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Team Event – men – long program

Parkinson (ITY)
–    Queen symphony (music)
–    Good speed going into this triple sal but fell
–    Good triple axel /double toe loop
–    Ohh landed his triple axel but was leaning over his heel and fell
–    Traveling a bit in that first spin combination
–    Not overly complicated step sequence but it is to the music which is nice to see
–    Triple Lutz/double toe loop
–    Double axel/double sal
–    Ina buer into a triple flip
–    Good triple loop
–    Slow circular step sequence
–    Horrible spread eagle… needs to work on that
–    Just a double Lutz to finish his jumping passes
–    Score: 120.23 (Season’s best despite 2.00 deductions)

Brown (USA)
–    Music is Reel Around the Sun
–    Could use a bit more stretch in that spiral
–    Gorgeous double axel
–    Very nice triple axel/triple toe loop
–    Gorgeous Belieman spin! (which is a level four)
–    Interesting entry into his second triple axel
–    Good center on his first spin combination
–    LOVE LOVE LOVE his step sequence
–    There’s that smile!
–    Very Nice triple loop/triple sal.. ug feel on the sal
–    Nice recovery with the triple flip/double toe loop
–    Love the hydro plane into the double axel
–    Gorgeous stretch into the Tanno Lutz
–    Still managing to play his smile into his circular step sequence
–    Eked out his triple loop
–    Traveling a bit in his final spin combination
–    But overall good program!
–    Score: 153.67

Reynolds (CAN)
–    Excelsius (soundtrack)
–    Two footed quad salc
–    Quad toe loop/triple toe
–    Good speed into his triple axel but stepped out of it, put his hand down
–    Slow in this spin combination
–    Not really loving his costume…. It looks very amateurish
–    Quad number three is a nice quad toe
–    Very nice double axel
–    Good triple flip/double loop
–    Needs to be lower in that sit spin position
–    Low triple Lutz but landed it
–    Triple sal/double toe both were clean but low
–    Could hold that spiral position a lot longer
–    His step sequence could use some speed
–    Good final spin but traveling a bit
–    While that was great in terms of jumping it lacked so much in terms of artistic merit.
–    Score:  167.92 (eh, overscored there)

Plushenko (RUS)
–    Best of Plushenko arrangement (holy shit could you be any more egotistical?)
–    Eeked out his quad toe loop
–    Triple Lutz, leaning slightly
–    Huge triple axel
–    Good centered spin, though a little slow
–    Nice and slow circular step sequence
–    Two footed triple axel/triple flip/double loop… almost missed the last jump
–    Triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Double sal but two footed
–    Easy double loop
–    Easy double axel
–    Slow spin combination
–    Step sequence is easy not as difficult as Jason’s
–    Interesting positions in the final spin combination
–    Score: 168.20 (component scores are over scored
–    Anywhere else that program would have gotten third in the world, not first

Machida (JPN)
–    Firebird (music)
–    Beautiful quad toe loop maybe a little two footed
–    Very nice triple toe loop
–    Good speed across the ice
–    Nice triple axel/double toe
–    Step sequence fits perfectly with the music
–    Good triple axel
–    Stretched into this spins and very much reflecting Firebird
–    Good triple loop possibly two footed
–    Nice and easy triple Lutz
–    Triple flip/double toe/single loop (that will hurt him)
–    Nice triple sal to make up for it
–    Good circular step sequence. Would like to see bit more speed
–    Perfect final spin combination to end this program
–    UG His program components are SOOO much better than Plushenko
–    Score: 165.85

–    Plushy WAY overscored in the program component scores. Reynolds was also over. Jason should have been in third and Reynolds moved into fourth.
Leaders after men’s long program
United States


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