Posted by: wagrobanite | 02/08/2014

Team Event – pairs Long Program

Takahashi/Kihara (JPN)
–    Les Miersables
–    Sbs triple toe/troop toe loop combo. Looked, a little out of sync
–    Nice double twist
–    Not sure their costumes relate to Les Miserables
–    Nice lasso lift
–    Sbs triple sals. Possibly two-footed
–    Gorgeous spiral sequence
–    Throw triple loop was two footed
–    Lovely reverse entry into that lift
–    Some slightly synch problems in their sbs spins
–    Another Lasso lift… a little boring
–    Stumbled out of the throw triple sal.
–    Could be a little lower in her positioning on that death spiral
–    Good final spin but LOVED that final position for them with her “dead”
–    A little bland for Les Miserables. Had a lot of blank face
–    Score: 86.33

Castelli/Shnapir (USA)
–    Skyfall (bond) (music)
–    HUGE triple twist!
–    Sbs triple toe loops landed!
–    While I’m not a fan of this program, it works for them
–    Amazing! Quad throw sal. Hand down, possible two footed
–    Out of sync on their sbs spins
–    Marissa down on the triple sal… not sure why she landed it… maybe tripped?
–    Love the lasso into a split overhead lift.
–    HUGE throw triple sal
–    Gorgeous positions on this over lift
–    Good Lasso lift
–    They’ll be upset about the sbs sals but great performance!
–    Score: 117.94 (Season’s Best). 1.00 deduction for the quad throw

Berton/Hotarek (ITY)
–    Dracula (music)
–    Sbs triple toe/triple toe/double toe combination and perfectly in sync
–    Nice triple twist, exit was a bit tight
–    Sbs triples. She goes down on hers
–    Could hold that spiral position for longer
–    Her posture is… interesting
–    Hung on for that throw triple sal
–    Decent overhead rotating lift
–    Her position could be lower in that death spiral
–    Whoa that’s an interesting overhead lift. Lovely cartwheel exit
–    Good throw triple loop. A little leaning forward
–    I really enjoy swing down entries from lifts.
–    Interesting choreography into their final pair spin
–    Not sure what to make of this music… I just don’t find it exciting to watch
–    Oh no, she’s hurt! She landed horribly hard on her hip
–    Score: 120.82 (not sure if I agree with that… thought Simon and Marissa were better)

Moore-Towers/Moscovitch (CAN)
–    Felling Medley
–    Lots of speed heading into their split triple twist
–    Sbs triple toes followed by double toe
–    Sbs triple sal… she stumbled out
–    Again the position on these death spirals… they’re not low enough for me
–    Some very unique positions on their first pair spin
–    Good throw triple loop, a little forward on the landing. Should be more upright
–    Interesting star position in their first lift
–    Lots of speed going into this lift, he on one foot! That is some combination lift!
–    Loss of synch on the sbs spins as well as traveling
–    Interesting choreography into a well-executed throw triple sal
–    Reverse rotation star into split lift
–    Almost missed her hand into that ending position.
–    Good for them, Great speed!
–    Score:  129.74

Stolbova/Klimov (RUS)
–    The Addams Family (music)
–    Huge split triple twist
–    Just gorgeous triple flip. Never seen one steadier than that
–    Sbs triple toe, single, double for her, he got all triple/double/double
–    Now there’s a death spiral! Lovely position
–    Good sync in their sbs spins
–    Not a fan her broken wrist positions
–    Nice unique lift by his armpits
–    Good spiral sequence. Like that it was held longer
–    Got the crowd snapping along!
–    Good double axels, though a little far apart
–    Not a whole lot of speed in this pair spin
–    Cartwheel entrance into the overhead. Gorgeous!
–    Huge throw triple sal. Possibly two footed
–    Good routine
–    Score:  135.09

–    Interesting to note that all the other teams even if they were competing stayed to watch except for China
–    The Pairs competition in 3 days will definitely be interesting!

Leaderboard after first free program:
1: Russia
2: Canada
3: US
4: Italy
5: Japan


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