Posted by: wagrobanite | 05/24/2010

Finals – Night One

It’s here! The finals!

Round 1:

Erin and Maks
– still lacks the hip action needed for this dance
– that’s better hip action
– Much more relaxed this time around with the dance
– Good amount of Samba basic
– Samba is still a tough dance for her (as it is for Anybody!)
Len: Thanks Maks for keeping clothes on. Sees improvement! Full of energy
Bruno: Did a lot of shaking.
Carrie Ann: Saw major improvement. Sharper movement, much more relaxed
Score: 10, 10, 9. Didn’t think it was worth 10s, more like 9’s

Hello Aaron Carter!

Evan and Anna
– beautiful lines
– good hold!
– that part looked a little rushed
– great dance, except for the ending being a little cheesy
Bruno: lyrical, Very good in hold, Saw connection.
Carrie Ann: beautiful, emotional, enchanting
Len: collapsed a little bit through one of the turns. overall a beautiful
Score: 28

I didn’t get to see the rest of the night because something with my cable screwed up. I’ll try to watch it later


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