Posted by: wagrobanite | 02/09/2014

Team Event – Woman – long Program

Osmond (CAN)
–    Three foot to double toe
–    Double axel/triple toe
–    Fell on the triple sal
–    Missed most of Osmond’s score to stream not working 
–    Nice triple sal but tight
–    Double flip, should have been a triple
–    Nice triple toe/double toe/double toe combination
–    Two footed double axel
–    Good step sequence
–    Nice spin combination
–    Needs more stretch in her spiral
–    Score: 110.73

Gold (USA)
–    The Sleeping Beauty (music)
–    Good speed into her triple Lutz/triple toe combination
–    Nice double axel/triple toe, possibly two foot on the axel
–    Nice step sequence, but not as hard as it could be
–    Glad they changed to a blue dress from the pink one they had earlier this season. This one works soo much better
–    Ina bauer into a triple flip
–    Nice spiral into a triple Lutz
–    Good triple/double toe/ double toe
–    Woah got to close to the boards there. Running her hand on them
–    Nice double axel
–    Lovely centered spin
–    It’s great jumping but musically? Nothing special. She does not have the maturity like Ashley
–    Score: 129.38 (personal best)

Suzuki (JPN)
–    The Phantom of the Opera (music)
–    Not liking the flowers so much on her dress… doesn’t fit with PToO
–    Huge triple flip /double toe /double loop
–    Good speed into double axel/double toe
–    Traveling in her first spin
–    Nice step sequence
–    A little tight on that triple flip
–     Eked out that triple loop
–    Nice triple sal/double toe
–    I’m not loving this cut of Phantom…
–    Love that stretch spiral
–    Nice triple sal
–    Good program, the components was much better than Gracie’s
–    Score:  112.33

Marchei (ITY)
–    Nyah (Music)
–    I love this program
–    Valentina is such an elegant skater
–    Nice double axel/double toe
–    Very nice triple Lutz!
–    Good triple flip but possible edge call
–    Two footed double axel
–    Great center to her sit spins
–    Not a fan of her layback though
–    Very nice step sequence
–    Two footed that loop
–    Catch foot into a triple Lutz/double toe
–    Lean on the triple sal but landed it into double toe double toe
–    Good speed in the final spin combination
–    Score: 112.51

Lipnitskaya (RUS)
–    Schindler’s List (music)
–    While I am not a fan of her short program, I absolutely love this program. She skates it with both child-like qualities because it’s from that perspective but also such maturity
–    Very nice triple Lutz/triple toe
–    Tight double axel/triple toe/double toe
–    Gorgeous step sequence
–    Leaning slightly into that triple flip but lands it
–    Nice double axel
–    Her speed is just incredible
–    Nice triple loop
–    Love this spiral sequence, though I wish she would hold it longer
–    Nice triple sal
–    Two footed Lutz/double toe
–    Amazing spin in this spin combination
–    Gorgeous Ina bauer!
–    Lovely spiral sequence
–    Final spin is sooo fast and gorgeous! Though a tiny bit of traveling
–    Score: 141.51

–    Julia just brings the house down with that performance and it’s well deserved (unlike Plushenko).
–    A little underwhelmed about the woman, save for Julia.

USA (sealed Bronze with Gold’s performance)


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