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Not just gymnasts?

Somebody posted this from my twitter. It looks like it is not just gymnasts ages that the Chinese are falsifying:

So, this was originally posted in the Entries thread in the 4CC Forum, but IMO, it warrants its own thread and further discussion.

This was posted in the 4CC Entries thread: Chinese Athlete Ages (document from the Chinese Olympic Committee website)

The following birth dates do not match up with what is posted on the athletes ISU Bios.

Wenjing Sui:
ISU Birthdate: 18.07.1995 (15)
Listed Birthdate: 07.05.1997 (13)

Cong Han
ISU Birthdate: 06.08.1992 (18)
Listed Birthdate: 3.1989 (21)

Bingwa Geng
ISU Birthdate: 03.01.1994 (17)
Listed Birthdate: 03.03.1995 (15)

Yu Gao
ISU Birthdate: 10.07.1992 (18)
Listed Birthdate: 10.07.1988 (22)

HisWeirness found this at a Chinese Skating forum (all links/info reposted with her permission):

Geng Ice Baby 1995-03-03
Zhang Kexin 1995-10-17
Lizi Jun 1996-12-14

Zhang Kexin smaller than ice baby a few months. . .

do not leak out,
Otherwise there are a gymnastics team storm the investigation.

Geng’s Japanese Wikipedia article also lists her birth year as 1995.

She also found the following links at that same website:…1531155992.xls

Now, those links have even more info:

Dan Zhang:
ISU Birthdate: 04.10.1985 (25)
Listed Birthdate: 04.10.1987 (23)

Hao Zhang:
ISU Birthdate: 06.07.1984 (26)
Listed Birthdate: 06.02.1982 (29)

Xiaoyu Yu
ISU Birthdate: 02.01.1996 (14)
Listed Birthdate: 02.01.1998 (12)

Yang Jin
ISU Birthdate: 16.05.1994 (16)
Listed Birthdate: 16.05.1989 (21)

Binshu Xu
ISU Birthdate: 28.07.1988 (22)
Listed Birthdate: 29.07.1990 (20)

So, if these birthdates are correct:
– Sui was too young to compete as a junior last year and too young to be on the SGP this year
– Han was not age eligible to compete in the JGP this year
– Gao was not age eligible to compete in the JGP this year
– Geng was too young for 2008 Junior Worlds
– Dan Zhang was too young to compete in the JGP and Junior Worlds in 1999/2000 and too young to compete at the Olympics, Worlds and 4CC in 2002.
– Binshu Xu was too young to compete as a junior in the 2002/2003 season
– Xiaoyu Yu was too young for 2010 Junior Worlds (illegal entry) and is too young to compete internationally as a junior in the 2010/2011 season.

So yeah. Feel free to post any other info you might have or find. Or point out any mistakes I made.
Not suprising, but disappointing and I’m pissed.

ETA: Added info found by jlai on Yu/Jin
ETA: Added Sylvia’s info on BinShu Xu


I highly recommend checking out the source. It has some very interesting information


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