Posted by: wagrobanite | 02/17/2010

Who’d I love to see Part one

No I’m not taking a break from blogging, or really from blogging about the Olympics. I am however going to do a Dancing With the Stars post!  I do want to put as a note: These are people I’d like to see (and who they ‘d be partnered with). They are not on the show or in most cases even been rumored about being on the show. So that’s your forewarning!

I’m going to start off with Athletes. Look for Actor, Singers, and Stage workers coming soon!

Who: Brian Joubert
Why: If you don’t know who he is see his website. We’ve had a female figure skater, it’s now time for a male skater.  Not only is Joubert athletic but he’s got great lines that will work well in DWTS.
Who they should be partnered with: Elena Grinenko. Joubert is only 5’10.5″ so he’s not overly tall for a male. Elena would provide a dark contract to Joubert’s dark looks.

Who: Scott Hamilton
Why: Scott’s personality is just infectious and he would put himself wholeheartedly into the show. He’s very hard-working and understands the training and discipline that goes into a sport. Not to mention he’s a crowd pleasure and most of American know who he is.
Who they should be partnered with: Ashley DelGrosso. I put Scott with her because she knows how to get the best out of her partners and she has a great attitude and is very fun!

Who: Paul Hamm
Why: Won the 2004 Olympic All-Around in Athens. He’s got America on his side in defense of keeping his gold medal. Not to mention he’s a great athlete.
Who they should be partnered with: Anna Demidova

Who: Seth Westcott (2006 and 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist in Snowboard Cross)
Why: He’s good-looking and he has a decent fan following!
Why they should be partnered with: Lacey Schwimmer. I am not a fan of Schwimmer, however, like Seth, she’s a bit of a rebel.

Who: Karen O’Connor.
Why: She’s one of the well-known (along with her husband David O’Connor) Equestrian riders. However, one thing that she’s not totally well-known outside of that world. She’s a different kind of athlete but an athlete none the less. It would be interesting to see a rider come on to this show.
Who they should be partnered with: Nick Kosovich

Who: Beezie Madden.
Why: Probably thee well-known Equestrian but still relatively unknown. But very accomplished. Again, like Karen, she’s an athlete and she’s got a ton of spunk!
Who they should be partnered with: Louis Van Amstel

Who: Julie Krone.
Why: THEE most successful female jockey of all time and one of the best jockeys  in the world. Plus, we’ve never had a Jockey (and yes they are athletes)
Who they should be partnered with: Jonathan Roberts

Who: Laura Wilkinson
Why: One of America’s best divers. She’s known but not really well-known
Who should they be partnered with: Tony Dovolani

What do you all think? Who would you like to see in terms of Athletes, or who would you change in terms of partners?


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