Posted by: wagrobanite | 04/26/2010

Week 6!

Jake and Chelsie
Needs more extension
– Nice try at a body roll
– He can shake it though
– decent running walks
– Little stumble right in front of the judges
– Needs more hip action
– recovered nicely from the stumble
– really weak attempt at a Samba roll
– decent but needs to really improve to stay
Len: Showing more confidence. performance was more polished. Lacked rhythm. Good job though
Bruno: lacked rhythm and bounce. “Didn’t wiggle correctly”
Carrie Ann: Needs to connect to the music
Score: 7, 7, 7 = 21

Evan and Anna
ohhh man I can’t watch that any more… I hear crunches….
– man he looks amazing in black and white
– shake it!
– a little lose in his arms
– wow… good hips!
– good party feel
– great running walks
– Not a whole lot of basic though
– Not the bounce that is normally in samba but it was good!
Bruno: Has a devil side. Good lyrical lines but they don’t work in Samba. Legs were turned out which isn’t good in Samba
Carrie Ann: Didn’t like it. Evan’s height was really working against him. A bit disjointed
Len: Worst dance. Too balletic… Needed more Carnival.
– I definitely agree with the judges. It was pretty but so not a Samba
Score:  7, 7, 7 = 21 (lowest score so far :”'(

Nicey and Louis
Her posture still needs work
– Kicks and flicks aren’t sharp as they could be
– Very far apart
– Very lacking in partnership
– That was… boring
Carrie Ann: “Nice to see you dancing” Dancing has come so far. New Attitude. Lines were strong. Loved that he went for the lift. Didn’t need the comedy
Len: liked the comedy. Didn’t think it interfered. Story worked. Lacked intensity.
Bruno:  Put emphasis on footwork, did lack a slight intensity. Shows improvement
Score:  7, 7, 7 = 21

Erin and Maks
– I feel her pain. I have the same problem
– Good running walks
– She still needs to point her toes!
– Needs to finish her hand positions
– Good solo steps
– wow..
– That was really good!
Len: Fed up with Maks for the choreography.
Bruno: Did a good dance for the choreography. Liked the placement in the arms. Was exciting
Carrie Ann: “You Nailed it”
Score: 9, 7, 9 = 25
– I am nitpicking but I think that dance was very good.

Chad and Cheryl
– not enough connection
– the steps are there but I really don’t feel the emotion
– he’s just standing there…
– He hit his positions but I didn’t feel
Bruno: Strong, Powerful, “proved tonight you could dance”
Carrie Ann: “you nailed it” It was dramatic, arrogant. Nice lines
Len: Grew tonight
Score: 8, 8, 8 = 24

Nicole and Derek
Also needs to point her feel more
– good running walks
– Good hip action
– fake Samba Roll?
– Very nice!
Carrie Ann: That was very good. Facial expressions need work
Len: The difficulty was great. The fake samba roll was bad. Didn’t have some basic Samba moves (which is correct)
Bruno: Dance was good.
Score:  9, 7, 10 = 26
– That did not deserve a 10 but it also didn’t deserve a 7

Pam and Damian
good lifts
– Sharp movements
– could use a little more connection
– That lunge could have been better
– losing a little of the precision
– Good connection at the end
Len: Nice intensity, got the flavor. Lift was good. a bit scruffy in parts
Bruno: Another great character.
Carrie Ann: Sexy, good commit to the character. Wanted to see more technique. Lines were ok. Lower body wasn’t great but upper body was good.
Score: 7, 7, 8 = 22

– This is really slow swing…
– chad has no rhythm

Swing Marathon order from first out to last on the floor:
1st: Jake and Chelsie 4pts
2nd: Nicey and Louis 5points
3rd: Evan and Anna 6 points
4th: Chad and Cheryl 7points
5th: Pam and Damian 8 pts
6th: Erin and Maks 9 pts
7th: Nicole and Derek 10pts


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