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Week Three!

Week 3

~ If they go over Bruno/Bolton war again tonight, I’m going to scream. I’m sick of hearing about it and both of them need to grow up and move on.

~ Kind of not looking forward to story night… come on… it’s just lame

Jennifer and Derek
–          A little sloppy
–          Lots of Samba content
–          Nice turn
–          Well they put it in but it was sloppy
Len: Loves that they continued the story through the dance. Good choreography but it was a little sloppy.
Bruno: Very difficult choreography but sloppy in parts.
Carrie Ann: Slightly out of sync. Did take the story from start to finish.
Score:  8, 8, 8 = 24. Too high, should have gotten 7s

Florence and Corky
–          I’m not if I really want them to butcher one of my all – time favorite songs
–          I love that dress…
–          No rise and fall
–          Hold is a little funky on Florence’s part
–          Missed that stop a bit
–          Needs to point the toes!
–          UM CORKY?! Seriously?!
Bruno: Simple, effective, and sweet. Needs to continuous movement
Carrie Ann: good but wants to push boundaries if she makes it next week
Len: emotional, sweet and story were great. Technique in feet was non-existent. Get footwork for next week
Score:  7, 6, 7 = 20 Decent scores

~ What is with Kelly’s hair?! WTF

Kurt and Anna
–          Way to butcher a song though
–          Anna’s dress is beautiful
–          I don’t like that middle skippy part…
–          Kurt looks much smoother
–          Interesting story.
Carrie Ann: So charming. Hold was good. Good in sync
Len: Lacking in the arms with musicality but everything was good
Bruno: personality was great. Arms again need work. Have to be cleaner
Score:  8, 8, 7 = 23 Decent scores

Margaret and Louis
–          Man her feet look like a hot mess
–          Missing the choreography
–          Man this is a mess
–          Poor Louis…
Len: encouraged at the start, had good hip action and rhythm. Lost time and a little heavy in the legs. Couldn’t get the story.
Bruno: Tried, but “had to many drinks” missed a lot of the footwork and lost the timing
Carrie Ann: Loved the story. Lost control through a lot of the dance
Score:  6, 6, 6 = 18

Audrina and Tony
–          No video of the leg waxing?!
–          Nice musicality
–          Good hold
–          Needs a little more rise and fall
–          Needs to point the toes
–          Love that turn!
Bruno: compelling and touching storytelling. Could read the story. Beautifully danced
Carrie Ann: beautifully acted, beautifully danced. Need to point the toes
Len: That was the most touching dance of the night
Score: 8, 9, 9 = 26 First 9s!

Bristol and Mark
–          That’s a gorgeous dress
–          Still feels tentative to me
–          No facial expressions…
–          Eh… very bland to me
Carrie Ann: torn. Beautiful but didn’t get the story
Len: Took a chance but didn’t like it. A Bit too contemporary
Bruno: Execution was good. Have to express and got to feel lit
Score:  6, 6, 7 = 19

Brandy and Maks
–          Still looks a little wild
–          Good hip action
–          Needs to finish her lines
–          Interesting ending… Not sure if they finished the story.
Len: Had energy, had punch, good rhythm, had nice hip action. Didn’t quite get it but liked it. Improved a little from last week
Bruno:  Placement was better than last week.
Carrie Ann: “hot” and on fire.
Score:  8, 8, 8 = 24 eh… not sure if I agree with that

Kyle and Lacey
–          Hate that dress…or lack of a dress and it does not do Lacey any good
–          Lack of body connection in hold
–          That’s better but needs the posture bar majorly
–          Little rice and fall
–          Shoulders are coming up…
Bruno: got the likeability factor. Arms are much better but footwork needs better
Carrie Ann: Brings fun to the floor. Love the arms. Loves it
Len: Acting level is very high. Needs major work with footwork, which is non-existent
Score:  8, 7, 8 = 23 didn’t deserve those 8s.

Mike and Karina
–          Hello Evan’s Paso shirt
–          This seems more of a tango or Paso song, not a foxtrot. They kind of got screwed in the music department
–          A little robotic
–          Really trying to feel the music
–          Needs to look up! Stop staring at the boobies!
Carrie Ann: Liked it. Baby stepping your way to becoming a dancer. Good attention to detail
Len: Didn’t like the story. Admire you for listening to Karina and really trying. Bizarre performance
Bruno: Very futuristic. Very entertaining.
Score:  7, 6, 7 = 20 eh

Rick and Cheryl
–          Trying to move his hips…
–          Leaning over too much
–          Good hip action there
–          Good shimmies
–          It was okay…
Len: glad that we when up a notch. Standard went up
Bruno: More Hotness
Carrie Ann: It was hot, sexy, right on the music.
Score:  8, 8, 8 = 24 good scores


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