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Skating with the Stars Week 4

– With Brandon Withdrawing, what does this mean for the show?

– First we’re treated to a performance by our pros to “Baby it’s Cold Outside”. For some reason, Fred reminds me a lot of Scott Moir… Maybe it’s the grin 🙂

The required elements:
– first choice a death spiral
– second choice is a throw
– Third choice, an overhead lift

JOHN ZIMMERMAN!!!!! (Can we tell I’m super excited to see John?!)

Keanua skates out alone, sad 😦 Then comes Jonny and Brooke, then Rebecca and Fred and finally Bethany and Ethan.

– we see that Brandon is still sick and Jonny and Brooke have a huge shake up fall

First up is Brandon and Keanua. In their package we see Keanua skating and lamenting about losing three days of practice. Brandon says he’s been on bed rest with a stomach virus. Shows them meeting John Zimmerman. Says he’s trying but extremely tired and not feeling well. Verner tells us that Brandon can’t skate and Brandon says that Doctor says that he shouldn’t continue. They then show some of Brandon’s best moments. Poor boy looks so disappointed.

Verner tells us that no-one else will be eliminated tonight as well as only two will skate for the trophy.

Bethany and Ethan
Their package shows that Bethany is annoyed about Brandon is beating him. It shows John helping them with their lifts. Shows them skating in Central Park. Tanith says that Bethany has chosen a death spiral. Their number is an 80s inspired number. She still looks a little tentative next to Ethan. Very lovely reverse entry to that dance lift. Their death spiral was nice but hesitant coming out. Bethany didn’t have a good balence on that lift and Ethan stumbles but recovers nicely. Her over head spin lift is beautiful! One complaint from me is that, that routine had little choreography
Johnny: Beginning was more lose and fun. Final element was fine but Johnny doesn’t care to watch her perform. (wow…)
Dick: “Betty Wise?” oh wait he means Betty White. Doesn’t give a hoot about what people care. Tells Bethany to bend her knees. “Ice is nice but liqueur is quicker”
Laurianne Has to give it to her because she’s never skated before. Thinks Bethany is fearless. Stretch the arms and more dance.
Score: Tech: 6, 6 6 = 18
Artistic: 7, 6, 7 = 20
Total: 38/60

– ok, only because of Johnny’s comment, I want to vote for them but I won’t because she annoys me and is like Bristol and not listening to judges comments.

Jonny and Brooke
Their package shows last weeks accident. Shows John helping them and apparently John is Bad ass….(totally agree!). Tanith tells us they’re doing an overhead lift. They also are doing an 80s dance number (is it also 80s night as well as thrill night?). They’re skating to A-Ha’s Take on Me. I really liked that assisted Arabesque. Brooke is so lovely on the ice. Their pair spiral was great! Their overhead lift was gorgeous and no hesitation or shakiness! One thing I love about Jonny is that he looks like he’s having fun! I love that Jump into the lift. You can tell he worked on his posture from last week. That throw was absolutely gorgeous for a beginner! He did stumble a bit at the end but it was totally out of over exuberance!
Johnny: Was incredible. Worried about the lift. Gorgeous to see. Get into the ballet class. Amazing job
Dick:: The lifts were wonderfully done Was Super
Laurianne: Skating just got hotter! Thought it was fantastic. Take the competition and the judges points every week. Needs a little more finesse, ballet, and open the shoulders
Score: Tech: 9, 9, 9 = 27
Artistic: 9, 9, 9 = 27
Total: 54/60

Rebecca and Fred
Their package shows Jonny coming in and “giving them”. Shows them John helping Rebecca getting over her fears. Tanith says they’re doing overhead lift. Skating to Frankie Vallie’s O What a Nice. Lovely choreography. Yep Fred reminds me of Scott Moir. The first lift was a good overhead lift. I think they were a little slow. I really liked the overhead spin lift, for the first time. They could use a little more closeness. Lovely death spiral. Their final lift was a great star overhead lift. The only complaint I have about it is that she was leaning a bit
Johnny: Such a feat. Three Overhead lifts in one number done beautiful. Wants to be see solo skating. Wants passion next week. Show us your skating
Dick: Loved the lifts, They were spiffy! The Death spiral (called a life spiral) that was lovely. Has the nicest bottom in the whole competition. Do anything you want!
Laurianne: Needs more arch in the back. Really project with the chest. Wants more Risk and sex
Score: Tech: 9, 8, 9 = 26
Artistic: 9, 9, 9 = 27
Total: 54/60

Denis and Keanua perform the program that she and Brandon would have performed



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