Posted by: wagrobanite | 03/21/2010

Best of the rest?

Today’s post, one day before the season starts, I am doing what I feel is the best of 9 seasons. This was a hard choice because there are have been some great and exceptional dances. The following are four dances I feel are the best of the best:

Apolo Ono from Season 4 (The Paso Doble):

This dance was just absolute fantastic. Great musicality to a song that isn’t a Paso song; great choreography and just overall amazing!

Jennie Garth with Season 5 (Cha Cha)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Jennie was robbed of a spot in the finals. This cha cha is a cute, cheeky dance, just like its suppose to be.

Apolo Ono on the 100th episode of DWTS

Apolo came back to dance for the 100th episode and it looked like he never left!

Shawn Johnson from season 9 (Quickstep)

Shawn is just perfect in this dance. Great music, choreography and just a perfect dance.


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