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Night one of Senior Women’s

Who will make it through night one?

First up on Floor is Kytra Hunter on floor
– I love her floor music
– Out of bounds
– Very nice piked Arabian!
– A little more dance would help.
– Third pass was a very nice front tumbling sequence
– Very nice triple turn! Controlled
– Dismount is a huge double Arabian. Almost out of bounds
– Score: 14.500

Up on Bars is Bross
– Glad she’s not wearing Pink! This looks better on her.
– A little short there
– Looked a little like her hand slipped on that first release move
– Very nice Pak
– Ohhh almost held that dismount, just a step forward
– See notice in that slow mo! How bent her legs are. That’s one reason I don’t like her on bars!
– Score: 15.150

Up on Bars for Ally Raisman
– Nice Yeager
– Nice release
– A little short on that bail
– Nice dismount, small hop on the landing
– Score: 13.6650

On beam is MacKenzie Caquatto
– Nice side somi, slight check
– Slight check on her bhs series
– Nice full turn
– Nice leap/jump series
– I love the blue on her
– A little hesitant there and a slight check
– Nice aerial to two feet.
– Check on that back tuck
– Good back pike, step backwards on the landing
– Score: 13.500

Mattie Larson on beam
– I love her mount
– Nice pouch front
– Good aerial to two feet
– Slight balance check
– Slight hesitation there may not get connection
– Whoa… huge leg up check
– Fought for that
– Nice leap to back tuck
– Nice twist, almost didn’t make the time
– Score?

After one rotation:
Bross, smith, Dabritz, Hunter Clark, Lee

Up on beam is Bross
– I’m sorry, I know people like her but I do not like her on beam. It’s always like she’s rushing
– Nice standing Arabian
– Very nice series
– Good back tuck
– Ok sheep jump. I’ve seen better
– Slight check on the ring leap
– Nice side somi (as nice as they can be)
– Good punch front
– Good Patterson but huge step forward
– Score: 15.500

Up on beam is Alicia Sacramone
– Good mount
– Just a slight check on the leap
– Nice punch front
– Good bhs series
– Very nice side leap, full turn
– Nice pike front
– Good leap series
– Love the choreo!
– Very close dismount…. Almost stumbles backwards
– Score: 14.85

Kytra Hunter on Vault
– Huge clean yourchanko
– Score: 15.100

Mattie Larson on floor
– Her beginning looks like Bridget’s a little bit
– First pass huge double layout!
– Second pass is a very nice double (?) twist
– Like her look on floor
– Third pass was a full to a punch layout
– Great choreo!
– Final pass was a nice double pike, a bit low though
– Score: 15.000

Ally Raisman on beam
– Nice back tuck
– Nice bhs series, slight check on the second one
– Good leap to back tuck series
– Needs better extension on the leaps though
– Nice punch front to bhs series. Slight balance check
– Again needs to hit full split
– Decent Patterson but deep squat and small step
– Score: 14.200

Brailey Casanova
– Good mount
– Balance check on the back tuck
– Nice punch front but may lose connection bonus
– Comes off at the end on the series
– Another balance check
– Good side somi
– Could double full, small step
– Score: 12.600

Vanessa Zamarripa on Beam
– Love her choreo
– Needs to upgrade full turn
– Good leap series
– Nice Onadi
– Oh boy and she comes off on her jump series
– Balance check on her aerial. Nice bhs series but no connection bonus
– Good back tuck
– Very good double twist with a stuck landing
– Wonder what she hurt she came off the beam?
– Score:?

After two rotations
Bross, Hunter, Smith, Larson, Davis, Raisman

Sophia Lee on Floor
– First pass was a huge double layout with a step backwards
– Second pass back tuck with too much power and had to put a hand down
– Not much choreo
– Third pass was a nice 1.5 (?) twist to a punch layout
– Lots of arm waving but no really “dance”
– Dismount was a good back pike with a small step
– Score: 12.3

Mattie Larson on vault
– Nice double Yurchanko but a hop backwards
– Score: 15.00

Ally Raisman on floor
– Missed it because my internet crapped out
– 14.65 on floor

Kytra Hunter on bars
– Huge release, legs didn’t stay to together
– Good double double dismount and stuck landing
– Score: 13.050

Vanessa Zamperia on floor
– Huge double layout for opening pass
– Sorry but not a fan of Vanessa’s choreography either
– Nice second pass with a layout with a step out
– Third pass was a juiced full in
– Dismount was a very nice double but had form problems
– Not a fan of that leo other
– Score:

Bross on floor
– First pass was a very nice double front with a nice stag front
– Second pass was nice twisting
– I totally agree with Elfie. I frankly (unless it’s Vanessa Atler) hate the jumps out of passes. To me it’s worst than the step backwards. It annoys me
– Almost missed that Memmel turn
– Final pass was extremely close to going out of bounds! Very messy form in the air too
– I like this choreography better than the last routine
– Score: 13.7

Alyssa Beckerman sang the National anthem? Weird

I thought Morgan White was also going to get a medal? Or was it only the people who competed? Anybody know if that’s true or not?

Bross, Larson, Davis, Smith, Hunter, Raisman lead after three rotations

Yah, I don’t think Nastia’s coming back

Ally Raisman on Vault
– Very very nice Double (?) Yurchanko and a slide backwards. Um no Tim that wasn’t a stick
– Score: 15.05

Chelsea Davis on beam
– Very nice full turn
– Nice bsh layout
– Nice punch front but had a balance check
– Nice aerial to back tuck. Slight balance check
– Nice side somi and huge balance check and saved it
– Very nice pike double back, small step on the landing
– Score:

Mattie Larson on Bars
– Whops, no connection
– Nice release and good combo to the low bar
– Missed the rest due to my internet 
– Score: 14.35

Bross on vault
– Stuck vault but very sloppy form
– Score: 15.0

Alicia Sacramone on vault
– Huge rudi, hop backwards (15.65)
– Second vault, huge Yurchanko with a hop backwards (15.35)
– Score:

Bridget Sloan on Beam
– Didn’t get full split on that jump… but overall good leap series
– Nice series to begin but came off on the last bhs
– Good full turn
– Huge balance check on the front aerial
– Nice punch front
– Very nice back tuck
– Very nice double pike back with a small hop
– Score: 13.050?

Final Leader board:
1st: Bross
2nd: Larson
3rd: Raisman
4th: Chelsea Davis
5th: Kytra Hunter and Mackenzie Caquatto tied

Note: it appears that Alyssa get’s a cup of some kind because she replaced Morgan


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