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Team Event – Women – Short Program

Osmond (Can)
–    Sweet charity (music)
–    Very nice Triple toe/Triple Toe combo, slightly leaning on the second one
–    Good triple flip
–    Very nice layback spin combo
–    Lovely spread eagle into the double axel
–    Traveling slightly in her final spin combination
–    Good skate for her!
–    Score: 62.54 (Season best)

Zhang (CHN)
–    Paint it black/sympathy for the devil (music)
–    First up is her very nice triple toe/triple toe
–    Good triple lutz
–    Nice first spin!
–    Could be a little more stretched in her camel position
–    A little slow going into her double axel, possibly two-footed it
–    Again, a little slow in her step sequence
–    Score: 54.58

McCorkell (GB)
–    Imagined Oceans (Music)
–    Triple flip/double toe combination
–    Good triple toe loop
–    Could use some more speed
–    Lost a little bit on the ending of her first spin, started traveling
–    Final jump is a gorgeous double axel
–    Again traveling just a bit in her spins.
–    Nice speed through her step sequence
–    Score:  50.09 (Season’s Best)

Popova (URK)
–    Concierto de aranjuez (music)
–    Speed into triple flip/double toe… ended slowing down
–    Very nice triple toe loop
–    Love her posture
–    Nice double axel
–    Her spins are dead centered and it’s awesome!
–    Lovely layback!
–    Good skate for her!
–    Score: 53.44 (Season’s Best)

Weinzierl (GER)
–    Fever (Music)
–    Triple toe/triple toe, turned out the landings
–    Triple lutz, eked out the landing
–    Traveling a bit on the first spin combination
–    Fell on the double Axel
–    Okay speed in that step sequence. Would like to see a bit more
–    Traveling a bit on that final spin
–    Score:  52.16 (1.00 deduction for fall)

Meite (FRN)
–    The question of U (music)
–    Great speed into her triple toe/triple toe, wild landing on the second jump
–    Good triple loop
–    Traveling just a bit in her first spin combo
–    Nice double axel. Leaning forward just a bit
–    Second spin combo was much more centered
–    A bit slow in her step sequence, a bit basic. However, very much in line with the music which is nice to see
–    Final spin combo was good
–    Score:  55.45

Wagner (USA)
–    Shine on you crazy diamond (Music)
–    Looks very nverous
–    Good speed into her triple flip/triple toe
–    Traveling a bit in her spins but level 4!
–    Spins check
–    Spread eagle into her triple loop
–    Nice choreo
–    Double axel
–    Bit more speed would be good
–    Lovely ending
–    Score:  63.10 (a little curious about that score?)

Lipnitskaya (RUS)
–    You don’t give up on love (music)
–    Speed into her triple Lutz/triple toe loop
–    Nice tight double axel… not a lot of height though
–    Good centered spins
–    Nice complicated step sequence
–    Love that choreo into triple flip, though two footed
–    Nice spins
–    Good but doesn’t have the maturity polish that Ashley has
–    Score:  72.90

Asada (JPN)
–    Nocturne in e flat major (music)
–    Attempted a triple axel but fell
–    Good triple flip
–    Triple loop/double toe
–    Nice spins. Like Ashley, Mao has this mature polish that Julia just does not have.
–    Score:  64.07

Kostner (ITY)
–    Ave Maria (music)
–    Nice triple toe/triple toe! Very light
–    Gorgeous triple loop
–    Lovely spins. Carolina’s musicality is just years above Julia
–    Okay double axel, slightly leaning forward in the landing
–    Lovely spins
–    Gorgeous program
–    Score: 70.84 (season’s best)
–    Way to Carolina for being a clutch performance

–    While Julia is good but she’s just so young and doesn’t have the mature polish (she’s definitely polished but not mature) that skaters like Ashley and Mao have and it bothers me that it’s not rewarded. I really don’t want skating to go the way gymnastics has done in that the teens dominate the sport.  While I understand it a little more in gymnastics, it should be that way in Figure skating. While I LOVE Julia’s long program, her short program is almost to me, like watching another skater. Commenter made a statement that it’s the difference between the women and the girls. It’s soo true and I really wish it was rewarded more

Team Leaders (top five head into the free skate)
1: Russia
2: Canada
3: United States
4: Japan
5: Italy
6: France
7: China
8: Germany
9: Ukraine
10:  Great Britian


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