Posted by: wagrobanite | 10/24/2010

Gymnatics Worlds Wrap up

Wrap up of the 2010 World Championships

Men’s team:
Gold: China
Silver: Japan
Bronze: Germany

Germany was the surprise bronze medal just edging out the US. A huge victory for the German men. Good for them

Women’s team:
Gold: Russia
Silver: USA
Bronze: China

Russia is back. I’m glad for them but their attitude later this week disturbs me. This isn’t the first time Russia has had drama either.
The USA could have won had Mattie Larson not balked it on floor which is disappointing because she’s a beautiful line and good worker but, I think the lack of experience didn’t help. However, Marta also screwed up because Mattie balked in the Prelims…

Men’s all around:
Gold: Uchimuara
Silver: Phillip Boy
Bronze: Jonathan Horton

While I love Phillip Boy and think he’s a great gymnast he was hugely overscored on both Pbars and High bar. He and Jon should switch places

Women’s All around:
Gold: Mustafina
Silver: Jiang Yuyan
Bronze: Bross

Nothing really to comment here except Mustafina is overscored on vault. She’s got atrocious form.

Uneven bar finals:
Gold: Tweddle
Silver: Mustafina
Bronze: Bross
Frankly I wish Sloan who put in a fantastic routine would have the bronze. She is such a better bar worker than Bross. So so glad that Beth won. She deserved it after last year. In other news both Chinese, including Olympic Champion He Kexin fell. It was a disaster for the Chinese after the team finals.

Women’s Vault Finals:
Gold: Alicia Sacramone
Silver:Aliya Mustafina
Bronze:Barbosa J Fernandes

So excited for ASac!!!! She deserved this so much. Again I think it’s an aboslutely disgusting result that Mustafina is there just because of her difficultly score. Very happy for Jade, she deserved it as well.

Men’s Floor finals:
Gold: Eleftherios Kosmidis
Silver: Kohei Uchimura
Bronze: Dan Purvis

Pommel horse finals:
Gold: Krisztian Berki
Silver: Louis Smith
Bronze: Prashant Sellathurai

Still Rings Finals:
Gold: Chen Yibing
Silver: Yan Mingyong
Bronze: Morandi Matteo

Men’s Vault finals:
Gold: Thomas Bouhail (FRA)
Silver: Anton Golotsutskov (RUS)
Bronze: Dimitry Kaspiarovich (BLR)

Beam final:
Gold: Ana Porgras (ROU)
Silver: Rebecca Bross (USA) & Linlin Deng (CHN)

Deng got lucky. Lauren Mitchell should have gotten the bronze or at least the silver.

Pbars Final:
Gold: Zhe Feng (CHN)
Silver: Haibin Teng (CHN)
Bronze: Kohei Uchimura (JPN)

Woman’s Floor final
Gold: Lauren Mitchell (AUS)
Silver: Aliya Mustafina (RUS) & Diana Maria Chelaru (ROU)

Raisman was entirely robbed here. Mustafina stepped out of bounds and Raisman was perfect. The floor finals were absolutely nuts (See Andrew Thortan’s take). However I am SO glad for Lauren. I’m not a fan of this floor routine of hers but she’s a great gymnast!


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