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Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Pairs –Long Program

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Pairs –Long Program

The Pairs long program is four minutes and thirty seconds long. In Pairs skating, there is a list of seven required elements. They are as follows:
•    A Step Sequence
•    A hand to hand lift take off (usually a Lasso lift from either a forward or backward entry). A hand to hand means that the man cannot lift the lady by say her foot or thigh.
•    A Death spiral that is from a backward outside edge entry. This means the lady will be going backwards and leaning on her outside edge of her blade
•    A double or triple split twist. Most of the top couples do a split triple twist. Look for tight form in the ladies and a clean exit (not “crashing” down on to the man’s shoulder)
•    A spin combination that must have at least one change of foot and one change of position
•    A throw jump. In the short program, the top couples will do a throw triple. While several of the top couples have a throw quadruple, this throw is not allowed in the short program
•    One side by side solo jumps. Again, the top couples do triples

–    Music: Les Miserables by Claude-Michel Schonberg
–    I may be biased but I absolutely love this program
–    First element is their split triple twist, solid
–    Nice speed into their sbs triple toes. NAILED!
–    Here’s a gorgeous throw triple Lutz
–    Very pretty gorgeous catch foot into a backwards outside death spiral
–    Straight into their pair spin combination
–    Sbs spin, camel, back sit. Very good synch
–    Lovely spread eagle into serpentine lift
–    Speed into their sbs double axel into a second double axel. A bit far apart but landed!
–    Back entry into lasso lift into catch foot star, nice easy exit
–    Nice throw triple sal. Slightly two footed
–    Axel entry into another lasso lift, good and clean
–    LOVE their star position lift
–    Traveling lift good
–    Not as dynamic as it was in Boston but they’ll take it!
–    Score:  110.31

–    Music: Oz – The Great and Powerful
–    Love her dress
–    Nice speed into sbs triple toe, not synched
–    Split twist triple… it’s hard to see as she twists the opposition direction
–    Double axel attempted, singled (he), she fell
–    Sbs spins good, sync
–    Nice death spiral
–    Nice dance lift
–    Nice speed into step lasso into star lift
–    Fell on the throw triple loop
–    Forward takeoff on the lasso, struggling a bit
–    LOVE that back entry into a press there. She could use a bit more stretch
–    A throw triple Lutz, landed cleanly
–    Pair spin combination. I enjoy their positions in it
–    Score:  103.01

–    Music: La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi
–    Lovely fast dance lift
–    Nice speed into the split triple twist, possible crash down
–    Sbs triples, he missed the second part of the combination
–    Made the double axel…. She stepped out of it
–    Interesting catch foot into the forward inside death spiral
–    Catch lasso was decent. He turning
–    Nice spirals, though he could use some more stretch
–    Fell on the throw triple loop
–    Nice press into lasso then switch to one handed star
–    Fell on the throw triple sal
–    Not as complicated step sequence
–    Nice star lift!
–    Good sync on the camel into sit, change of foot, lost sync once that happened
–    Slow pairs spin
–    Score: 86.22

–    Music: Love Theme [from Romeo and Juliet] by Nino Rota/Romeo And Juliet Act I, Scene I by Sergei Prokofiev/Stradivarius by Edvin Marton
–    Her dress is beautiful
–    Music is overdone… sick of R&J being done
–    Huge triple twist
–    A little far on those sbs triples
–    First throw, high throw triple loop but probably two footed
–    Lovely  death spiral
–    Good stretch and speed in these sbs spins but some loss of sync
–    Fairly basic lasso lift
–    Stretch into throw triple sal, she goes down. Looks like she had it and then just leaned bak
–    Pair combination has good speed, though traveling a bit
–    Sbs triple sals into double axels
–    Very nice rotational lift
–    Nice speed into this sit press star lift into a catch foot, him on one leg
–    Score:  94.35

Stefania BERTON/Ondrej HOTAREK (ITY)
–    Music: Dracula by Philip Glass
–    Sbs triple toe/double toe/double toe
–    Split triple twist, not quite full rotated
–    Sbs fell on the triple sals
–    Sbs spins had a loss of sync
–    Lovely choreo into ? sorry stream cut out
–    Swing throw into star lift
–    Lovely stretch into back outside death spiral
–    Back entry into the lasso lift into a Detroiter
–    Throw triple landed cleanly
–    Axel entry into lasso lift to a catch foot
–    I love Dracula but all of Glass’s compositions sound exactly the same
–    Score: 115.51

–    Music: Skyfall [James Bond soundtrack] by Thomas Newman
–    Gorgeous split triple twist
–    Sbs triple toes she stepped out a bit
–    Attempted quad two, two footed almost stopped it
–    Good sync in sbs spins
–    Sbs triple sal, her hand down
–    Back entry into lasso into split one hand
–    Lovely dance lift into throw triple sal. Solid landing
–    Huge stretch into the spiral back outside spiral
–    Lovely speed into the final pairs spin.
–    Press star lift into a carry lift with great speed
–    Forward lasso into catch foot into one handed
–    Score: 120.38 (Personal/Season’s best)

Vanessa JAMES/Morgan CIPRES (FRA)
–    Music: Angels And Demons [soundtrack] by Hans Zimmer/Heaven And Hell by Vangelis/Requiem For A Dream [soundtrack] by Clint Mansell
–    Heavy landing on that split triple twist
–    Good speed across the ice
–    Sbs triple toe/triple toe, she fell
–    Lovely spiral into sbs triple sal
–    Nice entry into the backwards death spiral
–    Great speed on their pair spin
–    Lasso into star, catch foot
–    Not a lot of speed on that high throw triple flip
–    Sbs spins, great job on synch
–    Nice dance lift into their throw triple sal
–    Axel entry into a one handed hip lift
–    Swing throw press star lift him in a lunge
–    Amazing ending!!
–    Score: 114.07

Maylin WENDE/Daniel WENDE (GER)
–    Music: Your Highness [soundtrack] by Steve Yablonsky
–    Split Double twist
–    Throw triple sal
–    Sbs triple toe/double toe. She stepped out didn’t do the double,
–    Sbs double axel, he falls
–    Sbs spins in the corner (hate!) but good sync
–    I think it would make a prettier picture if her hair was down in like a half ponytail
–    Nice spirals
–    Step up into lasso lift, to a catch foot
–    Sit press into a star lift. Interesting exit
–    Throw triple flip that was two footed
–    Lasso lift with change in direction. I could use more stretch in her legs from her
–    Nice death spiral
–    Decent pair spin, could use a bit more speed
–    Score: 107.00

–    Music: Alice In Wonderland [soundtrack] by Danny Elfman/Everlasting by Two Steps From Hell
–    Very lovely throw triple twist
–    Sbs triple Lutz landed fully!
–    First lift, lasso to catch foot, one handed exit
–    Back outside edge death spiral
–    A little slow in their pair spin but dead centered
–    Not a fan of his outfit but lovely eggplant color
–    Sbs triple sal, she fell
–    Axel lasso into star catch foot, slide throw exit
–    Nice throw loop
–    Leaning, hands down on the throw triple Lutz
–    Swing through on the star lift
–    Lovely spiral into their footwork sequence
–    Sbs spins, good speed and unison except at the end
–    Score:  127.32

–    Music: Fellini Medley by Nino Rota
–    Good speed into a split triple twist
–    Sbs triple toe into triple toe
–    Sbs triple sal, him possibly two footed
–    Nice stretch into back outside death spiral. Lovely position from her
–    Good speed in their pair spin
–    Throw triple loop was huge, possible free leg touching
–    Gorgeous Ina bauer!
–    Lunge into star lift, catch foot, swing down exit
–    Good star lift, him on one foot
–    Sbs spins are really fast but did have a bit of a loss of unison
–    Dance lift into a throw triple sal
–    Lung on his part into a star lift, into a split Detroiter lift
–    That definitely was the skate of their careers for them! Good!
–    Score: 131.18

–    Music: Polovetsian Dances [from Prince Igor] by Alexander Borodin
–    One of my favorite pieces of music
–    Sbs triple toe loop, Vera has issues
–    Sbs double axels, double axels. Very far apart
–    Throw triple flip, her leaning forward
–    Very nice forward inside death spiral
–    Sbs good, would like to see them just a bit closer together
–    Gorgeous spiral from Vera
–    Nice and big triple twist
–    Back entry into the sit lift into a one handed back lift
–    Huge throw triple loop but hand down
–    Dance lift into a back star lift, to a catch foot
–    Third lift was a very nice one handed lift
–    Not a fan of their interpretation of this piece
–    Final pair spin with an interesting ending
–    Score: 129.94

Cheng PENG/Hao ZHANG (CHN)   
–    Music: Yellow River Concerto
–    HUGE split quad twist
–    Sbs triple toe, hand down for her
–    Sbs double axel, hard fall for her
–    Too far apart on the spins but out of sync
–    Nice pair spin
–    Huge throw triple loop
–    Lovely spiral
–    Good speed into a throw triple sal
–    Nice star lift into split Detroiter
–    Very unique position on the forward inside death spiral
–    Nice lasso lift, to a catch foot star on one hand
–    Final lasso lift to a star carry lift
–    Score:  125.13

–    Music: The Addams Family [soundtrack] by Marc Shaiman
–    First element is a nice split triple twist
–    Nice speed, a big throw triple flip (two footed?)
–    Sbs triple toe /double toe/double toe. Landed but a little fudge
–    A reverse lasso
–    Sbs spins have great unison and close!
–    Lovely catch foot spirals
–    Lovely play with the music
–    Sbs double axel
–    Lasso rotational lift
–    Nice slow sequence
–    Cartwheel entry into that lift
–    Huge throw triple sal. GREAT
–    EXCELLENT! Just threw it down
–    Score: 143.47 (!!!!!)

–    Music: Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber
–    Opening with a huge triple twist!
–    Sbs triple sals that are clean
–    Sbs triple toe/double toe, slightly out of sync
–    Very nice death spiral
–    Sbs spins had great speed and unison
–    Slightly waiting to catch up with the music
–    Huge throw triple loop, hand down
–    Love the opposite facing spirals
–    Throw triple sal was just high and tight
–    Reverse entry into the lasso to a reverse star lift
–    Interesting position in their pair spin, a tiny bit slow
–    On handed lift and exit right in time with the music
–    Reverse back star lift
–    Well it was good, one tiny area… I preferred their team-mates in this flight
–    Score: 152.69

–    Music: I Dreamed A Dream [from Les Miserables] by Claude-Michel Schoenberg
–    These two are retiring after this performance. Such a huge contribution to the sport of pairs skating
–    Sbs triple /double… landed but step outs
–    Sbs triple toes landed much cleaner
–    Nice and tight split triple twist
–    Outside death spiral, could be lower
–    Sbs spins, out of unison then back in again
–    Nice spirals into their reverse entry lasso a one handed hip lift
–    Throw triple sal that was just textbook
–    Throw triple loop again was just perfect.
–    Press into a one handed hip lift
–    Nice dance lift to go with a great section of music
–    Difficult entry into the star lift
–    Final pair spin, great speed
–    Score: 136.58

–    Music The Nutcracker by Petr I. Tchaikovski
–    Huge throw triple flip, landed cleanly
–    Sbs triple toe/double for her, he fell on the first jump
–    Lovely death spiral, could be a little closer to the ice
–    Good unison and space on these sbs spins
–    Nice and high split twist
–    Dance lift into nice double axels, though a bit apart
–    Reverse lasso into one handed catch foot
–    Nice speed into a press entry into a the lasso, to a broken leg Detroiter
–    Nice speed in their pairs spin
–    Spread eagle into a one handed star, love her stretch and split
–    Not a fan of this cut of the Nutcracker
–    Huge attempt at a throw triple axel but she fell
–    Score:  136.14

Silver: Ksenia STOLBOVA/Fedor KLIMOV (RUS)
Bronze:  Aliona SAVCHENKO/Robin SZOLKOWY (GER)


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