Posted by: wagrobanite | 03/01/2010

Wrap up Olympics post

I know I know, I didn’t blog like I said I would for the Olympics and for that I’m sorry. Life got in the way and by the time I was done, I just crashed in front of the TV. So as a consolation, here are my wrap up thoughts:

Results: Shen/Zhao(Gold), Pang/Tong(Silver), and Savchenko/Szolkowy (Bronze)
Frankly, I wanted Pang and Tong to win. I thought their free program was better than Shen and Zhao’s free. But Shen and Zhao had an amazing short so that was good. I am very pleased with the US pairs and how they did. Both teams did not have much international experience and this was such a good learning experience for them!Both teams were over-joyed at their performances and they knew they skated the best they could!

Results: Lysacek (Gold),  Plushenko (Silver), and Takahashi (Bronze)
OH MAN! I’m so happy about these results! I’ve been a huge fan of Evan’s ever since he was a junior and am so glad he won. I’m also very happy Takahashi got the Bronze. He skated very well and frankly think he should have the silver after all of  Plushenko’s outbursts.

Ice Dance
Results: Virture/Moir (Gold), Davis/White (Silver), and Domnina/Shabalin(Bronze)
Again another happy ending for me! I am a huge fan of both Tessa and Scott’s and Meryl and Charlie’s so I’m very happy with the top two. I think, as much as I don’t like their free program, that Belbin and Agasto should have won Bronze. DomShab’s Original Dance costumes were absolutely unacceptable and shouldn’t have been allowed to compete them. So incredibly insensitive and rude. They didn’t do their research like they claim.

Results: Yu Na Kim (Gold), Mao Asada (Silver), and Joannie Rochette (Bronze)
Wow… I watched it though I wasn’t particularly interested. I’m not a huge Kim fan and frankly thought her score was obsessive and too high. Yes she’s good but beating her own personal best? It’s kind of like the judges don’t care and give her high marks for the hell of it.

I loved Joannie and my heart broke for her but she skated two amazing performances and she rightly deserved the bronze. I thought the US women did very well and while I won’t go as far as bad columnist Phil Hersch in calling Miari the next World and Olympic Champion, but I do think she’s improving.


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