Posted by: wagrobanite | 03/27/2010

Is the ISU nuts?

This message is coming from a link from my twitter:

The short dance will replace the CD and OD and be 2 minutes 50 seconds, plus or minus 10 seconds. All the music will be provided by the couple. The proposed plan is for the novice teams to continue to compete the compulsories, the junior teams will do two patterns of the compulsories (which are now called “pattern dances”) and the seniors will do one pattern. Each sequence of the dance will be counted as a required element and given levels and GOEs. To determine the level, the technical committee will pick out the “key points” of the dance and then base the level on how well these parts in particular were performed.

For the juniors, the short dance will include two sequences of the Viennese Waltz, one short lift, one optional lift, twizzles, and the midline step sequence. Aside from the Viennese, one or two additional rhythms may be chosen from waltz, tango, foxtrot, and quickstep. The rhythms may be repeated. For the senior short dance, there will be one short lift and one optional lift, one pattern of the Golden Waltz, the twizzle sequence, the midline step sequence, and what they are calling a “combination of steps nd turns from known pattern dances.” It sounds to me like they will be taking smaller parts of other compulsories and requiring them to be fit into the dance. In addition, they emphasized that integration of the rhythms will be key in the components marks and that the dances do not have to be in the ballroom style. One official actually referenced Dancing with the Stars and encouraged teams to do a “modern” interpretation.

The major discussion at the meeting was about the new short dance, but there were some other interesting points for the free dance rules for next year. The biggest change is that the free dance music will be required to have an “uplifting effect” and there will be a deduction if the music is determined to be depressing. For costumes, the ladies must have a full skirt and their upper body must be mostly covered. Seniors will have the option in the FD of two short and one long lift or four short lifts. Kneeling/knee sliding/sitting on the ice will be considered a fall and a deduction will be taken. In what I would like to call the Domnina/Shabalin rule, no part of the costume may be used as support for any lift. They have also added some new features to the twizzles, including having the head completely back with the face to the ceiling as an additional feature.


The most important things I have bolded and put in italics… My thoughts? The ISU is nuts to try to imply these changes to Ice dancing. Who’s decision is it too say what music is uplifting and what isn’t. That is plain old stupidity on their part. As for the skirts… are they asking a girl to get seriously hurt? Long skirts are more easily caught in skates as seen in yesterday’s free dance. The girl recovered nicely (and most people wouldn’t have noticed if the commentators didn’t call it out) and she wasn’t hurt but there is huge potential for accidents. As for upper body covered, I can kind of get that and I think I know which costumes those are coming from (see this one, though granted that is a pairs couple), but what are they, the Taliban? As long as any genitals aren’t showing, I don’t see problem with it. Man I hope these changes do not pass… They will ruin the sport of Ice Dancing. I’m scared to see what they come up with for the other disciplines.


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