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2010 Visa Championships – Seniors to Watch

Here are the seniors to watch at this years 2010 Visa Championships. I would do the juniors but there’s so many! 🙂

First up to look at is Mattie Larson from AOGC. Mattie is well known to gymnastics fans as she made the Olympics trials in 2008. 2009 brought injuries to Larson but she looked back on track (except for a fall) at the recent CoverGirl Classic.
Her Beam Routine from 2009:

Like her teammate at AOGC, Samantha Shapiro has had a difficult 2009. She also had a difficult start to the season when she landed locked kneed on the vault at the CoverGirl Classic. However, Sam has beautiful lines, decent dance, and great gymnastics. I really hope she can stay healthy and make a splash at Visa’s. Here is her Beam routine from Pac Rims 2008. Frankly, I love this mount. It’s so unique!

One of my new favorites is MacKenzie Caquatto. I love her look and I think she could help the US team, especially on Bars. Here is her Bar routine from the Classic:

Competing along side her sister is Bridgette Caquatto, whom I like but not as much as her older sister. Her is her bars from the 2009 Classic:

Coming off the high of competing for UCLA is Vanessa Zamarripa. I think for Vanessa this experience will be good but I don’t feel she’s ready to compete on a world level yet. She definitely needs upgrades in the difficulty department but she’s the spark and the fire to do so. I think, especially on bars, if she gets those upgrades she’ll be great. I love her swing on bars, though she does do the whole “stick head out, arch back then swing” thing but her release moves are high and textbook good. Here is her Bars at the 2010 Classic:

To me, Bridget Sloan is the consistent rock. She does her job and I like it. However, she has been nursing an ankle injury and hopefully it has healed and safely so that she can show us she’s consistent again. Here is Bridget’s day two of 2009 Visa’s:
Edit 08/10/2010: Turns out Bridget will not compete All-Around

We’ve seen Kytra Hunter before. She’s got he power and tumbling that could make her part of the line-up for Vault and floor. But she’s going to have to fight for it from a couple of people Here is her Vault at 2009 Visa’s:

I’m putting Alexandra Raisman and Alicia Sacramone together in one post… Ally is a mini Alicia. She’s crazy good on 3 events and getting better on bars. Frankly, she’s one of my picks to win. Alicia is coming on strong and will be an asset to the USA team. There’s no doubt in my mind that Alicia will make the team for Worlds.
Ally’s Beam at the 2010 American Cup:
Alicia’s Beam from the 2010 CoverGirl Classic:

New to the senior elite scene is Amanda Jetter. She has really come on strong in the past couple of months and has a decent bar routine. Here is her 2010 CoverGirl floor ex:

Also one of my new likes is Cassandra Whitcomb. Not only does she have a really unique face but she has great lines as well. Here is her bars from 2009 Visa’s:

Rebecca Bross of course is one to watch but I can not stand her gymnastics. She’s probably a sweet girl but I can’t get behind her gymnastics.

She made a splash in the past couple of years/months but Chelsea Davis looks to be on the rise once more. She’s got great gymnastics and hopefully this year things will line for her. Coached by Kim Zmeskal, she reminds me a lot of her. Here is her beam from 2008:

Here are five girls that could make a splash.

Sophia Lee from WOGA. Lacks Choroegraphy but makes up for it with huge vaulting. See her at the 2010 Metroplex Challenge:

Another WOGA gymnast, Briley Cassanova, seems to have a sense about her, or at least on beam. She has some wobbles but this was also when she was a junior international. See here:

Annette Miele is from the famed Parkettes. She has some decent form on her and could potentially make something of Visa’s. See her routines here:

Lauren Beers is coming up from level 10 and could potentially make her mark, at least in Bars. She has got good form and ability to do well. See her bars from the 2010 Nastia cup:

And finally, last but not least Rheagan Courville. She’s been here before but as a junior. She does have potential. Here is her beam routine from the 2009 CoverGirl Classic:

Edit: After today’s warm-up, according to the Gymnastics Examiner, Amanda Jetter will not compete because of a strained Achilles.



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