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Team Event – Men – Liveblogging

Parr (GB)
–    British Champion; Farruca y Rumba (music); first Olympics
–    Opening spin nice
–    Opening jump is a triple lutz/double toe. Good elevation on the first
–    Second jump is a slow triple flip
–    Second spin a little slow. Would like to see more speed
–    Final spin is clean, no movement out of the circle but a little slow
–    Good triple axel
–    Final step sequence fits very well with the music!
–    Great skate from him and good for him to kick off his Olympic program. I really enjoyed it!
–    Score: 57.40 (Personal Best by 8 points!!)

Parkinson (ITY)
–    Trains in CO; Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony (music)
–    Good speed into his opening jump, a quad sal, but falls
–    Attempts a Triple Axel but falls as well
–    Needs to steady his spins. Travelinging in them
–    Makes his triple lutz double toe
–    Good speed in his step sequence
–    Traveling a lot in his final spin
–    Score: 53.94 (second

Godorozha (URK)
–    Tosca (music) (which I’m loving! But I love any Puccini)
–    Good speed into a nice tight triple axel
–    Stepped out of his triple lutz, possibly under rotated
–    Choreograph into triple loop followed by a double toe loop
–    Slightly slow in this step sequence, but fits with this music
–    Nice spins, no traveling!
–    Score: 60.51 (into first)

Plushenko (RUS)
–    Tango de Roxanne (music)
–    Good speed into his quad toe (two foot?)/triple toe
–    Not a great landing on that triple axel
–    Easy triple Lutz
–    A little slow on that first spin
–    The one thing Plushy is good at is really feeling his music and skating to it
–    Excellent step sequence
–    Spins could use a bit more speed, they’re just a bit slow
–    Will definitely be over-scored
–    Score: 91.39 (yep, way over scored) (Personal best for Plushy)

Abbott (USA)
–    Lilies of the Valley (Music)
–    Opening jump is quad toe and falls
–    Triple lutz/double toe clean
–    Popped his axel into a single (DAMMIT IT JEREMY!!)
–    His choreography (done by a former Olympian) is great but not like Nationals
–    He’s in shock of his pop of the axel…
–    Score: 65.65 (second)

Liebers (GER)
–    Clocks (Music; Coldplay cover played by the group Two Cellos)
–    Love his shirt ;D
–    Quad toe/double toe (clean! Apparently a “cracker” :D)
–    Eeked out his triple axel
–    Very nice Triple lutz!
–    Good spins
–    Nice step sequence
–    Great performance for him!!
–    Score: 79.61 (HUGE!!! For Peter!)

Yan (CHN)
–    Minor Waltz, Viper’s Drag(Music)
–    Opening with a HUGE triple Axel
–    Second jump into quad toe
–    A little slow with his flying camel spin
–    Better speed in the second spin
–    Just huge triple lutz/triple toe but step out
–    Not a fan of his choreography
–    Score: 85.52

–    La cumparsita (music)
–    Nice triple toe (planned quad)
–    Nice triple axel
–    Nice triple lutz/triple toe
–    Would like to see more speed in his first spin
–    Good speed in this step sequence and really selling the “tango” aspect
–    Score: 79.93 (Season’s Best)

Chan (CAN)
–    Elegie in A flat (music)
–    First jump quad toe/double toe
–    Good speed into his triple axel. Lands it but steps out
–    Great speed in his camel spin
–    Such a beautiful skater
–    Huge triple lutz, fighting for the landing
–    Not the greatest performance from Chan
–    Score: 89.71

Hanyu (JPN)
–    Parisian walkways (music)
–    Great step sequence to open his program
–    Amazing speed into a beautiful quad toe loop
–    Good speed in this first spin
–    Nice choreography into his triple axel. Looked like a huge double 😀
–    Fought for that triple lutz/triple toe
–    I wasn’t a fan of Hanyu at first but this short program is masterful
–    Score: 97.98 (into first)

–    Plushy definitely got some home score advantage. The program was good but it wasn’t that good.
–    Hanyu was masterful as he has been all season and it was a joy to watch. It will be interesting to see what Japan does for the free skate
–    Team USA will have a tough go to medal now.

Japan has 10, Russia has 9, Canada has 8, the US has 4 points


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