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DWTS: Week Two

Based on last week’s dancing I would put Kate as going home but we shall see how tonight goes as everybody has an “opposite” dance. So if they had Latin last week, they have Standard/Smooth this week and vice versa.

– Evan looks more relaxed this week. That bodes well.

Shannen and Mark

–          This is a good lesson for Mark

–          Mark is over-dancing her…

–          She’s trying but she’s off rhythm

–          She’s slower than he is and it looks off

–          Not a whole lot of basic jive steps…

–          Flecks lack staccato

–          Well she tried

–           Len says she showed energizing but lacked control. Told her to work on the finesse

–          Bruno: thought her energy was so much better. Told her to keep her weight on the toes

–          Carrie Ann said that Mark’s pushing paid off and nice to see a brighter side of Shannen and needs to work on musicality

Score:  7, 6, 7 = 20, 38 out of 60 for the two weeks

Aiden and Edyta

–          Woah… I’ve never seen Edyta get fed up like that

–          Needs more extension

–          Good frame, except he’s kind of leaning over her

–          Nice and rise and fall needed for Foxtrot

–          Needs a bit of work on his feet

–          I’m not really a fan of that choreography

–          Great ending!

–          Bruno: sees hope for Aiden, notice good frame… “Get your knickers in a twist” Needs to stay focus

–          Carrie Ann: “Nice Job!” Says that there was improvement from last week

–          Len: Noticed good footwork. Saw improvement

Score:  7, 6, 6 = 19… I though it definitely deserved 7s

Evan and Anna

–          Evan needs to lay off the Spray tan…

–          Fluff piece shows them rehearsing, going to Naperville for “Evan’s day”

–          The flecks are a little hard to see in Keds

–          Good extension

–          Good kicks

–          Good character dancing

–          Just slightly off in his musical timing there

–          That was better than last week in terms of connection

–          Carrie Ann says, it had great energy; said Jive was good despite having long limbs. Says Connection was there

–          Len:  thought he overcame height well. Thought he needed to work on sharpening his footwork. Great improvement

–          Bruno:  Had great connection. Needs to point on the feet

Score: 8, 8, 8 = 24

Nicey and Louis

–          I wondered if Louis’s teaching might be an issue

–          Needs work on her posture

–          Got the character of the dance

–          The dress obscures her footwork a bit

–          Hate the ending…

–          Len: it had musicality, liked the sassy twist. Compared with last week, she’s a revolution

–          Bruno: Nicely done, very light

–          Carrie Ann: thought she might have had a lift. Likes she understands the movement. Would like Nicey to go a bit bigger next week

Score:  7, 7, 7 =21

Jake and Chellsie

–          Seriously don’t kill her…

–          Len will hate the opening…

–          Nice try at a heel slide

–          Do not like his posture or his hold on her right her…

–          Very tentative on those flicks

–          His flicks aren’t as sharp as Chellsie’s

–          Good job for week two. There are definitely things he needs to work on

–          Bruno says sees that Jake wants this badly and wishes everybody worked as hard. Needs to work on precision and technique

–          Carrie Ann: They did a lift… had great energy and like the way they attack

–          Len says it was a little heavy and says he truly hopes its not Jake leaving tomorrow

Score: 6, 7, 7 = 20 Right where I would put them

–          There are some really awkward pauses here with Brooke hosting

Buzz and Ashly

–          Ohh poor Ash…

–          I love her dress!

–          Come on ABC producers… could you get any cheesier?

–          He’s very pigeon toed

–          He needs a posture bar..

–          He’s trying but his footwork needs work

–          Ashly is working so hard

–          He may be a national hero but he needs to go home

–          Carrie Ann says that it was very tender and charming. Had an emotional quality. The dancing part wasfearful and that he looked like he was afraid.  Said it was a nice effort

–          Len can’t criticize a legend and that he inspires people to do something whatever their age

–          Bruno:  He looked like he was avoiding creators

Score: 4, 4, 4 = 12. Right where it should be

Nicole and Derek

–          I really like that she’s wanting traditional! Oh Nicole I love you for this!

–          Ohh this isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be….

–          Great heel slide Derek

–          Wow… those kicks are great

–          Need to point her toes in flicks and flacks

–          Needs to work on pointing her toes majorly

–          That was very good!

–          Len says he’s ambivalent. Parts were fantastic but others not so much. Traditional parts were really good. Thinks she’s very talented dancer. Good job

–          Bruno: says it was Phenomenal. Never seen a jive that good on week two

–          Carrie Ann:  Says it was perfection and she loved it

Score:  10, 8, 10. Definitely over scored. Didn’t deserve 10s …

Erin and Maks

–          Good frame!

–          Good mix of foxtrot moves and non

–          decent footwork

–          Don’t like the ending but over all a good dance!

–          Bruno: says Erin’s a natural (hum I wonder why *eye roll). Says she needs to finish movements and make there’s a purpose for them

–          Carrie Ann: Says it was great to dance alone, great flexibility but release the “death work

–          Len: Frame was generally good but footwork could use some work

Score:  8, 7, 8 =23

Pam and Damian

–          I think it’s weird that they kept covering up Melissa Rycroft’s tattoo but not Pam’s

–          Oh god… seriously?!

–          Len’s not going to like this beginning…

–          Good frame though she’s leaning forward a bit

–          Needs to extend her arms and finish things

–          Okay footwork

–          Carrie Ann:  Says that she’s good at playing different characters. Needs to work on her frame

–          Len:  Said it had cheeky charm and needs to work on the posture

–          Bruno: says it was well executed dance to Marilyn Monroe and it was a good dance

Score:  7, 7, 8 = 22

Chad and Cheryl

–          Awww I love this song

–          Needs work on his footwork..

–          I don’t really like Cheryl’s dress

–          Better posture this week

–          Needs smile…

–          Needs to finish his movements. It’s almost there but not quite

–          He’s leaning in his posture…

–          Len says that there was terrible posture and that it was like the snow, glad when it’s all over

–          Bruno:  says he looked uncomfortable, no musicality, and cumbersome

–          Carrie Ann: says he has great potential and has connection Cheryl and needs to understand the movement and then let it go. Says he’s look like he’s thinking too much

Score:  6, 5, 5 = 16. Right where it should be

Kate and Tony

–          Ug Kate quit whining! Listen to Tony!

–          Poor Tony L

–          Man her feet are bad…

–          Very slow on her part

–          Wow those flicks are sad

–          Off the routine

–          She’s so not having fun

–          Doesn’t know her footwork.

–          How is that not a lift?

–          Wow… that was… bad

–          At least she tried?

–          Bruno:  Need to get acting lessons to get engaged and into the character. Needs to learn how to sell.

–          Carrie Ann: Postive thing was that she made it through.  Had a lift

–          Len:  Thought nerves got to. Needs to come out and just go for it.

Score:  5, 5, 5 = 15… wow higher than I thought… that dance was just bad


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