Posted by: wagrobanite | 11/02/2010

Skating with the Stars!

So ABC/BBC have come up with a “new” idea, Skating with the stars (Please note, this is sarcastic as this isn’t the first time for this concept). Here are the “celebrities” that will be on their show, their partners and my thoughts

Celebrity: Betheny Frankel (Reality Television)
Professional Partner: Ethan Burgess
Thoughts: I don’t know her professional partner (will have to look him up) but its going to take me a lot to not want to strangle this women. She is so annoying and her voice irritates me.

Celebrity: Jonny Moseley (Freestyle Skier)
Professional Partner: Brook Castile
Thoughts:I’m sooo excited for him! Not only is he good looking but he’s an athlete and he’s got a great partner!

Celebrity: Rebecca Budig (Soap Star)
Professional Partner: Fred Palascak
Thoughts: Again I don’t know her professional partner (will have to look him up). She’s attractive and I think she may be the underdog

Celebrity: Brandon Mychal Smith (Disney Channel Star)
Professional Partner: Keauna McLaughlin
Thoughts: I don’t know who the celebrity is but he looks young. That may help him and I think he may be like Kyle Massey on DWTS. Has a beautiful partner, but I’m worried that she may not be removed enough from competition (remember she only retired this past year).

Celebrity: Sean Young (female, movie “Icon)
Professional Partner: Denis Petukhov
Thoughts: I have no idea who this celebrity (if they’re an icon should I know who they are?) but she has a great partner!

Celebrity: Vince Neil (rocker)
Professional Partner: Jennifer Wester
Thoughts: Vince is the huge long shot of the season and I frankly think he’ll be the first to go. I also have no idea who his partner is.

My finals predicitions:
1st: Jonny Mosely
2nd: Rebecca Budig
3rd: Brandon Mychal Smith


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