Posted by: wagrobanite | 07/01/2010

Here’s a rumor I could really sink my teeth into

I would so love if this were true:

Could U.S. soccer star Landon Donovan take a page from Evan Lysacek’s book, and parlay his recent sports-hero-status into Dancing with the Stars success?
According to HollywoodLife, ABC has been courting the miracle-goal-maker since the Americans were knocked out of the Cup last weekend.

They quote an anonymous DWTS insider as saying that Donovan’s got the star-power to be a hit on Dancing, adding, “Plus, he’s hot. He’ll look pretty sexy in some of the outfits that will be made for him. Consider us officially crossing our fingers. He’d be a perfect fit for the show!”

HollywoodLife also did a little deductive analysis of Donovan’s soccer schedule, and deemed the show a feasible fit: “His team, the L.A. Galaxy, plays in the same city DWTS is filmed. Although his games continue through October, his matches don’t conflict with the show’s Sept. 20 premiere or Monday and Tuesday airdates.”

Zap2It contacted ABC to ask about Donovan’s spot in DWTS season 11, but were told they don’t comment on casting rumors.

We’d love to see the handsome, energetic soccer stud on the ballroom floor–but we can’t say we’re exactly thrilled about all the inevitable “fancy footwork” puns that are sure to come out of Tom Bergeron’s mouth if it happens. What do you think–would you root Landon on for the Mirrorball?


I’m a huge Landon Donovan (have been for a while) so I’d love it if he were on the show!



  1. I love Donovan and actually wouldn’t mind him on the show. The only downside would be his lackluster personality. If you watch his post game interviews they were so dry and bland. Sure, he’d just played a long game, but I don’t expect he’d be much different on DWTS. Although, maybe I’d be pleasantly surprised.

    • yah but I disagree… playing 90+ minutes full out running is hard and more cardiovascular taxing than 2 minutes. Though Evan can be the same way after his post event interviews 🙂 I honestly think it had to do with him being tired. I saw him on Regis and Kelly the other day and he was fine.

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