Posted by: wagrobanite | 10/25/2010

Week 6

UG I’m so over the theme weeks. This is just nuts. Or at least do a Broadway theme!

Top 10 Dances (I’m really annoyed that some dances couldn’t be voted for because the artists wouldn’t allow the use of the music again like Evan’s tango and Paso
10: Shawn and Mark – Freestyle
YEA!!!! So glad this made it

9: Donny and Kym – Argentine Tango

8: Helio and Julianne – Quickstep
um… not the best quickstep (oh so that’s why Jules was in the Ballroom! She’s back dancing!)

7: Apolo and Julianne – Freestyle
my second favorite freestyle

6: Joanna and Derek – Paso Doble
UG no I hated this dance

5: Mel B and Maks – Paso Doble
They should have won…

4: Nicole and Derek – Paso Doble
AGAIN?! Seriously NO!

3: Apolo and Julianne – Samba

2: Giles and Cheryl – Argentine Tango
um no… </em

1: Drew and Cheryl
I figured that this is what it would be

Audrina and Tony
– Why do they have to go first YET again?!?! That is absolutely ridiculous!
– Lookst a bit robatic…
– Good Spanish lines
– at least they got a decent song
– Not hard enough…
– The movements are there but again this wasn’t there
Len: Getting on Len’s nerves. Has the potential. But lacks the character. Has everything going for her
Bruno: Len’s right. Looks cold. Get in character in the Latin
Carrie Ann: Agrees with them but has shown much improvement. Lacking intentions behind the movements
Score: 8, 8, 8 = 24

Kyle and Lacey
– He really needs to be taught a lesson. Acting immature isn’t funny and it is really old. GROW UP.
– ug rock does not work for Tangos
– posture is horrible
– what the hell is wrong with Lacy’s dress?!
– not sharp enough
– Doesn’t deserve a standing ovation
Len: Liked it apparently. Dance was much better. Performance driving dancing. Want to see technique
Bruno: Put a lot of work into it. Footwork was much better. Much better in general
Carrie Ann: Carriage was amazing.
Score: 8, 7, 8 = 23 (Did not deserve to be close to Audrina and Tony!)

I feel ba for all those people in the cubes. They have to stand all that time

Jennifer and Derek
– um this has been used before…
– Point those damn toes!
– Not hard enough for me… She’s faking it
– Horrible posture in those turn
– whops Derek missed that
– Ended behind the music
Len: It lacked of balance. Got the attitude. Lost control
Bruno: Got the rage right. but the movements was suffering
Carrie Ann: Need to calm. Was really out of control. Lift… know your limits
Score: 6, 7, 7 = 20

Rick and Cheryl
– Posture is decent
– no facial expressions
– Leaning over her a little bit
– not as sharp as as I’d like it
– Ending kind of sucks
– It was ok, it wasn’t spectacular but it wasn’t horrid like Kyle’s either
Len: Good posture and hold. Did an excellent job
Bruno: A little bit more romance but good
Carrie Ann: Did an amazing job with balancing power and elegance
Score: 8, 8, 8 = 24

Was that Martha Stewart?!?!

Bristol and Mark
– They really need to go home…
– Interesting song…
– Much better than last week. Definitely her dance
– Good posture
– needs to work on the facial expressions
– needs to point the toes
– that running section looked a bit awkward
– Good dance!!
Len: Almost a champ! Did break hold!
Bruno: Best Performance and technique!
Carrie Ann: Was amazing!
Score: 8, 7, 8 = 23 (ok.. I thought it was a little low… I know what am I saying 😉 )

Kurt and Anna
– a little slow…
– What was that !
– He’s great in hold but when he’s out of hold… it gets funky
– Lack of Spanish arms…
– Interesting ending…
Len: Could see what you were trying to do. Felt awkward
Bruno: Worked very hard, had intensity. The lines were wrong
Carrie Ann: The dance was…didn’t have a lot of polish. Had a commitment to the character.
Score: 6, 6, 6 = 18 (seems a little low)

Jon!! Nice to see you back in the audience

Brandy and Maks
– I hate their costumes…
– The technique is there but no facial emotions
– Lost a bit of control there
– Interesting…
Len: Maks is Len’s hero. Full of intensity, and passion. Dance of the Night
Bruno: Really rocked.
Carrie Ann: Had goosebumps. Had amazing… Had intentions behind the moves. Had some missteps but they were tiny
Score: 8, 9, 9 (WTF Carrie Ann!!)

Dance Marathon Final results:
7: Kurt and Anna +4
6: Bristol and Mark +5
5: Rick and Cheryl +6
4: Kyle and Lacey +7
3: Audrina and Tony +8
2: Jennifer and Derek +9
1: Brand and Maks! +10


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