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Sochi 2014 Pairs Short Program

Olympic Games 2014 – Figure Skating – Pairs – Short Program

Exactly like the team even, pairs short programs consist of a two minute and fifty second program with elements of a lift that is hand to hand (aka a Lasso lift), a double or triple split twist (to be competitive at this stage, a triple is a must), a throw jump (again, like the split twist, a triple is really needed to be competitive), a side by side solo jump (aka the nemesis of all pairs skating), a pairs spin combination, a death spiral from a backwards outside edge, and a step sequence. For the Olympics, the field of twenty will be whittled down to 16.

–    Music: Samson And Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens
–    First element is their sbs triple sal. Narumi was quite forward but they did land them
–    Only a split double twist. Great height on it though. Since this is a very (read he has only been skating pairs for less than a year) young time, this  will get better
–    Nice lasso lift with a one handed exit
–    Rough landing on the throw triple sal
–    Great position on the death spiral
–    No really a fan of the mirroring step sequence for any pair but it does work for them
–    Final spin combination was pretty good
–    Narumi is very happy with that problem!
–    Score: 48.45

–    Music: Samson And Delilah by Camille Saint-Saens
–    It will interesting to contrast this program with the last
–    Weird fall by Matteo (looks like he tripped over a rut)
–    Great triple twist
–    Very clean sbs triple sal
–    Slightly two-footed on the throw triple sal
–    Lasso into a hip lift but she could be bit more stretched
–    Mirrored step sequences
–    Back shoot the duck into death spiral, a little slow
–    Final spin was clean, slightly slow
–    Score: 51.64 (1.00 deduction for the fall)

–    Music: Thank You and Unsquare Dance by Dave Brubeck
–    Clean split double twist
–    Sbs very very nice triple sal!
–    Lasso lift into a catch foot, one handed exit
–    Good speed into their throw sal
–    A little out of sync on that mirrored step sequence… A little too far apart on some of it too
–    Him spread eagle into a good death spiral
–    A little slow in their pair spin
–    Good program for them as they’re still VERY new to pairs (she competed at the Vancouver Games as a singles skater)
–    Score: 49.62 (Personal Best)

Cheng PENG/Hao ZHANG (CHN)   
–    Music: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon by Tan Dun
–    First element is amazing sbs triple toes
–    I love that they do their death spiral early.
–    Good speed in their pairs spins
–    HUGE speed and height in their split triple twist
–    Clean and large throw triple loop
–    Step sequence is more complicated than we’ve seen from other pairs so far
–    Lasso loop into hip lift, one handed exit
–    Score: 70.59 (personal best)

–    Music: Fantasy For Violin And Orchestra by Joshua Bell (GREAT music!)
–    Great speed into their first element , a great split triple twist
–    A little off in synch in their sbs triple salchows
–    Slightly two footed on their throw triple loop
–    Her head touching down twice during that death spiral
–    Lasso lift into a hip lift.
–    LOVE that they’re doing something different other than mirrored in their step sequences
–    Good speed in this combination spin!
–    Score:  53.38

–    Music: Black Magic Woman/Smooth by Santana
–    Just love this program!
–    Very nice, clean tight split triple twist
–    A loss of sync on their sbs triple sal but landed!
–    Gorgeous death spiral
–    Great speed into their pair spin
–    Great speed into huge transitions into a very big throw triple sal
–    And of course their step sequence done to “Smooth” (which is a favorite song of mine!)
–    Lasso into a hip lift that covers so much ice!
–    Score: 67.44 (Season Best)

–    Music: Carousel Waltz by Rodgers And Hammerstein
–    I liked her Boston dress much better
–    Good speed into their split triple twist
–    Love that moment into their sbs triple toes He a little leaning
–    Lovely throw triple lutz, Felicia a bit forward
–    Mirrored step sequence
–    Good speed into this lasso lift, a back entry into a star lift, cartwheel out. I like this lift much better because it’s a more unique back entry
–    Death spiral was clean
–    Fantastic speed in their final pair spin
–    Score: 56.90

Stacey KEMP/David KING (GBR)
–    Music: Piano Concerto No. 1 by Petr I. Tchaikovski
–    This pink does not work… for me
–    Ina Bauer transition into a split triple, she crashed into him
–    Sbs double axels but hers will be a down graded
–    I love that they do another Ina Bauer into spread eagles into their lasso lift
–    Fell on the throw triple flip. She did the same thing in the team event…
–    Very slow in that pairs spin
–    Nice to see other sequences other than mirrored, slight stumble by Stacey
–    Score: 44.98 (1.00 deduction for fall) (more than likely will not make the final)

Maylin WENDE/Daniel WENDE (GER)
–    Music: November Rain performed by David Garrett
–    Nice speed into that split double twist
–    Love the spread eagles
–    Speed into these sbs triple toes, landed cleanly!
–    Spread eagle into the lasso lift. Good speed too!
–    Good and large throw triple loop! She slightly forward
–    Mirrored step sequence
–    She fell exiting the death spiral!
–    Score: 59.25

–    Music: City Of The Birth by Armand Amar
–    Nice step sequence into their high split twist
–    Sbs double flips
–    Nice throw triple loop but two footed
–    Interesting she has gold blades
–    Simple lasso lift, won’t get them a lot of points
–    Taking a long time to get into the death spiral but good speed
–    Traveling a bit in this final pairs spin. Needs more speed as well
–    I’m really starting to hate this mirrored step sequences
–    Slow to send
–    Score: 44.30 (They will not make it to the free program)

–    Music: Olivier/I Put A Spell On You/Rudy’s Bock
–    Not a fan of her dress at all
–    Good speed into their split triple twist. It’s unique that she spins the other direction than most pairs
–    Sbs triple toes, she stepped out
–    Lasso into one handed into a twist out. That’s cool and unique
–    Nice positions in that death spiral
–    Like the character in this step sequence
–    Hand down her throw triple Lutz
–    Score: 58.97 (Season’s best)

Vanessa JAMES/Morgan CIPRES (FRA)
–    Music: Minnie The Moocher by Cab Calloway/Jumpin’ Jack by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
–    Good speed and height in their split triple twist
–    Sbs triple toes possible two footed
–    Huge throw triple flip
–    LOVE the back entry into the lasso lift
–    Very good step sequence!
–    Slowed down in their pairs spin
–    I Enjoy this program a lot
–    Score: 65.36 (season’s and personal best)

–    Music: Surrender by Jesse Cook
–    Huge split triple twist!
–    Sbs triple toes. Absolutely perfect
–    Very nice triple Lutz…not sure if her free leg glided on the ice or not (possible edge call)
–    Lasso lift into one hand, then one handed exit
–    Slow pair spin then speeds up. That’s nice
–    This is not my favorite Jesse Cook song. I find it a bit slow
–    WAY to far apart in their mirror step sequence
–    That program compared to some of the first pairs, BORES me… I don’t get the hype for it. I love Jesse Cook but it was boring
–    I do like, as the announcer said, they’re not traditional Russian which is nice.
–    Score: 75.21 (Season Best/Personal Best)… not sure I agree with that… Russian over scoring at its best

–    Music: Tribute by Eric Radford
–    This is such a beautiful program and piece of music. Eric is quite talented!
–    Huge split triple twist!
–    Good speed going into their sbs Lutz, he eked his out. A little far apart
–    Press lift into one hand, and a shootout between his legs exit
–    Great speed in their spin combination
–    Great choreography into a throw triple Lutz
–    Meghan goofed a bit on their step sequence
–    LOVE their choreography into their death spiral. SO complicated
–    Score: 72.21

–    Music: Pink Panther
–    That’s a god-awful costume for Aliona… Just no
–    HUGE throw triple flip!
–    Fast split triple twist
–    Sbs triple toe… not sure about his…
–    LOVE the stretch position in the death spiral
–    Enjoy the tango into their pair spin and their positions!
–    Lots of speed into this back entry lasso and a one handed exit
–    Score:  79.64 (Personal Best)

Stefania BERTON/Ondrej HOTAREK (ITY)
–    Music: The Mask [soundtrack]
–    Glad to see she’s recovered from that hard fall in the Team portion
–    Sbs triple toe, she stepped out, two hands down
–    Good speed into that split triple twist, but slightly crashing down on the exit
–    Love their lift, back entry to one handed, to one handed Detroiter
–    Nice throw triple loop but two footed
–    Decent step sequence
–    Score: 63.57

–    Music: Masquerade Waltz by Aram Khatchaturian
–    Great speed into their huge split triple twist.
–    Sbs gorgeous triple toes
–    Massive throw triple loop.
–    Nice position in that death spiral
–    A little slow in their spin combination, traveling a bit
–    Back entry into a lasso, one handed. Love her drop position
–    UG seriously so sick of mirrored step sequences!
–    While I’m sick of the Russians winning pairs, this program is worthy. It’s just gorgous
–    Score: 84.17 (Personal best, Season’s best, and new world record)

–    Music: Titine [Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times soundtrack] by Stanley Black/Paris By Night – Je Cherche Apres Titine [modern arrangement] by Bob Sinclair
–    Sbs out of sync, he only did a double  toe instead of a triple toe
–    High split triple twist
–    Throw triple flip is landed possibly two footed
–    Back entry into the lasso into great backwards entry
–    Great speed into a spread eagle followed by a fast death spiral
–    Very interesting positions in their pair spin
–    Score: 69.66

–    Music: Lady Caliph by Ennio Morricone
–    Sbs triple toe, she a little bit forward but in sync
–    Nice split triple twist
–    Speed into this throw triple loop, very large!
–    Great position on that death spiral but slow
–    Back entry into lasso to one handed platter
–    A little out of sync on their mirrored step sequences
–    Nice speed into their pair spin
–    Score: 73.30

–    Music: Motley Crew – Mic Macs by Raphael Beau and Max Steiner
–    Oh boy… these costumes too! NO! I know its Motley crew but still!
–    Speed into their split triple twist. Need a bit a height
–    Sbs triple toes landed cleanly
–    Love the catch foot into their death spiral… weird position for her, not a fan of her but in the air like that
–    Landed the throw triple loop into a spread eagle and on the beat
–    Lasso into a star lift
–    Really play to the music and great choreography
–    Great choreography into their final pair spin
–    Score: 70.92

–    I thought the scoring was pretty consistant though I think the US teams should be higher at least in component scores.

1: Volosozhar/Trankov (RUS)
2: Savchenko/Szolkowy (GER)
3: Stolbova/Klimov (RUS)
4: Pang/Ton (CHIN)
5: Duhamel/Radford (CAN)

Castelli/Shnapir are in 9th, Zhang and Bartholomay are in 14th


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