Posted by: wagrobanite | 05/23/2010

Finals – what to look for

I can’t believe the season is almost over! It’s been a journey that’s for sure.
For the finals on what to look for, it’s a bit complicated. I’ll explain:

For Evan and Anna, on Monday night they are dancing, The Viennese Waltz, Maks and Erin are dancing the Samba, and finally Nicole and Derek are dancing the rumba. Look for improvement in dancing ability, lines, posture, and finally scores. Then all the couples are dancing a freestyle. In Freestyle, anything goes. Here are some good versus bad freestyles.

Apolo and Julianne

Lance and Lacey

Kristi and Mark

Stacy and Tony

The Best freesytle
Shawn and Mark

The Worst
Marie and Jonathan (I blame this entire monstrosity on Maire)

The freestyle is the hardest to judge because so many different things go into it. Look for fun routines and routines that really show off the dancers’ personality. Lifts are usually included.

On Tuesday each the two who make it to the top two will dance two more dances, Evan and Anna will to the Argentine Tango and the Quickstep which I think are good mix. It’ll show off Evan’s strengths of lines but also give him a chance to show that he can just have fun with the dances.


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