Posted by: wagrobanite | 02/03/2010

Why Dancing With the Stars doesn’t need another host

This is an opinion/ed piece about the recent news that Samantha Harris leaving the show. So please keep that in mind. However I really think it needs consideration.

I do not thing Dancing With the Stars needs another co-host (I’ll talk about options at the end). Tom just absolutely fabulous in hosting the show. In the past 8 seasons, Samantha was used to interview the contestants after the got back  to receive their scores. She would also ask them a couple questions. This is how the show has been done.

First off, there is really no reason for then to get interviewed before or after they get their scores. That is why there is a confessional. This confessional is where they can air their feelings about their scores, how they feel about the other contestants, etc. It wastes time to do it on air when more than likely when asked about the other contestants, the ones being interviewed are going to say nice things. Many of the contestants are celebs who have been in the spotlight and they know that whatever comes out of their mouth is going to taken, played, and twisted every which way.  It actually makes more sense to me to have them do this in a confessional because that’s what a confessional is for.  As for their reaction to their scores, we, as the viewers can see their reaction.

My other main point is that Tom doesn’t need a second host. He is absolutely capable of hosting the show. He’s funny, and when there’s a moment during the live show that he has to cover, he does it flawless and is unflappable.  Plus, how many shows out there have two hosts? None of the top reality shows, American Idol, Survivor, The Biggest Loser, and So You Think You Can Dance only have one; and  America’s Next Top Model doesn’t even have a listed host.  So ABC why do you feel that you need two hosts?

Do not get me wrong, I think Samantha is a nice person! However, I do not feel that she can deliver the questions. This is my opinion but, when she interviews the contestants, she sounds very dumb. I’m sure she has great interviewing skills and I’m sure part of the reason is the writers for the show but that is the way it comes to many views.

So what is the solution to this? Many have suggested finding a new host such as Melissa Rycroft or Drew Lachey (who filled in for Samantha when she had her child). However, I don’t feel either one should do it. Melissa for one, is much like Samantha when she has interviewed people for GMA. She’s better but to me she still comes across the TV as an air head. I am not dissing Melissa personally. I am saying that she comes across the TV that way. Maybe that’s what people what, but it’s not what I want to hear or see.  Drew Lachey was better and I guess if I had to choose between Drew, Melissa, or even Paula, I would choose Drew. He has the show experience both as a contestant and as “host” but when he did fill in for Samantha, he felt stiff to me. Not super stiff but he did feel stiff.

So in the end, I feel that ABC shouldn’t get another host. There is really no need for it.


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