Posted by: wagrobanite | 07/20/2010

Holy son of a mother!

I think the gymnastics world just slightly exploded… Paul Hamm (2004 Olympic All-Around medal winner) is making a comeback:

Paul Hamm is on the comeback, hoping to make another run at the Olympics.

The 2004 Olympic all-around gymnastics champion tells The Associated Press he has quit his job in the financial industry and is heading back to the gym to start training full-time, in hopes of making the U.S. team for the London Games in 2012.


I have to admit, I never saw this coming. I love Paul and at least after the 2008 trials, if he didn’t feel a little unfulfilled but come back, I didn’t think it. I kind would like to know how this will affect the psyche towards current members of the US team as well as ones that are may be coming onto the scene.



  1. I’m not sure if anyone expected it, I for sure didn’t!! How exciting! Thanks for the link 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I would be interested to hear what Morgan thinks about it. I mean I know he would support his brother but I wonder if it may get him thinking.

  2. RT: “I kind would like to know how this will affect the psyche towards current members of the US team as well as ones that are may be coming onto the scene.”

    I totally agree. That was my first thought after hearing the news…well, other than “Holy *#%&!” If this is what it takes to get some media attention on men’s gymnastics, then I’m all for it, and more power to Paul for going for another Games. Even thinking about the 5-man format practically makes me ill, so the more all-arounders potentially in the mix, the better.

    I do wonder about how the rest of the guys will react to this comeback though. With the men’s program being very team-oriented (at least that’s the impression I get), I’d imagine the news will be welcome. I have to say, though, that the guys who competed on the ’08 U.S. team really benefitted from having to scrape together as a team (injuries and otherwise) and prove all the doubters wrong in the process. That’s not to say that with Paul the team would have done any better or any worse, just that it would have been a different “team” entirely. (For example, I doubt Jon Horton would have had the chance to be the amazing leader that he proved to be on that team if Paul had been there.)

    Anyhow, fingers crossed for Morgan making a return as well. Who knows, right? The Hamm Airflare needs an “M.” next to it in the books!!! 🙂

    • From what I’ve been reading Morgan is happy in his life away from Gymnastics and is even coaching a boys’ team in WI. (Check out Byle at for a more in-depth article).

      I totally agree and I love Jon H.

      I hate the 5 man/women format but I think in the Men’s world it’ll be different because they’ve had specialists a whole lot longer then the women’s field.

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