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I don’t know if I will watching this season of DWTS… I may because Derek isn’t there (Do not get me wrong, I like Derek as a dancer and think he’s a brilliant choreographer, I am just a little sick of him getting decent partners while everybody else on that show has had to suffer through at least one bad partner), but I don’t know. If they don’t even consider changing their voting (which I really don’t see happening) it’s going to have to be someone I really really like, in order to get me to watch.

Here’s a list of stars that I’ve complied that I wouldn’t mind seeing on DWTS:

Stars I’d think likely to do it:
Kelly Ripa (She’s been quoted as saying she would love to do the show). I’d partner her with Mark
Greg Louganis (Olympic Diver)
Lou Diamond Phillips
Jodie Sweetin

Stars I’d love to see but more than likely won’t do it:
Harley Jay
Joe Lando
Chad Allen
Mary Margaret-Humas
Landon Donavan
Brandon Douglas
Nicky Katt
Shawn Ashmore
Don Johnson (for the older folks 😉 )
Kurt Thomas
Nadia Comăneci
Bart Connor
Gary Stevens

Stars that wouldn’t do it in a million years
Nick Lachey (Has already said he’d never do the show)
Enrique Iglesias
Jerry Bailey

Who would you like to see?



  1. Hey, Don Johnson would be great!

    • My mom has kind of been campaigning for him for a couple of years! Thanks for the comment!

  2. Nastia Liukin or Dominique Moceanu.

    • Those are great except for two problems: 1)Nastia is suppose to be trying to make a comeback for 2012 (I don’t think it’ll happen but that’s a whole other post) and 2) Domi has had ballroom training for weeks and it would be a huge advantage and unfair.

      I frankly wouldn’t want to see either of them because I’m not a huge fan of either of them. Thanks for the comment though!

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