Posted by: wagrobanite | 05/15/2010

Opinion post

Today’s post is that of opinion…

First off, what do you all think Tom was meaning:



I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen, I wonder if it’s more about the voting process? Or maybe that is me being wishful thinking. What do you all think?

The other opinion comes from this article on Derek. I understand his exhaustion complete and frankly, I’m surprised he hasn’t taken a break. I also think he deserves to get someone one at least semi-bad for once. Don’t get me wrong. I love Derek and I think he’s a fantastic choreographer. I’ve thought that before DWTS. However, I think the show in some ways makes it Derek to at least far enough in the show. Why? Because he’s popular. I understand that popularity but is that fair? No. There are many other dances who need have partners who give them a chance. Look at Edyta. She’s been with the show from the beginning and she’s only been to the finals once. I also think the judges, specifically Carrie Ann and Bruno fawn over Derek and his partners and they tend to overlook flaws that are in the dance or if they don’t they don’t dock them like they do other couples. It’s also part of the reason there needs to be a huge change in the voting system. But that’s a whole other post.


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