Posted by: wagrobanite | 01/29/2011

Women’s Final

So nervous!

Ok ladies night!

–          Alexe Gilles

o   First jump is a huge triple lutz but wobbles out of it

o   Double axel but fell hard right in front of the judges

o   I know this music…

o   Okay jump combo but two footed the first one and wobbled out of the second

o   Very nice ina buer!

o   Popped that jump

o   Very slow ending to that spin set

o   She reminds me a little in the face a little like Nastia

o   Popped another jump.

o   Loosing speed…

o   She has some nice moments in this footwork sequence

o   Looked like she completely changed that three jump combo… singled the last two jump

o   Almost didn’t make the ending


–          Caroline Zhang

o   That blue looks really good!

o   OMG her jumps have completely changed!!! Jesus! That flip was amazing

o   Fall on the lutz. Still had the high leg

o   And another fall… Uh oh

o   Wow that spin positions are horrible…

o   Really slow in that spin sequence

o   She looks lost

o   Much better on that jump combo

o   Much better speed over the ice

o   Popped that jump

o   Triple Loop combination and with a Botiano

o   Definitely looks lost in terms of her choreography

o   Lovely layback spin though


–          Joelle Forte

o   Very nice opening jump (flip)

o   Nice triple lutz combo, maybe two footed

o   Decent jump but probably two footed

o   Good double axel

o   I love how everybody now is doing Ina Bauers!

o   Lovely position in that spiral

o   Good jump!

o   Amazing combo there!

o   The sequence is a little slow though

o   Two footed her last jump!

o   Wobbling a bit in that spin

o   Ended early but that was a great program!!!


–          Yasmin Siraj

o   Lovely movements

o   Her skating reminds me a  little of Tara Lipinski in terms of how she does her cross-overs

o   Popped her Flip

o   Ok triple lutz, possible two footed

o   Nice double axel and fell on the triple toe

o   She’s got a great understanding of music and the undertones

o   Lovely loop!

o   Nice spiral too!

o   Good lutz

o   Wobbling a bit on the ending of that spin

o   Good speed and movement in this step sequence

o   Good jump at the end of the program.

o   Good double axel three jump combo

o   Almost missed that ending!

o   She’s going to be nice the next couple of years!


–          Morgan Bell

o   Is this Anastasia?

o   Fought that double axel

o   Fell on her second jump

o   So not a fan of this music.

o   Nice jump but came extremely close to the boards

o   No emotion

o   And down again

o   Again very close the boards and stepped out of that jump combo

o   Not a fan of her catch foot but lovely Ina Bauer!

o   Looks really tired

o   Do not understand this music whatsoever

o   Pooped the second to last jup

o   The last jump was a very nice triple toe loop!

o   Ohh poor girl!

–          Ashley Wagner

o   Love that dress!

o   Good combo!

o   Nice double axel triple toe but two footed the landing

o   Great triple lutz!!

o   I heart her! Gorgeous spiral with a smile!

o   There’s the fire! Fight girl!

o   Nice three jump combo! Looked clean too

o   Lovely!

o   Good loop but maybe two footed?

o   Ohh popped that jump!

o   A little slow in the step sequence for the music but I attribute that to the flu

o   Lovely position in this final spin

o   Traveling a bit though…

o   Uhoh? Did she go over?

o   Score: 110.73, 165.35

–          Vanessa Lam

o   Not liking the gloves… ugly

o   Good speed

o   Very lovely three jump combo!

o   Nice triple flip, double jump combo

o   Good positions in these spins

o   Stepped (spun) out of that jump though…

o   Fought for that jump

o   Needs to angle her free leg more over her back in that spiral sequence

o   Decent speed in her step sequence.

o   Woah music change?!

o   Not a fan of those spread eagles

o   Good jumping combo

o   Two footed that jump

o   I don’t like this step sequence. No really emotion

o   Extremely messy illusion turn

o   Ohhh fell on her triple flip

o   Extremely slow in that ending spin

o   Overall good senior debut!!

o   Score: 163. 9?


–          Agnes Zawadzki

o   Very nice double axel/triple toe

o   Good triple Flip!

o   Traveling a bit on this spin

o   I would have liked to see her hair differently though

o   Doubled that jump

o   Great layback position

o   Huge triple lutz/double?

o   Ugly catchfoot, though not as bad on her…

o   Ohhh and down she fell on that jump. Was leaning in the air

o   Nice recovery however in the next jump

o   Great Ina Bauer.

o   Stepped out of the first jump, but got the next two

o   A tad slow in this step sequence

o   Much better at the end of that sequence

o   Good overall program though!

o   Score: 112.30, 173.84

–          Christina Gao

o   What’s with the messy illusion turns tonight?!

o   Very nice Triple/Triple combination

o   Fought for that jump

o   Not really a fan of this music though

o   Good speed into this huge triple lutz/triple/triple and almost into the camera and boards!

o   Nice jump

o   Gorgeous double axel!

o   Ohhh! And she is down!

o   Her positions in this spin however could really use some work…

o   LOL you can hear Brian in the background

o   Ohh caught her feet there.

o   Not all that great memorable step sequence

o   Traveling a ton on that last spin!

o   Score: 108.77, 167.20

–          Alissa Cizney

o   Such expression!

o   Good speed

o   Nice Lutz combo!

o   Good! Clean!

o   Very nice three jump combo, a little slow at the end

o   Lovely spin combo

o   Oohh fought for that flip landing!

o   Great spiral sequence

o   Good triple lutz in combo!

o   Nice double axel

o   Got that jump!

o   Just gorgeous spinner

o   Great step sequence

o   AMAZING final spin!!!!

o   Score: 128.74, 191.24!

o   It’s so nice to see Jason back at Nationals!

–          Mirai Nagasu

o   Like her dress

o   A little wobbly on the triple lutz but pulled it around for a double toe

o   Two footed the first jump in that combo

o   Nice triple flip!

o   Needs to work on her layback position though! UGLY

o   Good catchfoot

o   Nice jump

o   Clean three jump combo

o   I don’t know about this music… it’s okay but it seems a little dead

o   Two footed that jump

o   Stumbled out of the double axel

o   She has one of the best Ina Bauer’s in the business though!

o   Good program though!

o   Score:  113.91, 177.26

–          Rachael Flatt

o   Opening jump with a nice double axel and spun out on the toe loop

o   Rachael always has good speed

o   Doubled her first lutz

o   Ump Scott opens the door for whom? There’s no-one after her

o   Nice triple flip

o   Wish she’d get a bit lower in that sit spin

o   Needs to straighten and stretch her leg in that spiral

o   Nice combo and landed the triple lutz

o   Nice three jump combo. All clean

o   Clean on that jump

o   The one thing I like about this program is that her step sequence to jazz music is really great

o   Stepped out on that salchow

o   LOVE that she holds the Ina Bauer longer than most! She’s got a good one too!

o   A little slow in this final spin

o   Good program

o   Score:  121.06, 183.38

1: Alissa Cizney

2: Rachael Flatt

3: Mirai Nagasu


SO EXCITED!!! I’m So glad Alissa has seemed to found it!


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