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Week two

Week two!
~ Sorry but Brooke’s dress? Trampy!

Rick and Cheryl
– This is going to be so hard for him because of his height
– Not bad…
– Just looks a little slow for a jive.
– Nice
– His kicks are a little awkward cause he’s pigeoned toed
– Good character
– Good east coast swing moves
– Oh god. No air guitar please!
Len: Really concerned for this dance. It was compact; it was fun and full of energy. Has become a contender
Bruno: This was feat. Good choreography. Could have been slightly sharper but for week two it was good
Carrie Ann: Was good for his size. Thought last week was better. Posture wasn’t as good this week.
Score: 7, 7, 7 = 21

Florence and Corky
– Frankly they should have gone home
– Song is a little slow
– Whops stepped on Corky’s toe there
– Slow for a quickstep
– Her posture is getting there
– Missed the Charleston at the beginning. Got it towards the end
– Good running steps but slow
– WTF ending?!
Bruno: Love the Grand Dame entrance. At times you looked like “driving miss daisy” Hesitant footwork
Carrie Ann: Looks good for being 76. Dance really suited her… Very elegant (WTF Carrie Ann)
Len: Age has no bearing on how Len feels. Feel s she should come back next week
Score: 7, 6, 6 = 19 7 is too high

Brandy and Maks
– LOL Love the picture of Evan and Anna in the rehearsal room
– UG this editing is annoying
– Her feet look so bad in those kicks
– Lost the choreography a bit there
– Looks a little lost
– Much slower than Mask
– Solo was… pointless
– Kicks are not sharp
– That hold was weird
– Hands don’t know what they’re doing
– Horrible ending!
Carrie Ann: Looked happy but energy is out of control. Don’t point the toes. Feet get sloppy
Len: This week you step back. Didn’t dance with full intensity. Didn’t like the solo.
Bruno: Okay from you isn’t good enough. Wasn’t sharp or precise enough. Could do so much better
Score: 7, 7, 7 = 21. How in the world is that worth a 7. That was absolutely horrible!

Michael and Chelsie
– Ok the beginning is stupid
– Seems a bit more lose
– Lack of jive movement on his part
– Um yah those triple steps sucked
– That was… um bad
Len: Don’t think the world’s ready for this jive. Needs a pooper scooper. Lot of basic steps but didn’t think the Jive didn’t fit
Bruno: It was a mess of a jive. Did the jive very badly. Worst jive in the 11th seasons
Carrie Ann: respect that he did what it took to try to get a good score. It was a very awkward dance.
Score: 4, 5, 3 = 12 ouch

Audrina and Tony
– Hello Melissa’s old costume
– Good finish on her lines
– Good lines
– Good Charleston
– Posture needs a little more tweaking
– That attitude needed more room
– Very good for week two!!
Bruno: Movement was great and very light. Needs to work on the posture
Carrie Ann: Huge improvement! Fantastic performance. Good form!
Len: Best dance of the night!!
Score: OMG…. 8, 8, 7 = 23 it was better than a 7!!!!

~ Can we get Chris Harrison on DWTS please?

Jennifer and Derek
– Good swivels
– Good sync
– Good flicks and kicks
– Needs like Brandy to point her toes
– Getting a little flat there
– Derek’s over dancing her
– It was good but there was mistakes and she was going flat at the end
Carrie Ann: was very high energy
Len: nothing “grey” about that. Bright Colorful, full on
Bruno: That was a Killer jive. Nailed it
Score: 8, 8, 8 = 24. Deserved

~ GAG. Why do they have to talk to her?!

Margaret and Louis
– Kicks need to be sharper
– Good character though
– Needs to point the toes!
– Seems to remember the routine better
– Seems to be having a bit more fun
– Good but a little dull
Len: appreciate that she took comments. A lot of energy. Got a bit on the kicks
Bruno: needs to keep it tight, keep it sharp. Smile!
Carrie Ann: Much better this week. Much improvement. Watch the shoulders. Little less over the top
Score: 6, 6, 6 = 18

Kyle and Lacey
– Good posture there
– Ok, maybe not… posture needs a bit of work
– Good basic moves
– Good try for week two!
Bruno: As a performer, you have energy. Needs more control for ballroom.
Carrie Ann: A little flat footed but good.
Len: It wasn’t a classic quickstep, wasn’t great in hold, lacked style, flat footed but liked it
Score: 8, 7, 7 = 22. I don’t think it deserved an 8…

Kurt and Anna
– Point the toes!
– Kicks need to be sharper
– Needs to finish his lines
– That slide was cool!
– Sync was off there
– Needs posture work
– It was decent…
Carrie Ann: Great musicality. Looks like it’s very easy for him
Len: Much improved. Well done, full on, kicks need sharpness
Bruno: Cool jive, flowed easy, can’t wait to see progression
Score: 7, 7, 7 = 21 decent scores

Mike and Karina
– I refuse to call him his nickname
– GREAT song!
– Look up!
– Needs to tighten up his posture
– Good Charleston!
– He’s definitely trying and his potential
– Love the butterflys!
– Interesting ending
Len: A serious of unfortunate events. It’s a tough dance. For a difficult dance you did a good job. Better than last week
Bruno: wanted to do well. Find the right balance of focus and relaxing
Carrie Ann: Needs some musicality. Needs to feel the music. Needs to work on his pigeon toes
Score: 6, 6, 6 = 18

Bristol and Mark
– I like the top of that dress
– Needs to finish her lines more
– Needs to smile. She’s stiff
– Good step ball change
– Decent
Bruno: Fresh, non-showbiz quality which is charming. Needs to work on the acting part and character part. Engage the audience
Carrie Ann: Very relaxed
Len: Not quite there but very very close. Neat, precise. Needs a bit more flair. A little bit more careful.
Score: 7, 8, 7 = 22 good scores


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