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DWTS Week Four

First up is how a Tango should be danced with Jonathan Roberts and Anna Dimdova.
– So amazing to watch the undefeated World Smooth Champion!
– hate this song though! So hard to find the tango beat. Not to mention its so fast…

Erin and Maks

  • That’s a bad habit to get into though, not mentioning pain. Having pain is how your body tells you something else is wrong. Get it checked out and if it’s nothing major, then work through it but it could be something that could end up debilitating you for the rest of your life. Especially with your back.
  • What a horrible song to tango too
  • love the dress
  • good outside swivels
  • Her feet are much better this dance
  • slight stumble there
  • she duck walks!
  • nice counter-check
  • Her arms need work
  • Not much facial emotion though. Looked like she was concentrating too hard
  • Len: Loved the start, Had a lot of content and appropriated it. Was a little concerned but worked hard! Had to get on heels in forward walks
  • Bruno: Started the dance well, but had a mistake in the middle and the performance was off from there
  • Carrie Ann: thought performance suffered because she was concerned on technique. Was gripping to hard again

Technique: 6, 6, 6 = 18
Performance: 7, 7, 7 = 12
Total: 39

Evan and Anna

  • First is the “puff” piece.  Says he wasn’t expecting 9s. Anna teaching him to tuck the butt. Says three is his lucky number. Anna getting mad at him for looking down. I have the same problem!
  • great opening
  • Had a slight mistep there
  • great frame
  • had moments of not tucking the butt but much better
  • still having issues with his feet… it’s not as bad at last the couple weeks and he’s looking improved but there are problems
  • This song is so hard to do a tango too
  • Evan’s happy and he get s a standing ovation!
  • Bruno: Very strong, very detailed oriented. Could see that he worked on it
  • Carrie Ann: Technique was amazing and loved the blend of artistry
  • Len: Nailed the Viennese Crosses as well as the rest of the technique

Technique: 9, 8, 9 = 26
Performance: 9, 8, 9 – 26
Total: 52

  • I’m not sure I quite agree with that… I thought it was the best so far! Much better than Erin’s that’s for sure. I wish Anna would either bring him to a ballet class or have a professional ballet dancer come to him. That will help immensly in him pointing his toes

Now we see a professional, competition style dance with Dmity and Kym! Not really a fan of Kym’s outfit as this is a family show… See I know sliding doors as Cuban walks… man that was amazing!

Nicey and Louie

  • dedicating this dance to her brother who died
  • Needs also to point her toes
  • needs more hip movements
  • quite pigeon toed
  • basic looks awkward
  • hip movements coming from the hips, not the knees where they should be
  • great ending though!
  • Not sure about the performance aspect
  • Len: did show beautiful arms and musicality. But needed more hip action. Thought it was a bit boring
  • Bruno: looked like she was in a trance. Needed more color and needed hip action. Sliding doors didn’t work. Didn’t gel
  • Carrie Ann: Felt the emotional connection. Was confused because it didn’t read well to the audience. Thought the Sliding Doors were a little sharper than should be otherwise good

Technical: 6, 6, 6=18
Performance:  6, 6, 6=18
Total: 36

Aiden and Edtya

  • good character
  • finishing his movements better!
  • hardly any basic from him… just standing there
  • Edyta is dancing around him…
  • That was hard to judge because he didn’t do a whole lot…
  • Carrie Ann: thought he looked more comfortable. But thought his technique was lacking. His movement was from his chest up
  • Len: acted out the dance. But there was no flow, no musicality
  • Bruno: The looks on the face were good. Very robotic. There was no flow

Technique: 5, 5, 5 = 15
Performance: 6, 6, 6 = 18
Total: 33

Nicole and Derek

  • needs to point her toes too
  • great windmill spin
  • better hip movement there
  • great show of flexibility and control
  • wow… Great arabesque!
  • Bruno: Beautiful to watch. Some hesitations and a little stumbles.
  • Len: Got the balance between technique and performance. Over-exagerated her arms on the sliding doors
  • Carrie Ann: Ankles were loose. Liked the traditional lines and a little nervous

Technique: 9, 8, 8 = 25
Performance: 8, 8, 9 = 25
Total: 50

Jake and Chelsie

  • what’s with all the fast songs for tango?
  • Needed to straighten that back leg
  • Chelsie missed her hold there
  • his hold/frame is bad
  • his facial expressions aren’t the right chracter for the dance
  • the steps up and over the steps was nice!
  • stumble there… not good
  • Almost a lift there
  • Len: Attacked the dance was well done. Due to that attack, had stumbled. Had great attitude
  • Bruno: Very messay! Lost posture and had questionable footwork. Has to be clean
  • Carrie Ann: Not quite connected with Chelsie. Liked performance part of the dance

Technique: 6, 7, 6=19
Performance: 7, 6, 6=19
Total: 38

Kate and Tony

  • Kate, so is everybody else with the exception of Nicole. Nobody else has done that!
  • She brings the stuff on her self by checking the news about herself.
  • Tony!
  • She is just making excuses…
  • much better frame
  • a little slow for the song
  • Needs to point her toes
  • She’s duck walking
  • Its still not good but it’s better than last week
  • Ok that ending was good
  • Bruno: There was a mini – breakthrough tonight. Step in the right direction. Technique was still bad
  • Carrie Ann: Is proud. Doesn’t have artistry but has determination. There was a semi left at the end
  • Len: Complements Tony. Says it’s Kate’s best dance so far

Technique: 4, 5, 5=14
Performance: 6, 6, 6 -18
Total: 32

– I do actually like this two score thing…

Chad and Cheryl

  • that was almost a lift there..
  • he has no hips.
  • There are some hip movements
  • His posture is much better tonight
  • good hip movements there
  • That pull was very much a jerk, not a pull
  • That was ok… a little too forced
  • Carrie Ann: Turned on the heat. Says his best dance yet. Still some awkward movments though
  • Len: Improved in posture and performance. Says best dance yet
  • Bruno: Had good lines and commended him for it

Technique: 7, 6, 8 = 21
Performace: 8, 7, 8 =23
Total: 44

Pam and Damian

  • Hey look Damian’s wearing Mark’s Rumba outfit!
  • gret hip action…
  • needs to finish just a bit more
  • great slow swivals
  • wow.. that was really good
  • Len: understated but had sophistication. Very good technique. A little bit over dressed
  • Bruno:  Refined and excellent. Best Dance ever
  • Carrie Ann: Beautiful, sophistication. Finished every line. Just a slight line correction

Technique: 7, 8, 8 = 23
Performace: 8, 7, 9 = 24
Total: 47
– I thought Carrie Ann underscored her… That performance deserved 8s and 9s

Best Tango performance: Evan
Worst Tango: Kate

Best Rumba Performance: Pam
Worst Rumba: Nicey


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