Posted by: wagrobanite | 10/20/2010

Women’s Team Final

First up on vault is Russia on vault (missed who it was)
– Good vault, just a bit off line, decent form from what other people have been saying 14.733
– Now Mustafina on vault: Good 2.5 twist, good form, and landed well
o Ok gross, the straight on shot of her form is atricous!
– Mustafina get’s a 16.33!
– Final on vault Nabieva, god her form is absolutely gross! The Russian’s are being overscored on vault! (15.44)

~ on Uneven bars:
– Bridget is up second (waiting for Macko’s score: 14.66). Huge Tkat to pak.
o Missed a link but hitting so far
o Good double layout dismount
o Score: 14.566

– Bross up next
o Hitting handstands
o Good release!
o Nice Yeager
o Good Pak
o And she bends her legs in the low bar swing.
o Good dismount!
o Score: 14.833

– On Floor Vanessa Faerrari
o First pass very full twisting double back
o Second was a double tuck
o Gotan Project!! Who hoo!
o Third pass 1.5 twist into full.. a little meyss
o Good dance and leaps. I really like this routine
o Final pass was nice double pike
o Score: 14.333

– China up on Vault
o Yuyan first up: Good vault, landed in lines, and her form was much better thant he Russians. Score: 14.9
o Second Chinese: Much better form! Dear Russian’s please learn from Chinese!
 Score: 14.88
o Good final vault from Yilin. Good form!
 Score: 14.966
– On Bars Romania
o Ana Progras
 Hitting handstands
 Nice Yeager
 Little form break on the overshoot
 A little low on the double layout, with a coule steps
 Score: 14.466

o Gabriela Dragoli
 Very nice Yeager!
 Bad form in the Geinger
 Good handstand
 Romania is improving in bars
 Very good full twisting double back!
 Score: 14.066

– Australia on Beam
o Laruen Mitchell
 Lovely mount
 First pass, bhs, layout and comes off!
 Good jump series
 Very nice 2.5 wolf turn
 Very nice back tuck
 Very nice walkover and into front somersault. Little balance check
 Nice ring
 Very nice double pike but chest was down

After first rotat: Russia, China, USA, Romania

Second Rotation
– On Beam
o Sandra Izabasa
 Very nice mount
 Nice front tuck
 A balance check on that spin
 Nice walkover to bhs, bhs
 Balance check on that leap with a half
 Very nice triple twist, Maybe not all the way around?
 Wasn’t all the way around for the dismount
 Score: 14.333

o Ana Progras
 Very mount
 I wish she would hold that scale longer
 Very nice jump series
 Flight series, bhs, layout, layout clean
 Nice ring
 Balance check
 Very nice back tuck
 Butt shelf!
 Very good double pike
 Score: 15.066

– China on bars
o up is Yuayan
 Late on the pirouette
 Very good Yeager
 Nice Pak, a little too hard and lost rhythm
 Good double layout
 Score: 14.750

o He Kexin
 Huge Yeager, fingertips
 Nice third release
 Dead hangs!
 Very nice full twisting, almost stuck! Just a small shuffle
 Score: 16.133

– Up on beam is the US
o Raisman got a 14.333
o ASca up !
 Off on the pike front but held it!
 Good leap!
 Good punch front
 Nice bhs layout!
 Good leap!
 Full turn
 Balance check on the pike front and held! One foot off!
 Good leap
 Very nice double pike, step backwards
 Score: 14.60

o Bross
 Score: 14.866

– On Bars is Bars
o Dementeyva
 Bent arms!
 Little muscled through there
 Nice release
 And a fall on her Tketchev
 Very close to shoot up and had to muscle it
 Nice double layout but steps on the landing
 Score: 13.366

o Mustafina
 Nice Khorkina
 Very piked Yeager
 Nike Tketchev into Pak
 Very Nice 1.5 double back
 Score: didn’t get it

o Nebieva
 Piked Tketchev but horrible form
 Came off on the low bar. What happened
 Nice Khorkina
 Nice Yeager
 Legs a mess on the dismount
 Score: 12.933!

– On Floor
o Beth Twiddle
 First pass 1.5 to double Arabian into a leap
 Second pass Nice double piked Arabian with a stag jump out. Almost oob
 I like this music
 Missed second leap
 Ohh don’t like this “tribal” music
 Bunch of arm weaving
 Final pass 2.5 to full with a stuck landing
 Score: 14.666

– After 2 rotations, China, USA, Russia, and Romania

~ On Beam Russia
– Semenova
o Missed some of the routine but looking good so far
o Balance check
o Very nice Onadi
o Good Double pike but flexed feet
o Score: 14.03

– Mustafina
o Very nice double turn, just a slight check
o Nice standing Arabian
o Good leaps
o Very nice bhs bhs
o Very nice ring but just slight check
o Good free to Onadi
o Slight check
o Good triple twist

~ On Floor USA
– Larson: 12.533 (ouch!)
– Bross: 16. 633
– Rasiman
o First pass Very nice 1.5 twist into double Arabian and split leap
o Second pass is a very nice triple twist
o Love the Choreo
o Needs to work on her feet though. Point the toes!
o Third pass Very nice high double tuck with a hop back
o Final pass is a very nice double pike with a small hop
o Score: 14.50

~ ON Vault Imogene Cains
– GREAT Vault, 1.5 stuck dismount!
o Score: 14.633

– Downie
o Very nice double twist
o Score: 14.733

After first half rotations: Russia, US, Great Britain

– On vault Aug
o Gerogia
 Horrible form on the full twist
 Score: 13.833

– Romania on floor
o Ana Progras
 Fell a little bit out of the turn
 First pass Very nice full twist
 Second pass is a 2.5 to punch front, very close to line
 Love the dance!
 Very nice Memmel turn
 Third pass is a very nice double tuck
 Final pass is a nice pike double, hop back
 Score: 14.133

o Chelaru
 First pass is a nice high layout, small hop
 Second pass very nice triple twist.
 I love the music!
 Very nice turn!
 Very high leaps!
 Third pass is a good full twisting double back
 Dismount is a Very nice double back.

o Iazbasa
 Good double turn
 First pass is a huge full twisting double back
 Very nice dance
 Good leaps
 Second pass is a1.5 to a triple twist
 Third pass 2.5 twist into full twist. Out of bounds?
 Out of bounds 
 Score: 14.200

– On vault China
o Lilin
 Good punch front
 Very nice bhs, bhs, layout.
 Balance check on the ring leap
 Nice sheep
 Nice tuck back
 Balance check on that half turn
 Wow a butt shelf form the Chinese
 Nice double pike
 Score: 14.700

o Sui La
 Huge balance check and comes off
 Nice Korbut flip
 Huge check on the front with a half
 Good leap
 Balance check and no connection bonus
 Balance check on series
 Balance check on the spin series
 Horrible form in the sheep
 Nice back tuck
 Good double pike but chest was low
 Score: 13.000

After 3 rotations, China leads Russia followed by USA

~ On Vault Romania
– Chelaru
o Very nice but messy form
o Score: 14.700

– Haidu
o Very nice form, great vault, just a small hop on the landing
o Score: 14.866

– Izbasa: 14.70

~ On Floor China:
– First
o Stepped out on first pass
o Second pass is a good full twisting double back
o Very nice double twisted
o Great leap series
o Bollywood inspired music
o Final pass is a nice double pike, maybe out of bounds?
o Score missed it

– Sui La
o I’ve heard this before
o First pass was a nice whip into triple twist
o Second pass was 2.5 twist into front layout
o Oh this music is going to bug me… I know it!
o Third pass was very good.
o Oh it’s Por Una Cabeza!
o Dismount is a nice double pike with a small hop
o Score: 14.733

– Yuyan
o First pass 1.5 twist to a double?
o Second pass is a huge double tuck!
o Don’t like the pause before her leap series
o Nice double turn
o Third pass 2.5 twist to layout front . Barely made that around
o Dismount is a good double pike but a step back
o Score: 14.50

~ Second half of rotation begins!

~ US on Vault
– Mackenzie Caquatto
o Good double twist with decent form!
o Score: 15.00

– Raisman: 15.066

– Asac!
o First vault: Good piked rudi
o Score: 15.60

~ Russia on Floor
– Anna Dementyeva
o First pass is a huge full twisting double back, barely kept inside
o Second pass Very nice whip whip into triple twist. Don’t know if it was landed well
o Very nice dance
o Third pass is a 2.5 into a front with a half
o Dismount is a good double pike
o Score: 14.533

– Afanaseyva
o First pass was a stuck double layout
o Second pass was whip, whip into triple twist
o Lovely Arabesque spin
o Third pass is a nice twisting
o How can she have vocals?
o Good double turn
o Final pass is a stuck double pike!
o Score: 14.80

– Mustafina
o First pass is a huge double Arabian into a stag
o Very nice triple spin
o Second pass is a close twisting. Almost stuck
o Very nice Memmel
o Third pass is a 2.5 to 1.5 twist
o The spin on the stomach is kind of weird
o Final pass is a twisting but step out of bounds!
o Score: 14. 666

Final team results:
Russia, USA, China

Russia wins a World Team Final ever!


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