Posted by: wagrobanite | 03/25/2010

Men’s free progam write up

Jinlin Guan representing China
Skating to Turadont by Bizet

–          Nice first triple but stepped out on it

–          Good second jump!

–          a little awkward on that jump

–          Nice Triple axel

–          great speed in this footwork sequence

–          Nice triple/double combo with good speed

–          Nice jump

–          I love this music…

–          that crescendo would be an excellent place for a spiral or spread eagle

–          several nice jumping passes including a 3 jump combo

–          Lots of passion in this section footwork sequence

–          Good musical feeling!

–          Bet he’s happy with that performance!

Score:  123.23
Total: 182.86

Ari-Pekka Nuremkari representing Finland
Skating to: A nightwish song

–          High and clean jump!

–          Nice and high first jump in that combo but the little lacked a little speed

–          Good speed

–          Singled that jump

–          Nice sal (?)

–          Nice positions in that spin

–          Good speed in this circular footwork section

–          Nice double loop

–          Very big double jump.

–          Spun out a little on that lutz (?)

–          Nice footwork sequence, a bit slow

–          Nice Triple Axel/Triple combo

–          Kind of slow in this final spin

Score:  93.89 which is new season’s best
Total: 148.34

Rakimagaliev representing Kazakhstan
Skating to: Diva

–          Nice triple axel/double/double combo

–          A little wonky on that exit of the double/double combo

–          Nice and high that jump!

–          Nice speed across the ice

–          Good Lutz

–          Oh man, leaning in the air on that one but he pulled it around

–          Nice axel

–          Someone needs to clean one of the camera lenses… there are water spots

–          Nice jump

–          Wow, good speed going into this footwork sequence!

–          Great musicality!

–          Nice double!

–          His camel spin could be stretched out a little more

–          Wow good things coming from Kazakhstan!

Score: 111.60 which is a new season’s best!

Total: 166.20

Alexandr Kazakov representing Belarus
Skating to: Requiem

–          Nice and high that jump!

–          A little slow on that jump combo

–          Better speed on that second jump combo

–          Good speed in this footwork sequence

–          A little scratching on that axel but clean

–          Could use better positions in that spin

–          Good jump (loop?)

–          Nice jump

–          Getting the crowd engaged

–          Good footwork but a tiny bit slow

–          Could jump combo

–          Nice second axel

–          Ok random change in music… that doesn’t flow

–          Again could use better positions in his spins

–          But he’s happy!

Score:  121.33
Total: 175.57

Ryan Bradley representing the United States
Skating to: Amadeus / Mozart Medley

–          I love this routine

–          Ohhh almost went down on that first jump (A quad!)

–          And he goes down on the second jump… not looking good

–          Such amazing footwork

–          Huge double axel!

–          Nice lutz but close to the boards!

–          This footwork sequence is just so infectious!

–          Good salchow

–          Beautiful stretch

–          Ohh shaky landing on that jump

–          Good clean combo there!

–          Two footed that first jump in that combo but otherwise clean!

–          A little slow in this spin

–          Much better in this one

–          Attempted two quads, landed one consider he has a broken foot!

Score:  123.14
Total:  179.24

Jamal Othman representing Switzerland
skating to: Asturias

–          Good speed

–          Huge double axel into another double

–          Very nice combo

–          Two footed that jump

–          Very nice jump

–          A little slow in this footwork sequence but it fits with the music

–          Fell on that jump

–          Kind of scratch lutz

–          Next jump ok but close to the boards

–          Again slow in this footwork sequence compared to the music

–          Axel was landed clean but the exit was kind of funky

–          Finished a little late

Score: 99.06
Total:  136.41

Kevin Reynolds representing Canada

Skating to: Led Zeppelin Medley

–          Good speed going into his first jump

–          Very nice loop?

–          Two footed that jump

–          Singled his axel

–          Nice jump combo though slightly slow

–          Second axel clean and a nice clean combo

–          Nice jump and great smooth exit coming out

–          Crowd getting into his music

–          Nice toe?

–          Good three jump combo but not a lot of speed

–          Needs better positions in this spin.

Score: 145.38 new season’s best

Total: 216.58

Min-Seok Kim representing the republic of Korea

Skating to: Flamenco Rhapsody

–          This is Flamenco?

–          Nice high axel/combo clean

–          Fell on that jump

–          His choreography doesn’t really fit flamenco

–          Landed that but close to the boards

–          Nice spins though

–          Good speed into this triple axel but fell

–          Oh my gosh! Crashed into the boards but he’s up!

–          Double/single/single combo

–          Slower than he was

–          Picked up speed

–          Almost goes down again but landed it

–          Slow footwork sequence

–          Could be a tad lower in that sit spin

–          Good job for keeping up after that scary crash!

Score: 89.51

Total: 149.31

Florent Amodio representing France

Skating to: Amelie, Nocture. 20

–          I don’t get this program but I love his skating

–          Huge double axel

–          Great speed

–          Ok Triple axel, but wonky landing

–          Stepped out on that jump

–          Good speed through this circular step sequence

–          Very nice axel/jump combo!

–          Landed that jump combo with good speed!

–          He looks so happy out there!

–          Great toe?

–          Nice position in that spin set

–          Good lutz

–          Whoops, pooped a double there

–          Man he get so into this section footwork sequence!

–          Slowed a little at the end but good program!

Score: 128.94

Total: 197.25

Viktor Pfeifer representing Austria

Skating to: piece by J. Rodrigo

–          Popped his first jump into a single

–          Huge axel/combo landed welled

–          Good jump combo there

–          Possible two footed that last jump

–          Good positions in that first spin sequence

–          A little slow in this footwork section but it’s ok because the music is slow

–          Not really a fan of this music or maybe it’s his choreography

–          Stepped out on that jump as well as put his hand down

–          Ok jump combo… stepped out on the second jump

–          Fell out of that jump too

–          Landed that jump okay

–          Again slow through this footwork sequence

–          I love the last position on that spin

Score: 110.84

Total: 170.79

Anton Kovalevski representing Ukraine

Skating to: Stazione del Palerno by Vali

–          Huge axel but had a fall. Second jump okay

–          Put his hands down on the second axel attempt

–          Landed that jump cleanly

–          Landed that axel

–          Leaning way over on this jump

–          Good position in that spin sequence

–          A little slow compared to the music for this footwork sequence

–          Good combo though his free leg should extended more

–          Wonky on that landing on that jump but he stayed upright

–          I really like his low position in his sit spin

–          Good Choreography though!

–          No one does sitting spreads anymore. Nice to see that

–          Nice jump towards the end of the program!

–          Uh oh… finished kind of late

Score: 118.48

Total: 186.03

Javier Fernandez representing Spain

Skating to: Pirates of the Caribbean

–          Landed a quad but very stepped out landing

–          Very nice and high jump and landed cleanly!

–          Ohh had problems on that jump, two footed maybe?

–          Slow coming out of that spin but maybe it was part of the choreography?

–          Lol plays a drunk well

–          Very unique footwork sequence

–          He’s a very lyrical skater…

–          Huge triple axel/double combo

–          Nice solid jump

–          Good spread eagle

–          Nice jump

–          3 jump combo landed cleanly

–          No height on that jump and stepped out a little be on that last one

–          Of course, famous overture = straight line footwork

–          Good speed in that line

–          Traveling a lot on that second to last spin

–          Good positions in that final spin

Score: 144.01 new seasons’ best

Total:  215.66

Denis Ten representing Kazakhstan

Skating to: Paso Doble music

–          Huge triple axel/double combo

–          I’m not a fan of this music

–          Very nice axel

–          Landed that jump nicely!

–          Ohhh fell on the loop

–          Nice recovery with that jump

–          Very fast spinning!

–          Popped that one…

–          Two footed both of the jumps in that combo

–          Great speed through this circular footwork

–          Nicely landed there

–          A little wobbly in this spin

–          Ok now this is Paso music!

–          Good speed through this straight line footwork!

–          Needs more stretch in his illusion and camel spins

–          Good job little man!

Score: 125.06

Total: 202.46

Sergei Voronov representing Russia

Skating to: Schindler’s List

–          Landed a quad well

–          Landed that but ice flew up and quite close to the boards

–          Popped a huge axel

–          Good speed

–          Fell on that jump

–          Great speed eagle into that jump

–          Was that intentional?

–          Some solid jumping passes

–          Last comb had a huge lack of speed and hardly any ice coverage

–          Kind of slowing down

–          Nice axel at the very end of the program

Score: 127.18

Total: 200.60

Samuel Contesti representing Italy

Skating to: Panpipes of the Andes

–          Interesting music

–          Good speed

–          Stepped out of a huge triple axel

–          Nice landing there!

–          Crowd really getting into the music

–          Quad?

–          Okay positions in his spins

–          Very nice circular footwork

–          Traveling a bit on those spins

–          Huge triple axel but had to put his hand down, second jump was good

–          Nice jump!

–          Another good jump

–          I have to say I like this program a lot better than his short

–          The crowd sure loves him

–          Very unique footwork in this straight line but a bit slow

–          Ohh stepped out on the second jump of that combo

–          Ohhh face plant on the third jump of that combo… it’s almost like he didn’t plan to do the third one and stuck it in anyway

–          He’s laughing about it

Score: 140.26

Total: 218.66

Adam Rippon representing USA

Skating to: Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

–          Good speed

–          Nice jump combo right off the bat!

–          Stepped out of his huge triple axel, double jump afterwards was clean

–          Beautiful jump!

–          Nice axel!

–          The Botanio lutz!

–          The Rippon, though maybe two footed and 2 jumps

–          Nice and high there

–          I like him using illusion turns

–          Nice Russian

–          Great jump

–          Beautiful doughnut

–          Great spin position

–          Holy crap that was a fast scratch spin!

–          Good job!!!

Score: 151.36

Total: 231.47

Adrian Schultheiss representing Sweden

Skating to:  Teardrop, something else

–          U…. not really feelin’ the straight jacket

–          Nice opening jump

–          Great jumps there. I do like of like how he’s keeping his arms tucked until the landing

–          Nice combo there

–          Not really fan of this program…

–          Huge triple axel!

–          Nice jump though slightly off on the landing

–          Interesting positions in this spin set

–          A little wonky on that landing

–          Landed that jump

–          Needs to straighten his free leg in that sit spin

–          No speed into that 3 jump combo

–          Good speed in this footwork sequence

–          Woah we now have commentator?!

Score: 145.91

Total: 218.26

Kevin Van Der Peren representing Belgium

Skating to: ?

–          Nice quad/triple/triple! (That’s Paul!)

–          Nice triple axel

–          Double flip

–          Very very slow in this step sequence

–          Dude guy needs to be smacked. Dance/Choreography are sports too

–          I totally Agree Paul

–          Nice jump there

–          Nice triple flip/double toe

–          “you need to build everything” – Paul Wylie

–          Good triple loop

–          Nice triple there

–          Again slow in this footwork

–          Just really slow!

–          Speaking from experience Paul? J

–          Barely held that Triple sal

–          Very slow into this spin sequence

Score: 144.88 season’s best!

Total: 218.43

Jeremy Abbot representing USA

Skating to: Symphony No. 3 by Saint Saens

–          Fell on the quad toe L

–          Nice flip but leaning a bit

–          Nice triple axel/triple loop

–          Seems a little slow….

–          Fell on a double axel  L

–          Good triple axel/double toe loop

–          Nice 3 jump combo

–          Oh a little wobbly on that last jump

–          Nice jump there

–          Love Jeremy’s spin positions

Score:  151.05

Total: 232.10

Takahiko Kozuka representing Japan
skating to: Guitar Concerto

–          Fell on the quad toe

–          Great speed

–          Singled his axel

–          Nice 3 jump combo

–          Great position in this spin sequence

–          Great speed in this circular footwork

–          Great spread eagle into that combo

–          He’s a very lyrical skater

–          Popped and fell on the axel

–          Great recovery with that jump

–          Nice jump

–          I love this footwork sequence

–          Great final scratch spin!

Score:  132.53

Total:  216.73

Brian Joubert representing France

Skating to: Ancient Lands

–          Nice quad/double

–          Nice second quad, a little bit scratchy

–          Held on to that triple axel

–          Fell on the lutz

–          Held on to that jump

–          Triple lutz/double toe

–          Stepped out of the triple loop

–          Decent speed in this footwork sequence

–          Nice triple/double/double combo

–          Slow in that spin sequence

–          Needs to be lower in his sit spin

Score: 154.04 new seasons’ best

Total:  241.74

Patrick Chan representing Canada

Skating to: Phantom of the Opera

–          Nice triple axel/double toe loop but put his free foot down

–          Nice triple toe/flip combo

–          I love this program

–          Held on to that lutz

–          He is almost skating like he’s tired

–          Very nice triple axel!

–          Nice 3 jump combo

–          Gorgeous spread eagle into a triple loop

–          Fell on the triple loop

–          Stepped out of that jump

–          Nice axel

–          Great footwork sequence!

Score: 159.42

Total: 247.22

Michal Brezina representing Czech Republic

Skating to: An American in Paris by Gershwin

–          Very nice triple axel!

–          Very gorgeous jump!

–          Very nice loop

–          Traveling a bit in that spin combination

–          Good speed in this circular sequence

–          Smile!

–          Great spread eagle into the spin combination

–          Good triple axel/double toe

–          Awww put his hand down on the first jump in that combo

–          Great recovery!

–          Nice lutz!

–          Nice 3 jump combo!

–          A little slow in this footwork sequence

–          Great spin for him!

Score: 154.11 new season’s best and personal best!

Total: 236.06

Daisuke Takahashi representing Japan
Skating to Rota piece

–          Quad flip but two footed

–          Nice triple axel/double toe very effortless

–          Nice triple loop!

–          Good speed his foot sequences

–          Ohh almost tipped over on the second jump of that combo

–          Nice but ice did fly up at that jump

–          Very nice second triple axel

–          Very gorgeous jumping!

–          Great combo

–          Not a fan of his spin positions though

–          Great speed and choreography in this sequence!

–          Got a standing o!

Score: 168.40 new season’s best!


Final standings:

1st:  Daisuke Takahashi

2nd:  Chan

3rd: Joubert

Americans in 5th and 6th. Awesome!


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