Posted by: wagrobanite | 03/02/2010

New DWTS Cast!

Yesterday the 10th season of Dancing With the Stars announced their cast (partners were announced this morning). I will say that this is probably the worst cast they’ve ever had. I’m not happy about several of these but excited about one!

Pamela Anderson, model/actress
: Damian Whitewood
I feel so incredibly bad for Damian. He’s a good dancer but to get a fanatical nut like Pam Anderson on your first season? It’s almost like ABC doesn’t want these new people to come back
Odds to win:

Chad Ochocinco, football player
Cheryl Burke
I don’t know Chad, have never seen him play but he did get a good partner in Cheryl in terms of knowing what it takes to win.
Odds to win:
25 – 1

Aiden Turner, actor
Pro: Edyta Sliwinska
I don’t know who this is, except that he’s on a Soap. Who knows..
Odds to win: 35-1

Erin Andrews, ESPN commentator
Maksim ChmerkovskiyThis one surprises me because Erin claimed she wasn’t a celebrity and didn’t want to take part in Hollywood.
Odds to win: 25-1

Shannen Doherty, actress
Mark Ballas
ABC is taking a huge risk with Shannen. Hopefully Mark can keep a handle on her and she won’t get into cat fights with the other women on Mondays and Tuesdays. The times, they should her “dancing” on Charmed she had decent rhythm so how long she stays remains to be see, especially with Mark as her partner
Odds to win:

Buzz Aldrin, astronaut
Ashly Costa (Formally Ashly DelGrosso)
Wow… way to welcome Ashly back to family, Give her a stinker! Buzz is the oldest man to compete on DWTS and second oldest overall. The man is 80 years old!
Odds to win
: 90-1

Niecy Nash, actress
Louis Van Amstel
I have no idea who this women but Louis is a good teacher, as proven last season with Kelly
Odds to win:

Nicole Scherzinger, singer
Pro: Derek Hough
This wasn’t isn’t fair to the rest of the field for the most part. Like Mya from last season, Nicole is a professional dancer. Now granted it is a different form of dance but she is a dancer. Plus Derek has won several times… I predict she places second.
Odds to win: 4-1

Jake Pavelka, the Bachelor
Pro: Chelsie Hightower
Not happy at this either… I don’t know hy he wants to do the show especially since he just ended his own reality show..
Odds to win: 45-1

Evan Lysacek, figure skater
Pro: Anna Trebunskaya
This is the only team I’m excited about. If you know me, or read this blog, you’ll know I’m huge Evan fan. I’m also a huge Anna fan and it’s about time she got someone good!  I predict Evan will win
Odds to win: 3-2

Kate Gosselin, reality star
Tony Dovolani
I’m so upset at this one… Tony got screwed. Kate needs to go to PA and stay at home with her kids. If she needs money, get a real job like the rest of us. Not to mention this: “Kate says she’ll be practicing her moves in a newly converted dance studio in her basement of her home: So she can be close to her kids. And a source tells us “DWTS” is footing the bill for the makeshift studio (Source)
Odds to win: 80-1


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