talented and got potential
–    Spread eagle into his double loop, two footed
–    Step sequence could use some more polish
–    LOVELY position in this spin combination
–    Great stretch in his camel spin but traveling quite a bit
–    Score: 47.12

Paul Bonifacio PARKINSON (ITA)
–    Music: Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony by Wolfgang Gartner
–    Nice speed into a quad sal but fell
–    Popped his triple axel into a single
–    Nice triple Lutz/two footed triple toe loop
–    Traveling quite a bit in that sit spin
–    Really enjoy his step sequence, done with good speed
–    Traveling in his final spin combination
–    Score: 56.30

–    Music: Lilies Of The Valley [from Pina soundtrack] by Jun Miyake
–    Choreographically this piece is masterful
–    First jump is a quad jump
–    And he fell and down on his hip… took a VERY long time to get up
–    Nice triple Lutz/triple toe but almost into the boards
–    Leaning on that triple axel. A little shaky on the exit
–    Great position in his sit spin combination
–    Oh boy… What a fighter
–    Score:  72.58

–    Music: Rich Man’s Frug from ‘Sweet Charity’
–    First jump is his triple axel, just eked it out
–    Next his, double flip/triple toe loop
–    Nice triple Lutz but couldn’t hold the landing and had to put his hand down
–    Nice sit spin combination
–    Good spin combination but could use a bit more speed
–    Great step sequence, using the music well (which I’m not a fan of frankly)
–    His spins are really good. He’s got great speed in them and stays centered
–    Score: 60.41

–    Music: The Hours [soundtrack] by Philipp Glass
–    Nice choreography but popped his triple Lutz into a single
–    Triple sal/triple toe loop very nice
–    Viktor has great positions on his spins, a little slow though
–    Easy double axel
–    A bit a bobble there in his step sequence
–    Not a fan of Viktor’s offit… not sure how it goes with the program
–    Score: 56.60

Javier RAYA (ESP)
–    Music:  Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schoenberg
–    Eked out his triple axel, hand down
–    Now here’s a good Les Miserables costume
–    Triple toe/triple toe loop
–    Very lovely spread eagle!
–    Traveling in his sit spin but great position
–    Double flip
–    Pretty good centering in that spin combination
–    Really nice step sequence in good time to the music!
–    Really nice final spin combination, good speed
–    Really enjoyed that!
–    Score: 59.76

–    Music: Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen [from Swing Kids soundtrack] by James Horner/Sing Sing Sing [from Swing Kids soundtrack] by James Horner
–    So far favorite music so far! (One of the best movies ever)
–    Nice triple axel, a little fudgy exit
–    Quad toe was under rotated and fell
–    Interesting positions in this spin combination
–    Great speed into his triple flip/triple toe loop
–    Slow in his camel spin combination
–    Fast through his step sequence
–    Score: 62.44
–    Music: The Question Of U by Prince
–    With no quad, Jason needs to land all his jumps cleanly
–    Good speed into his very clean triple axel
–    Triple flip/triple toe loop are clean
–    Gorgeously centered camel spin
–    Nice spin combination
–    Tanno Lutz (triple Lutz hand over head) landed cleanly
–    Step sequence completed with good speed
–    His spins remind me so much of Paul Wylie (92 Olympian)
–    Score:  86.00 (Season’s Best !!!!)

–    Music: Back In Black by AC/DC/Thunderstruck by AC/DC
–    Really Kevin? This is the Olympics, not practice… HATE the costume
–    He also needs a haircut
–    First jump is his quad but fell
–    Second jump is his quad toe/triple toe
–    Final jump is the triple axel but fell
–    Great centering on that spin combination
–    Apparently Russian crowds know hard rock
–    Bobble there putting his hand down on the end of his step sequence
–    Reminds me of an Olde English Sheepdog show dog… hair in the eyes
–    Score: 68.76
–    Music: Duelling Banjos [from Deliverance soundtrack]
–    Good speed into his quad attempt but fell
–    Nice triple axel!
–    Could be a little higher jump into that change of spin combination
–    Nice speed into his triple flip/triple toe loop though possibly two footed
–    Love his character to go with the music
–    Very unique step sequence
–    Superfast final spin!
–    Score: 81.09

Yuzuru HANYU (JPN)
–    Music: Parisian Walkways by Gary Moore
–    Quad toe loop, just perfection
–    Lovely centered spin
–    Not a fan of his spread eager position
–    Nice triple axel, possible two foot
–    I’m not a huge fan of his but he can jump
–    Triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    His step sequence is too frantic for me. Though this is better than I’ve seen it and it’s better than his long program one
–    He does have great stretch in his camel
–    Score: 101.45 (!!!! New world record)

Javier FERNANDEZ (ESP)    
–    Music: Satan Takes A Holiday by Larry Clinton
–    Good speed into this opening quad sal, shaking on the landing but stayed on one foot
–    Gorgeous triple axel. I wish he would lift his free leg more coming out of his jumps
–    Triple Lutz/toe Had a wonky ending
–    Seems a bit nervous
–    Step sequence is a bit slow
–    I’m not a fan of this program…
–    Traveling in his final spin
–    Score: 86.98
Patrick CHAN (CAN)
–    Music: Elegie In E-Flat Minor by Sergei Rachmaninov
–    Quad toe loop/triple toe loop was so pretty!
–    His skating is elegent
–    Good speed into his triple axel, stepped out
–    LOVELY triple Lutz. Just floated it
–    Centered, fast sit spin combination
–    Beautiful step sequence
–    Great speed into his final spin combination
–    Score: 97.52

Alexander MAJOROV (SWE)
–    Music: Khorobushko by Bond
–    HUGE quad toe loop though possibly two footed
–    Triple Lutz/triple toe
–    Decent spin combination
–    Getting the crowd involved
–    Nice triple axel, Fought hard for the landing
–    Needs more stretch in his camel position. That second spin was slow
–    Really buoyed by the crowd
–    Haha Russian tuck jump in his step sequence
–    Final spin a little slow
–    Score: 83.81 (Season’s best)
Florent AMODIO (FRA)
–    Music: La Cumparsita arranged by Sebastien Damiani and Faf Larage
–    Speed into his nice triple sal (was supposed to be a quad)
–    Just a double axel
–    Sorry but way to much cleavage on his shirt
–    Very nice triple Lutz/triple toe
–    Florent, like Chan knows how to work his step sequences
–    Good spin combination
–    Sit spin positions are good
–    Score: 75.58

–    Music: Mutation [from Amaluna] by Cirque Du Soleil
–    WOA Brian!… that’s some shirt
–    First jump is his quad toe loop/triple toe loop. That jump will be reviewed
–    Fighting for the landing on that triple axel
–    Final jump is a triple Lutz, possible two footed
–    Not the best spin combination in terms of positions
–    Brian’s footwork in this step sequence is almost unparalleled
–    Final combination spin is solid
–    Score: 85.84 (Season’s Best)

–    Music: In The Hall Of A Mountain King performed by Epica
–    Slow into that quad but hand down
–    Triple flip/double toe loop
–    Very lovely triple axel!
–    A little wild in this step sequence but it kind of matches the music
–    Not a fan of this rendition of a great piece of music
–    Score: 81.95
Denis TEN (KAZ)    
–    Music: Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens
–    Good speed into his quad but couldn’t hang on to the landing, hand down
–    Superb triple axel
–    Lovely stretch in his camel spin combination
–    Good speed into his triple flip/double toe loop. Too close to the boards
–    Nice speed in final combination spin
–    Score:  84.06 (Season’s Best)

–    Music: Clocks by Two Cellos featuring Lang Lang
–    First jump is a huge quad toe/triple toe loop!
–    Great triple axel (possible two foot?)
–    NICE triple Lutz
–    I really enjoy this program, soft, elegant
–    Not the most intricate step sequence but good speed
–    Traveling just a bit on his spin combination
–    Score: 86.04
–    Music: Minor Waltz Michael Poral/Viper’s Drag by Fats Waller
–    HUGE triple Axel!! That covered soooo much ice!
–    Second jump is his quad toe loop, stepped out, hand down
–    Not a fan of his positions in his camel spin
–    Huge triple Lutz/triple toe loop, stepped out of the toe loop
–    He’s definitely got potential
–    Traveling quite a bit in his final spin but got it back centered
–    Score: 85.66

–    Music: Sonatino For Violin
–    Good speed into his quad toe loop but under rotated and on two feet (was downgraded to a double that’s really harsh!)
–    Nice triple axel
–    Daisuke… bores me. Just not a fan of his skating
–    Triple Lutz/triple toe loop. Landed but didn’t have a lot of height
–    Good spin combination
–    Score:  86.40
–    Music: East Of Eden [soundtrack] by Lee Holdridge
–    I kind of wish this was his long program music. It’s such a great soundtrack
–    First jump is a quad toe loop/double toe loop
–    Second is his triple axel that was huge!
–    Final jump into a double Lutz (supposed to a triple)
–    Really excellent step sequence
–    Seriously, this is just an awesome song
–    Final spin perfectly centered
–    Score: 83.48

–    Jeremy Abbot has guts for days. Seriously grit to get up after that really really hard fall.
–    Jason Brown is going to be a beast when he gets his quad. LOVE this kid
–    Plushy is a drama queen and I’m glad he’s done (and no I will not apologize for my dislike of him). He made the following comment in the media zone: “I’m ready for the paraolympic games now”
–    Well Hanyu, if he doesn’t medal, can still say he put up a world record at the Olympics
–    Biggest surprise Peter Liebers from German. Great Skate from him!

1: Yuzuru HANYU (JPN)
2: Patrick Chan (CAN)
3: Javier Fernandez (ESP)
4: Daisuke TAKAHASHI (JPN)
5: Peter LIEBERS (GER)
6: Jason Brown (USA)

Top six will be in the final group tomorrow night

Jason Brown is in 6th (!!!!) , Jeremy Abbott in 15th


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