Posted by: wagrobanite | 01/29/2011

Finally! Now granted only NBC will show the final group but still..

–          First up they show Y/C’s short program

o   Frankly as much as this music is moving, it’s too dark for me

o   Love the fist pumping though!

o   Very glad to see they do so well!

–          First pair up is Denney/Barrett

o   I hate that NBC doesn’t show the music, now granted I know what this is but still

o   Nice triple twist opening

o   Committed SBS triple toes! Go Cadee!

o   Huge throw triple lutz though it looked like she caught her foot a bit and was off in the take off

o   SBS double axel sequence, he missed the first one and their synch was off but still standing

o   Nice SBS spin!

o   Caydee always looks so happy!

o   Whoops! Looks like they got a tiny bit confused there

o   Very lovely throw, though she was a little low

o   Personality definitely showing through!

o   Nice entry and exit into that star lift

o   Nice press star life. Wow! That’s a new unique position, he on one foot!

o   He’s gotten much better in the stretch on his free leg

o   Lovely final spin!

o   Oh so happy! How cute!

o   Score:  117. 70/175.49 total

–          Brubaker/Marley

o   Wow all her tests in one day?! HOLY moly

o   Good speed

o   Huge triple twist but very close together on landing

o   SBS jump sequence, landed, a little wonky

o   Oh no! missed tracking

o   Little miss there on the exit on that lift

o   Double (meant to be a triple?) throw

o   They look very nice together but they need more time

o   OH MAN!  Interesting spiral sequence there!

o   They also need time to gel in terms of choreography and emotion

o   Very far apart on their SBS jumps, and out of synch

o   Very strong throw, maybe two footed?

o   Awesome entry in to that lift

o   Slowing a bit here in the choreography, But the tango needs MAJOR work.

o   Oh this Adams family?!

o   Good SBS spins but then out of synch

o   Nice catchfoot into press lift

o   Good job for them to get this far!

o   Score:  105.45, 163.55 total

–          Yankowskas/Coughlin

o   I really don’t like Caitlin’s make up

o   I think I may cry!

o   Opening with SBS jumps landed!

o   John needs more stretch in his free leg

o   Very nice split twist

o   Good throw but she lands and wobbles out

o   Good emotion

o   Nice SBS sequence! All landed!

o   Lovely lift

o   I really don’t like those catchfoot death spirals. Just looks ugly

o   A little off on the sbs pairs spins

o   I know Caitlin’s suppose to be the angel but the story isn’t all there for me

o   Like that spiral sequence

o   Landed the second throw well

o   I wish their lifts were a little more innovative but I guess this program is more about simplicity

o   John close your month

o   Beautiful ending

o   Crowd on its feet!

o   Score:  124.15, 188.45 total

–          Evora/Ladwig

o   Frankly I think this pair is much more expressive than Caitlin/John right now

o   Nice split twist

o   SBS jumps are clean

o   Nice throw triple lutz

o   Like that dance lift!

o   Good synch in their pair spins. Amanda needs more stretch in her free leg in that spin

o   Nice catchfoot into free spiral

o   Muscled those sbs sequence

o   Interesting start to this pair spin

o   Amanda playing catch up there… wonder what happened

o   Nice lift

o   Awesome spiral into the throw triple and hand down

o   What happened there? Almost like she was way too much speed

o   Very awesome lift

o   Woah almost fell coming out of that lift!

o   I just love the ending on that program though!

o   Score:  122.35,  185.22

1: Yankowskas/Coughlin
2:  Evora/Ladwig
3: Denney/Barret

Ladies Short replays

Now the Free dance!

–          Chock/Zuerlein

o   Very playful

o   Love that drop split!

o   Go Twizzels!

o   A little slow in this step sequence

o   LOL at the placement of this pair spin “Money makes the world go round”

o   An Interesting sequence

o   Love that entrance in to that lift!

o   Lots of arm flailing

o   Interesting handstand lift

o   His leg on that twizzel was wonky

o   I hate whoever they got to sing this… she’s horrible

o   Great ending!

o   Score: 92.88, 162.68


–          Shibutani/Shibutani

o   Lovely ballroom hold!

o   Love the under his leg in that turn!

o   Beautiful twizzel

o   Man her lines are just gorgeous!

o   Wow those twizzles were fast!

o   Very intricate lift

o   Nice to see some Quickstep steps on the ice!

o   This is very classic and more “old school” ice dance which is a nice to change

o   Very cute!

o   Score:  102.71, 173.18!

–          Hubbell/Hubbell

o   She is so cute! And I love her dress

o   Good speed

o   Not a fan of that lift

o   Love the jive feeling

o   A little slow on that twizzles. And then out of unison

o   Their pace doesn’t really match the music…

o   Really like the backwards almost shoot the duck lift

o   Love the hydroplane togetherness

o   A little slow in the pair spin

o   Lovely stretch split spin, lift

o   Great back shoot the duck

o   Again a little slow in this footwork sequence

o   Ok program but I’m not fan of it really

o   Score:  83.79, 141.70

–          Kriengkrairut/Giulietti-Schmitt

o   Interesting dance choice…

o   Really nice speed far

o   Wow… intricate and hard lift!

o   A little slow on the twizzles

o   Love the cartwheel entrance

o   I hate the whole the music issue that it has to be “uplifting in nature and not overly dramatic” DUMB!

o   Step sequence is so slow!

o   Cool one-armed handstand lift

o   Good speed in this pair spin

o   Woah… they fell

o   If she’s going to stretch like that, she needs more split… looks half-assed

o   Not a fan of this program

o   Score:  79.83, 138.42

–          Davis and White

o   Could use some work on their tango hold…

o   Love the contrast in black and red

o   Wow intricate lift

o   Charlie looked a little slow in that twizzle

o   Nice to see the incorporation of tango move

o   Just a tad slow starting this sequence

o   Amazing twizzles!

o   Love the lift!

o   Could be a little tighter together

o   Love the passion!

o   Meryl needs to straighten her leg in that opening spin

o   Not a fan of that lift…just not the most pretty of positions

o   Did Charlie just trip there a bit?

o   Amazing stretch split spin

o   LOVE the ending position. True tango!

o   The only thing that I would want to see improvement is their holds, Tango is suppose to be close and especially if they’re going to use Argentine Tango music, their holds need to be much closer.

o   Score:  109.44, 185.48

1: Davis and White
2: Shibuntani/Shibuntani
3: Chock and Zuerlein


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