Posted by: wagrobanite | 01/31/2010

The worst Olympics in history?

I’m putting it out there, the Sydney Olympics at least in gymnastics arena was the single worst Olympics. Why? For one reason was the scandal of the vaulting horse. That should have never happened in a meet of this caliber. Yes, I know people make mistakes but this mistake affected so many people and it could have caused injury or even death. For another reason was the scandal (still ongoing) of under-age by the Chinese team. If found to be true, it would be mean a bronze medal to the US team which at this point, what would it mean? I don’t know how I would feel about it. Finally, the third major problem with this Olympics (and the aftermath) is the stripping Andreea Raducan of her All-around gold medal. She was accused of taking an over the counter medication that, at the time was banned (the drug is now okay for use). Yes I understand that it was a banned drug, however it was for something legitimate and the fact that it was more likely her coach that told her to take it without telling her what exactly it was. Those girls are taught not question their coaches.

So in my mind, Andreea is the 2000 All-Around Champion. Here is her beautiful, dynamic, and powerful floor routine from the all around. Watch it here or on Youtube:

Edit: I found this Olympics so bad, I only have two posts from it! Yesterday’s and today’s.



  1. No question.

    By far the worst.

    … For MAG, 2004 was the worst. The many judging scandals there resulted in the open-ended code we debate so enthusiastically today.

    • Rick, I’m going to go over that next week but in general only one major judging issue that was interconnected with two others isn’t as bad as I think in my mind of 2000.

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