Posted by: wagrobanite | 01/25/2010

DWTS Scoop

Paula Abdul has a million reasons to appear on “Dancing with the Stars.”

ABC has offered Abdul a $1,000,000 development deal, with one catch — she has to appear on “DWTS,” sources tell TMZ.

ABC has been going after Paula for a few years now, trying to get her on “DWTS.”

According to the proposed deal, ABC would allow Paula to do “The X Factor” with Simon Cowell. We’re told Simon and Paula met a week ago to discuss the show, and it looks like it will happen.

Paula has to make a quick decision — we’re told the ABC offer is contingent on Paula doing “DWTS” this season, which starts in March.

A rep for ABC says they don’t comment on prospective cast members.

I hope to the gods that this isn’t true. Not only would Paula ruin the integrity of the show, it wouldn’t be right in general. Yes, the contestants to DWTS are paid but a million dollar deal on top of that plus her would be reported salary for “The X Factor?” That’s so not cool. The show shouldn’t be about money or how much someone gets paid to do this. The show is about learning something completely out of your element. Yes I know there have been dancers on the show before (Maya, Aaron, Mario (the singer, not Lopez) but ballroom is a complete different style of dance. Just because you’re good at one, does not necessarily make you good at another.
Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!


  1. While it wouldn’t surprise me, I’m not sure this is the best move ABC could make regarding the show. Last season almost seemed like TOO much (too many stars, too many loooong episodes, too many gimmicky little contests and marathons and dance-offs). I thought the show was going to scale back a bit for this season, maybe bring it back to what it used to be. Have Paula Abdul on the show would not be a step in that direction, IMO.

    Or maybe ABC is just desperate to boost DWTS ratings and is convinced that Paula is the answer, I guess.

    • Charlotte, they are scaling back, at least in terms of number of contestants. But I also agree that having Paula would be a step in a different direction. I also think they are desperate.

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