Posted by: wagrobanite | 12/21/2010

Winners of Skating with the Stars and wrap-up thoughts

Fred and Rebecca won over Bethany and Ethan. The scores weren’t even close…
I didn’t even watch the finals because of the fact that one of the best skaters was not in the final.

As for what happens in the future. While I think ABC could have a hit yet again on their hands, like they did with DWTS (DWTS didn’t do so hot after it’s first season either) but several things need to change (and some of these apply to both shows).

First off, the online voting needs to be addressed. At the very least, validation needs to happen so that people can not just vote with made up email addresses. Without this you have blatant cheating that has been going on in DWTS and it happened last night with Jonny being eliminated. Second, the voting really should not be half and half and it goes along with point #1. Don’t get me wrong I think the audience should be involved. However, it shouldn’t be 50/50. It should be something like 40/60 or even 45/55. But the judges need to have more weight.

I had high hopes for SWTS when it started because the people who were bad were getting eliminated. Then Jonny happened.

Third, I think, as one of my blogs made this point, in skating it isn’t fair to have males and females competing in pairs against each other because the elements of skating are different for males and females in terms of pairs and ice dance.

Finally, please get rid of Laurianne. She was absolutely worthless and really didn’t offer anything that another figure skater could have. I also think that replacing Verne with Tanith and getting rid of the extra commentary would work as well. 




  1. I love Fred and Rebecca’s performance…they are truly amazing…outstanding performance…

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