Posted by: wagrobanite | 02/09/2014

Team Event – Ice Dance – Free Dance

Reed/Reed (JPN)
–    Shogun II (music)
–    Okay twizzles, her free leg could be a little bit higher
–    Interesting curve lift, followed by a rotational lift that had a nice haircutter position
–    Okay step sequence, could use a little more deepening of the knees
–    Like the straight-line lift, Chris on foot. Interesting entry into it.
–    Nice combination pair spin
–    I don’t know, something about this music just doesn’t pull at me
–    Good speed in this second half. Nice rotational lift
–    Their last lift was okay, nothing special for me
–    Score: 76.34

Guignard/Fabbri (ITY)
–    Romeo and Juliet (Music)
–    LOVE her dress
–    AWWW Josh Groban! Anybody who skates to Josh Groban gets plus marks from me 😀
–    Nice straight line lift into rotational lift, very nice, transitions
–    Nice straight line step sequence directly into twizzles… out of sync on the second ones, back on the third
–    Interesting pair spin.
–    It’s very interesting they’re using the Prokiev Romeo and Juliet
–    Gorgeous circular step sequence
–    LOVE this straight-line lift with her on his boot. Great timing to the music
–    A little slow on that rotational last lift.
–    Thoroughly enjoyed that program!
–    Score: 81.25

Ilinykh/Katsalapov (RUS)
–    Swan Lake (music)
–    At least the Russian crowd appreciates ballet and culture
–    WOA that’s a very interesting straight-line lift with her on his stomach basically
–    Directly into a rotational lift
–    Another straight-line lift him on his knee
–    Very pretty step sequence, not as deep as I’d like to see
–    Wow again some unusual position in that lift
–    Lovely pair spin. I really enjoy the whole she’s in a charlotte position under him
–    Good twizzles, he struggling just a bit.
–    Nice straight-line step sequence in hold. I would like to see them a bit closer together
–    Amazing character portrayal in that final lift. Good skate for them!
–    Score: 103.48 (1.00 deduction)

Virtue/Moir (CAN)
–    Petit adagio (music)
–    Speed into their first lift was good but had a bit hesitation to the straight-line lift him on one leg
–    Close your mouth please Tessa… the one of the things I dislike about this pair
–    Nice circular press lift
–    He almost missed his foot on the twizzles have shaken off the problems in the short dance
–    Traveling a bit in their pair spin
–    An amazing haircutter position on the rotational lift
–    Not a fan of those positions on the rotational lift
–    I don’t know something about this program again doesn’t do it for me…I think I have a hard time with random classical pieces in ice dance
–    Nice circular lift her on his leg
–    UG boring ending
–    Score: 107.56

Davis/White (USA)
–    Scheherazade (music)
–    LOVE that shoot the duck into the lift. Just awesome!
–    Gorgeous circular step sequence. Edges rock
–    Love this handstand straight-line lift
–    And split rotational lift!
–    I can’t even not love this program.
–    Good centering on the pair spin
–    A touch out of synch on the twizzles but doesn’t affect them
–    This definitely isn’t my favorite program of theirs but it’s so amazing!
–    Great straight-line step sequence
–    Last rotational lift
–    Into a circular lift
–    Score: 114.34 (personal best)

–    Kind of annoyed of having the last program if the standings aren’t going to change
–    Enjoyed it but scoring needs to be changed because of that.
–    Someone mentioned on twitter to keep it as an event for FS but put it AFTER the individual events

Russia (Gold)
Canada (Silver)
USA (Bronze)


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