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Ice Dancing Free dance

The ending group is going to make me nervous!

Reed/Reed representing Japan

Skating to: Angels and Demons (soundtrack) by Joshua Bell and Hans Zimmer

–          I adore this score, Joshua Bell rocks

–          Nice flow across the ice

–          Love that split lift!

–          Okay twizzels, he ended his early

–          I don’t particularly like their costumes  because there is so much flying that it’s hard to see good movement

–          Nice positions in that lift

–          Nice spins, though a little slow

–          Very nice deep curves but a little slow

Score:  79.44 new season’s best

Total: 154.93

Mysliveckova/Novak representing Czech Republic

Skating to: Blues for Klook by Eddie Louis

–          Interesting music

–          Good twizzels

–          That’s unique, split legs over one his

–          Nice speed and flow across the ice

–          Nice spin sequence

–          Twizzels look a little short

–          That last lift should be held longer

Missed score to computer problems

Yu/Want representing China

Missed due to computer mishap

Geil/Matsjuk representing Austria

Skating to: Music by John Miles

–          Good twizzels

–          That was a cool lift

–          Wow, that’s a cool lift

–          They have good speed across the ice

–          Could be a tiny bit faster here

–          He finished that twizzels set early..

–          I really like this song…

–          Interesting ending…not that exciting

Score: 70.92 (what was the deduction for?)

Total: 142.49

Mallory/Rand representing Estonia

Skating to: ?

–          She’s beautiful!

–          Nice position on that lift

–          Nice speed right here

–          Their twizzels aren’t as advanced as some of the other teams

–          Good twizzels!

–          Wow!!! That’s a really cool lift!

Score: 77.00

Total: 147.39

–          Yea for another Igor team!!!

Samuelson/Bates representing USA

Skating to: Canto Della Terra performed by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli

–          I love this lift in the hydroplane lift

–          Very lovely twizzels

–          Very unique lift in her lower on the boots of Evan

–          I wonder why Tantih says that music without cuts is harder to portray. I would think it would be easier

–          Love the split!

–          Very nice speed and ice coverage

–          Very nice!

Score: 83.37

Total: 168.77

Carron/Jones representing France

Skating to: Adagio performed by Il Divo

–          This is not my favorite Il Divo piece…

–          Nice speed in twizzels but lacked synchro slight

–          Very nice speed across the ice

–          Very fast rotation on that lift

–          I agree with Tanith and Ben, they are losing a little speed as the program draws to a close

–          I’m not a fan of that ending…

Score: 80.79 new seasons’ best

Total: 161.86

Hoffmann/Zavozin representing Hungary

Skating to: So Excited by Janet Jackson, Hush Hush by Pussycat Dolls, Rock This Party

–          Ok… interesting music

–          Good speed

–          That lift looked… sloppy

–          Ohh those twizzels were slow and hers was close the boards

–          He missed his foot on his twizzel

–          That lift would be even cooler if she outstretched her right leg

–          Losing speed in this section

–          Out of synch on those twizzels

–          That’s a cool lift, him on one blade

–          Slow on that spin sequence

–          Ended so slow!

Score: 83.52

Total: 166.90

Rubleva/Shefer representing Russia

Skating to: Une Vie d’Amour by Charles Aznavour and Mireille Mathieu

–          I love her dress

–          Out of synch on those twizzels

–          A little slow in this pass

–          Wow that’s a unique lift

–          Very slow in that spin sequence

–          Great recovery with the skirt stuck

–          Very slow in that “footwork” section

Score: whops missed it

Total: whops missed it

Navarro/Bomentre representing USA

Skating to: One by U2 and Mary J. Blige

–          I love this team

–          Great twizzels but off on the first ones

–          I love that lift!

–          A little close to the boards there

–          Great speed in this spin sequence

–          Great lift!

–          Great lift!

–          I love the ending on this program

Score: 77.99

Total: 159.68

Bobrova/Soloviev representing Russia

Skating to: Adagio by Tomaso Albinoni performed by Il Divo

–          Great speed in that spin sequence

–          Ohh that’s a cool lift!

–          A little slow in those twizzels

–          Great speed in those twizzels and good unison!

–          A little out of synch there in those twizzels

–          They’re not really working with the music… not a fan of that piece

Score:  89.76 new season’s and personal best

Total:  177.23

Cappellini/Lanotte representing Italy

Skating to: Addiction (Requiem for a Dream soundtrack by Clint Mansell)

–          Good speed and positions in that spin sequence

–          Love that lift!

–          Oh no! he ran into her

–          Good recovery

–          Wow! I love that lift too

–          I love her dress

–          Loosing speed throughout this program

Score: 79.07

Total: 164.52

Crone/Poirier representing Canada

Skating to: Nocturne by Paul Swartz, performed by Lucia Micarelli, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

–          Good speed

–          Great lifts

–          I’m not a fan of this piece… there are other better Micarelli pieces.

–          Ohh great low lift!

–          I do love the transition between Nocture and Bohemian Rhapsody

–          I love this lift

–          A little slow on those twizzels

–          Great speed in this spin sequence

–          Ohhh kind of missed that ending

Score: 91.22 new seasons’ and persona best

Total: 180.30

Zaretsky/Zaretsky representing Israel

Skating to: Schindler’s List (soundtrack) by John Williams

–          Taking a ton of time to set up

–          Oh love that lift!

–          I’m not a fan of this music but they’re making it work

–          Nice flexibility there

–          Good speed and unison in the those twizzels

–          Nice variations

–          Losing a little speed in this step sequence

–          Very close to the boards at the end

–          Losing a little speed at the end of that pairs spin

Score: 91.34 new seasons’ best

Total:  181.26

Pechalat/Bourzat representing France

Skating to: Circus Medley

–           How is this circus music?

–          Good flow

–          Not huge fans of that lift…

–          Great entry into that straightened lift

–          He’s yellow?!

–          Good speed

–          Great unison on those twizzels

–          Very fun program

–          Ohhh nice back flip to end the grogram!

Score: 98.09 and a new seasons’ and person best

Total: 194.39

Davis/White representing USA

Skating to: Phantom of the Opera Overture, Music of the Night, Point of No Return

–          Love this program!

–          Love that entrants into the pairs spins

–          Great first set of lifts!

–          Such deep edges!

–          Such musical depth

–          Love that lift!

–          Great twizzels!

–          Losing a little bit of speed in that section in the corning

–          AMAZING!

Score:  110.49! New Season’s and Personal best

Total: 223.03

Virture/Moir representing Canda

Skating to: Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler – arrangement by Ryner Stoetzer

–          Such a beautiful couple on the ice

–          Oh Scott, I love your looks!

–          Amazing lift and stability

–          Great positions and speed in that spin sequence

–          A little lose on synchro on the first twizzel

–          The Goose!

–          Love this spin!

Score:  110.03

Total: 224.43!

Faiella/Scali representing Italy

Skating to: Gli Emigranti by Nino Rota

–          I kind of like this program because it’s personal to them

–          I love this entrance and that lift

–          Slow in that spin sequence

–          First set of twizzels were a little off

–          I am not a fan of that position for her in that lift…

–          I love that she lifts him!

Score:  97.84

Total: 197.85

Kerr/Kerr representing Great Britain

Skating to: Krwlng by Linkin Park

–          I honestly do not like this program

–          Missed her blade for the first twizzels

–          They are getting sloppy in this program

–          I love that lift though

–          This program… kind of bores me

–          And her lifting him, that is awesome

–          The hydroplane “lift” is cool too

Score:  35.32

Total: ?

1st: Virture/Moir

2nd: Meryl/Davis

3rd: Faiella/Scali

Americans place:  2, 9, and teens


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