Posted by: wagrobanite | 01/21/2010

My Love story/US Nationals

With the recent passing of the man who wrote the song “Love Story”, this entry comes in  a timely manner. Gordeeva and Grinkov were my “Love Story”. I first fell in love with them in 1993 (My memory says Worlds but I don’t know if that’s correct or not 🙂 ). When they came to the 1994 Olympics I was just absolutely flattered by them. Not only were they a beautiful pair to watch as a partnership, they were also so in love with each other off the ice. Their 1994 long program to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is one of their best programs. It’s just hauntingly beautiful.

Watch it here or on Youtube:

The Ladies short program is tonight, however since I don’t have Ice Network or universal I won’t get results. I’ll post the standings later tonight when things are done with.

Edit: standings after the short program, are quite surprising!
1: Mairi Nagasu
2: Sasha Cohen
3: Rachel Flatt


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