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Finale Night 2

– UG I wish Shannen had been able to go farther.
– Evan’s standing in Front… does that mean something?

Round 1

Nicole and Derek
– Very sharp and crisp
– I love that Lunge
– That lift with the kick just really doesn’t fit there for me… it feels awkward
– I love that lift down to a lunge
– very nice ochos
– I really do not like the ending lift… or ending pose…
Len: Had passion, artistry, and intensity. Very sharp and precise. Very Clean
Bruno: Rich, absolutely intensity. Amazing
Carrie Ann: Beautiful Masterpiece

Evan and Anna
– sharp movements
– posture is nice!
– slight misstep there…
– Good Character
– Nice control…
– That was good!
Bruno: “Danced like a real Lady Killer”. Kept the energy, smooth, stylish.
Carrie Ann: “Getting exciting” This AT was a true redemption. It was “Beyond”
Len: Drove that Dance, Lead the dance well. Did a fantastic Job. “Well Done”

Erin and Maks
– I love that opening pose
– Needs to point her damn toes. It’s driven me nuts all season
– That jump wasn’t as good as the first time
– Nice Ochos
– Not as sharp or crisp
– I don’t think it was good as the first night
Carrie Ann: That lift was good, “were in another zone”
Len: Proved that she danced brilliantly. Thought she has come the furthest
Bruno: “Was out for it” Had the most spectacular growth. Improved through the weeks

1st: Nicole and Derek
2nd: Evan and Anna
3rd: Erin and Maks

I think it’s funny that Tom didn’t think Aiden was as bad as Kenny
See America, you should have kept Shannen in! Then we wouldn’t have had to watch Kate suffer for so many weeks!
That color looks amazing on Ashley
well… good for Buzz
UG… I really don’t want see this…
Not this song again!
Oh Apollo, you were like that. You’re just being humble

The Third Place Finisher of Season 10 is: Erin and Maks

Round 2

Nicole and Derek
– Point those God damn feet!
– Great sync
– A little wild
– Um… No lifts Derek!
That was good
Len: Thinks the Winner should be Nicole (I don’t know how he can say that before seeing Evan, that’s not fair)
Bruno: produced some amazing dances
Carrie Ann: “So incredible” (because she’s a Dancer!)
Score: 10, 10, 10 = 30
Total: 115

Evan and Anna
– ahh cute song!
– A little slow for Quickstep
– a little sloppy in that barrel turn..
– Technically that was perfect
Bruno: The performance level has enhanced
Carrie Ann: Won the Hearts of the audience. Took the criticism well
Len: Truly been a joy to watch. Overcame the traveling and practice in random spots
Score: 10, 9, 9 = 28 W.T.H?! Seriously?!
Total: 108

Second Place: Evan and Anna
Winner of Season 10: Nicole and Derek



  1. This is my first time watching DWTS so idk much about it, but it seems strange getting ppl to vote when the judges are going to be scoring 2 more dances later. I heard this was a new rule? And maybe it’s just me, but I think 7 points between winner and runner-up is a lot to make up for in votes; I thought scores were usually the same on finale night. This season seems like it was quite open to producer manipulation after the viewer votes were in…

    Thanks for the analysis btw!

    • Thanks for the Comment!

      Yes that was new, sort of. The finals have been changing really in the past couple seasons. Last year, it was one dance that was chosen by the judges and then the freestyle, then on the second night, the 3rd place person was chosen then the couple danced once more dance.

      Frankly it wasn’t about the 7 points just tonight. It was pretty much producer manipulation from day one.

      You’re welcome! I hope you keep watching the show as at it’s base it’s a good show and the pros are awesome

      • Thanks for your response! Appreciate it.

        I knew there would be manipulation via rehearsal footage and judges’ comments, but the scoring surprised me. Maybe cause I’ve only watched AI and SYTYCD, but would have preferred just audience voting so you know that even if not the best singer/dancer wins, they were, for whatever reason, the most popular. (Evan might have won then *cough*)

        Haha I think I will, thanks! 🙂

    • I think the opposite 🙂 I wish the judges, specifically Len’s scores were weighted more. I also wish that they would get rid of Carrie Ann and Bruno and get actual ballroom people in there.

      I think part of the problem with this season is that people were voting for Derek more than they were voting for Nicole. I liked Nicole’s Argentine Tango, especially on the finale. But she’s a dancer and really shouldn’t have been on the show in the first place.

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