Posted by: wagrobanite | 05/03/2010

Week 7

Ok, I’m kind of over the “drama talk”… it’s old

Erin and Maks
– Erin is right, Maks is being a brat. Now granted I know that all of five minutes of rehearsal but still
– Nice color change!, though I like the dark better
– her frame is leaning to much toward Maks
– Nice counter checks
– They’re a little slow
– good synchro
– Very nice Charleston!
Len: Thought the start was fine. Best Dance Ever! Beautiful hold. Love the performance
Bruno: slick, lightening fast, Very did variations beautiful. Tiny tense in the shoulders
Carrie Ann: Thought it was mostly gorgeous. Great attention to detail. Well done
Score: 9, 9, 9 = 27

Chad and Cheryl
– He needs to have a shirt on..
– his shoulders keep coming up..
– This is so not a true Viennese Waltz.
Bruno: Graceful and gentle. Can’t believe. Worked a lot on extending arms but it didn’t extend to his feet. A bit heavy on the fall
Carrie Ann: agree with Bruno on the arms. Thought he was tender. Was memorized
Len: Liked his Arms. “Became a contender”
Score: 8, 9, 8 =25

I don’t get Len these days… Last week he’s harsh but this week he’s super nice… It’s like he’s bi-poloar

Nicole and Derek
– good rise and fall
– decent posture
– great lines
– lack of rise and fall there
– She almost missed that reverse heli turn
– not whole lot of basic waltz steps
– great ending turn though
Carrie Ann: “By far the best dancer” [hum I wonder why!]. Still kind of side by side. Connect was a little flat. Movements was gorgeous though
Len: loved the routine and performance. Hold was pretty good
Bruno: Had difficulty choreography but made mistakes with it. Was Amazing though
Score: 9, 9, 9 = 27

Pam and Damian
– That’s actually a great toll to try
– great rise and fall
– a little far apart but good connection
– needs to finish those movements just a bit
– needs to point the toes!
– needs a little more stretch
– wonder if that last move will count as a lift?
Len: quite, understated, work a little firm upper body. A little loose
Bruno: pure, got the character right. Got to get the top line stable
Carrie Ann: Saw improvement in legs!
Score: 8, 8, 8 =24

Nicey and Louis
– wow, can’t believe they used another song from Anything Goes
-good counter check
– a little slow
– posture is not good
– Decent dance
Bruno: Looked gorgeous. Footwork was better than Ever. Best dance today
Carrie Ann: Best dance. Everything worked well and incredibly worked
Len: Gotta lift the rib cage but best dance yet!
Score: 9, 8, 8 = 25

Evan and Anna
– good sharp movements
– needs to bring his chest up just a tad
– strong!
– great control in that lift
– wow… That was mazing
– Yea for Standing Ovation!
Carrie Ann: So sexy and refined. Great combo of Power and control. So sexy!
Len: Has a paadle he hasn’t used yet! that means a 10
Bruno: danced like a true alpha male. Aggressive, sexy, powerful.
Score: 10, 10, 10 = 30
Completely deserved it! First perfect 30!

Team Gaga
– no synchro
– better synchro
– Pam needs to roll her hips more…
– Really weak Cha Cha for Pam
– Pam didn’t finish her movements
– Lost the steps there for Pam
– Chad has no hip movements
– better movements from Chad
– Yah Nicole save this dance for them. Good hips
– Good finishes to her movements
– needs to point the feet though
– better synchro at the end…
Len: Thought formations were good. Thought Nicole was good
Bruno: the end sequence was good. Pam was good to keep up. Chad turned up the heat
Carrie Ann: Pam struggled a little bit. Sexual energy is high
Score: 9, 9, 9 – 27

Team Madonna
– Much better synchro
– Much better hips from Evan
– oh Evan… don’t count sweety
– hard to see Nicey’s hips
– really slow compared to the song for Nicey
– Erin needs to tighten her ankles
– Lack of hip movement for Erin
– good synchro at the end
Bruno: Cha Cha with a Samba feel. lack of synchro?
Carrie Ann: ending could a little earlier. Problems with synchro
Len: Thought the Celebs were brave to start the whole thing. Did a fantastic job
Score: 8, 8, 8 = 24
I thought This was better then Team GaGa


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