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Team Event – Pairs – Liveblogging

Note: SBS = Side by side

Takahashi/Kihara (JPN)
–    Samson and Delilah (music)
–    Side by side triple sals. No synchro but landed
–    Only a split double twist (not the highest level of difficulty)
–    Lasso lift into one handed dismount. Clean exit
–    Two footed throw triple sal
–    Nice position into that death spiral
–    Interesting step sequence… a little far apart
–    Okay pair spin, a bit of traveling
–    Score: 46.56

Kemp/King (GB)
–    Piano concerto #1 (music)
–    That’s some pink!
–    Nice entry in to that twist, a little crashing down on her part
–    Her’s wasn’t full rotated on that double axel
–    Not the best Lasso lift… a little wobbly and position wasn’t full stretched
–    Fall on the throw triple flip
–    Traveling just a bit on their required pairs spin
–    Nice sbs twizzles for a pair team
–    Score: 44.70

Lavrentieva/Rudyk (URK)
–    City of the birth (music)
–    That’s some shirt…
–    Nice high split double twist
–    He stepped out of the sbs double flip
–    Huge throw triple loop, Hung on the landing
–    Like the spread eagle into the lasso lift
–    Again a pretty spread eagle into the death spiral
–    Mirroring step sequences… a little slow
–    Ended way before the music… interesting
–    Score: 46.34

Wende/Wende (GER)
–    November rain (music. Choreographer is one of my favorites!)
–    Good speed into a split double twist (mistake?)
–    Landed sbs triple toes but lacked unison
–    Excellent lasso lip
–    Good throw triple flip, slightly forward on the landing
–    Nice change of arm in that death spiral
–    Good, clean performance
–    Score: 60.82

Peng/Zhang (CHN)
–    Crouching tiger hidden dragon (music) (note: He’s the 2006 Olympics silver medalist!)
–    Gorgeous sbs triple jumps
–    Nice death spiral
–    Love that pair spin! Many unique positions
–    Nice, high split triple twist. Caught perfectly!
–    Gorgeous throw triple loop, HUGE!
–    Would like to see them a bit closer in their step sequence
–    Great skate for them! (They have the largest age gap of any of the pairs)
–    Score: 71.01

Castelli/Shnapir (USA)
–    Black magic woman and Smooth by Santana (music)
–    Nice split triple twist
–    Hand down on the sbs triple sal. Very spaced apart
–    I just love the look of this pair (and yes I’m kind of biased)
–    HUGE throw triple Sal.
–    Love love love their step sequence to Smooth. So far this team has the best step sequence. Good spacing.
–    Score: 64.25 (season’s best)

James/Cipres (FRN)
–    Swing music 😀
–    Split triple twist but he couldn’t quite catch her, she crashed
–    She fell on the sbs triple toe
–    Very nice throw triple flip
–    Interesting position on that lasso lift
–    Nice flying camels in sync!
–    Traveling a lot in this final pairs spin
–    Score: 57.45

Duhamel/Radford (CAN)
–    Tribute (by Eric Radford) (music)
–    Huge split triple twist
–    Landed sbs triple lutz, though a little out of sync
–    LOVE the ending of the lasso lift, in a scoot through his legs
–    Nice pair spins
–    Wow, she was leaning in that throw triple lutz but landed it clean. Plus hard choreography into it!
–    Great speed across the ice and just gorgeous transitions into their death spiral
–    Score: 73.10

Berton/Hotarek (ITY)
–    The Mask (YELLOW pants LOL!)
–    Nice sbs triple toes. One of the best we’ve seen all night
–    Short on rotation the triple twist
–    Backwards takeoff in the lasso lift. Not a fan of her positions
–    Landed throw triple loop
–    Like that they ended on a nice musical point on the death spiral
–    Slow in their pair spin
–    A little slow in their footwork sequence
–    This program honestly bores me. Not sure what it is about it but it is just boring. And I HATE the yellow pants
–    Score: 70.31 (Season’s and personal’s best)

Volosozhar/Trankov (RUS)
–    Masquerade Waltz (music)
–    HUGEMONGUS triple twist
–    Nice sbs triple toes. He had to fight for his landing
–    Absolutely huge throw triple loop.
–    A tiny bit slow in their pair spin but some very unique shapes
–    Amazing shape on that lasso lift
–    Love their step sequence. Together and keeping with the character of the music
–    Score: 83.79

–    It was nice to see in shots the other teams clapping for other countries
–    While Marissa and Simon did a great job, the US is in for a fight for the team medal.
– Russians are definitely getting a bit of a home scoring advantage here.

Russian in first, Canada in second then China, Japan, and Germany. US in 5th.

Standings overall:
Great Britian
There is a 3 way tie for that coveted 5th spot to move on to the long program.


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